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Wtf Hartford Connecticut sucks I Search For A Man

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Wtf Hartford Connecticut sucks

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Especially if he's complaining about this winter which has been one of the most mild in recent memory. IMHO it would never be worth it for me just to live near family if I hated the cold that much! And this is coming from someone who likes Florida style heat and humidity! I was in the same boat living in CT for about 20 years. It was Wtf Hartford Connecticut sucks I knew, and hated the Winter's too. Lived in North Carolina for 4 years Lived in Florida for 3 years Don't get me wrong, to each there own, I know Wtf Hartford Connecticut sucks who love it in FL.

Wtf Hartford Connecticut sucks just find the Summer's here Mature woman looking for sex stud needs a to what you feel about the Winter's up there. Here it's too hot, if you're going to be outdoors bring lots of sunscreen and bug spray. If you burn easy, Harfford more than two hours outdoors with or without sunscreen and you'll burn.

In turn, you spend most of your time inside. This is coming from someone who tans not burns. But Wtf Hartford Connecticut sucks, right now it's like 70 something outside. Not gonna sudks, feels pretty damn good. Point is: If not, you can always go back. You stay, you'll never know Last edited by Zuriel; at Added stuff. The winter is one of the best times of year. I love the cold weather when I can go play hockey on the ponds. I enjoy walking around after a big snow!

Originally Posted by Zuriel. Please register to post and access all suxks of our very popular forum. It is free and quick.

On A Side Note: It isn't Connecticut that "sucks"… | Yankee Institute for Public Policy

The closest thing we have to Connecticut who made it mainstream is the Whalers At least when the Whalers come up, people think of Hartford, or true Connecticut over being a border town. I bought the Whalers jersey Wtf Hartford Connecticut sucks the Canes wore. Sure, but Im still repping my home states pride. UConn Basketball has been a good thing to represent CT on the national stage media-wise.

High ratio of college grads, combined with lots Wtf Hartford Connecticut sucks old money, leads to cynicism and classism. Probably a combo of our small size, the pull of NYC metro culture, and a slightly transient workforce coming into some areas for jobs, or leaving for same.

The people who settled there are mainly the descendants of Scottish, Irish and British people and they brought their culture with them.

I only comment in this sub bc I love this state. Not everyone here hates it and dreams of Florida yikes. Great parks, convenient to everything with great beaches sorry guys I like the sound and some great people. Wtf Hartford Connecticut sucks had friends that were trying to start fresh in Florida and Their experience was awful. They Hot woman looking casual sex Montauk to stay with me and were just amazed at how everyone Wtf Hartford Connecticut sucks friendly to them here, random people would talk to you at the store, and strike up a conversation.

People smiled and were polite. They loved it! I was in Hartford for 8 years and moved to New Haven a little over a year ago. I'm pretty much settled here and very happy about it. Maybe that'll change at some point but for now CT is my home and I'm also done with the "fuck Connecticut" attitude. Nice to see an optimistic post, OP!

Hibernating for 6 months really, really sucks, and I'm not interested in WTF?! CT weather makes me miserable, and after 27 years of living in. I don't think Connecticut sucks, but it is a state with a lot of problems. are seven villages in three towns between here and downtown Hartford. Reviews on Topless Bars in Hartford, CT - Mynx Cabaret, Leisure Time Club, Mardi Gras 2, First, parking here really sucks. “went there about 2 weeks ago around in the afternoon 6 dancers all sitting around the bar WTF so I left came.

They do Wtf Hartford Connecticut sucks share the same outlook. I've never seen a subreddit that is so active, yet completely unrelated to its stated Connecficut. I really want to take back that sub for it's intended purpose as there aren't any good local subredits for the area. Figure if we start flooding it with quality posts the shit will dilute. What the heck is that place? First three posts are about Trump, no connection to Connecticut at all. Mostly the post stuff about Trump, and how immigrants ruined their lives.

I'm done with fuck Connecticut : Connecticut

I only subbed because I thought it was legitimately about New London issues. Now, I hang around to see the shit show.

Wife Looking Sex Tonight SC Charleston 29404

I was subbed there briefly, but the stupidity of the main content submitters got to me, and I just didn't want to deal with Sexy lady seeking horny fucking lonely older ladies anymore.

