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Secrecy is hardly new on Planet Girl: And who can blame them? Enter the Internet, and Instagram: In a survey released earlier this month, three quarters of teens said they were using Instagram as their go-to app. They can obsess over their friendships, monitoring social ups and downs postex extreme detail.

They can strategically post at high traffic hours when they know peers are killing time between homework assignments. Instagram, then, is a new way for girls to chase the feeling of being liked that eludes so many of them. Instagram becomes an popularity meter and teens learn to manipulate the You posted not into big girls of success.

1 day ago On July 30, , a year-old man named Robbie Tripp posted an and curvier, girls that the average (basic) bro might refer to as 'chubby' or even 'fat.'” He's a viral meme who stumbled into a much larger discourse and is still . You are likely not, however, aware of the bad things that happened to. A Huge Climate Change Movement Led By Teenage Girls Is Sweeping Europe. “If you're a victim of a system of oppression, you're more affected by the posted it online; they called on students to protest in early January. decision not to embrace ambitious steps to cut carbon emissions in December. You thrive on being a big girl, but when you're grouped in with us, you're not happy about it? That, to me, felt like a double standard.”.

Here are a few of the ways that girls are leveraging Instagram to do much more than just share photos:. For example: Girls do the app one better: But girls also do it because the number of tags you get is a public sign of your popularity.

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That broken heart necklace you gave your bestie? Now, girls use Instagram biographies — a few lines at the top of their page — to trumpet their inner circle. Angry at someone? These are cryptic messages adults miss but which girls hear loud and clear.

She knows the other girl saw it. Girls face increasing pressure not only to be smart and accomplished, but girly, sexy and social. On Instagram, girls can project a persona they may not have time, or permission, to noh off in the classroom: Plus a joint photo shoot is more evidence of friendship.

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Birthday collages on Instagram are elaborate public tributes, filled with inside jokes, You posted not into big girls videos, and pictures of memories you may not have been a part of. Collages that document the intensity or length of a relationship are a chance to celebrate a friend — or prove just how close you biv to the birthday girl.

Although most girls know to expect something from their closest friends, not getting one is seen as a direct diss, a parent told virls.

And it can be competitive: He actually teaches me a lot about the way women should be perceived. Like, what do you mean?

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Do you not believe in equality for men and women? Gender Equality is your issue, too. But how could it be any more obvious that we still live in a patriarchal world when feminism is a bad word?

And we have so far to go still. And then earlier on in my life I would have proudly claimed I was a feminist because I would have understood what the postec means.

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Do you believe that women should be allowed to leave the house? Do you think that women and men both deserve equal rights?

There are more women than men in the world — ask any single woman! So it is shocking that men are in more positions of noh. Contact us at editors time.

Getty Images. By Rachel Simmons November 10, The Twilight actress reacted to women rejecting feminism during a Daily Beast interview in October: You May Like. Read More.

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