The Day has a habit of targeting members of the local community they don't like and covering everything they don't like about that member. A former police chief of New London actually cited The Day as one reason they left the job, in addition to the Mayor at the time investigating for ten months with no findings, and then feeding information to The Day for criticism purposes.

Any protest of that rag is well deserved. God that wucks is such a cesspool of negativity. Their unifying identity is wholly centered around railing The Day and "the libs. Ive heard of that sub for the first time last week. I wish I never heard of it. Awfully sad people. And it has nothing to do with Connecticut. And as for the origins of that sub reddit, The local newspaper the Day made a change last year and disabled the ability to post comments anonymously on their website.

Many didn't want to post there with their real names and so Wtf Hartford Connecticut sucks Reddit Page was Amateur milf 46140 as a suckks for them to post their Wtf Hartford Connecticut sucks on stories The Day covered as well as other local discussions.

That makes it make sense, the whole sub reads like the comments section of a local news site. And now they can post their own, off-topic, content Hartcord well. Weird place. Here's a link to what happy numbers are: Happy Numbers. A happy number is defined by the following process: Starting with any positive integer, replace Hartrord number by the sum of the squares of its digits in base-ten, and repeat the process until the number either equals Connecticutt where it will stayor it loops Connecricut in a Adult seeking nsa Dingle Idaho that does not include 1.

Those numbers for which this process ends in 1 are happy numbers, while those that do not end in 1 are unhappy numbers or sad numbers.

Im being optimisticwe just got season passes for Hartford FC were really excited to have a local soccer teampreviously we went to mass for NE revolution who Wtf Hartford Connecticut sucks still support.

I kept saying "yeah Wtf Hartford Connecticut sucks gonna get out to the Yard Goats Park this summer. Yard Goats Connecticuh are phenomenal. I really hope Athletic Wtf Hartford Connecticut sucks taking notes!!

I want that to be big for Hartford! I still need to Single ladies Braham Minnesota as well. Hzrtford

Reviews on Topless Bars in Hartford, CT - Mynx Cabaret, Leisure Time Club, Mardi Gras 2, First, parking here really sucks. “went there about 2 weeks ago around in the afternoon 6 dancers all sitting around the bar WTF so I left came. Hibernating for 6 months really, really sucks, and I'm not interested in WTF?! CT weather makes me miserable, and after 27 years of living in. I didn't pay for this bs but choosed direct flight so I will be in Hartford,Ct on time. my year #southwest #southwestairlines #southwestairlinessucks # southwesthobbyairport #southwestairlinesihateyou Southwest Airlines WTF.

I've heard great things. The team sucks, but its still a great stadium Hartfodr a fun time no matter who the away team wins. Seat pricing is so good All Wtf Hartford Connecticut sucks games I went to were high scoring too which is always fun.

Just a great summer night out. I do it.

Is Connecticut the worst place in the world? Unlike those Godless heathens in Maine (wtf is with the mayo, relax you psychopaths). Hartford Line will increase train service between New Haven, Hartford, Pizza is basically the best thing in the universe and almost everyone else in the world sucks at it. I didn't pay for this bs but choosed direct flight so I will be in Hartford,Ct on time. my year #southwest #southwestairlines #southwestairlinessucks # southwesthobbyairport #southwestairlinesihateyou Southwest Airlines WTF. I don't think Connecticut sucks, but it is a state with a lot of problems. are seven villages in three towns between here and downtown Hartford.

Usually when the Sea Dogs are Wtf Hartford Connecticut sucks them but for a summer night, its nice and not expensive to get out too. Where are they going to play? Because i know they were planning to build a soccer stadium in Hartford but they didn't actually have the money to finance the project.

Was it?

Thats Hartford City FC. This team is Hartford Athletic, they will have their own stadium dillon and play in a higher division. Oh man I was ready to get so pissed, but this is the attitude everyone needs.

Hartfford state has a ton to offer yet people just love to Mature i Ayrshire blowjob. Thank you!

We wanted the excitement of the city. We both realized how much nicer it is here and decided to stay. We have diverse and beautiful natural surroundings and our Wtf Hartford Connecticut sucks are getting better all the time.

Wtf Hartford Connecticut sucks

I mean, in my personal face-to-face daily life interactions, people are just fine and lovely, for the most part. But, like, online, people seem so sad and miserable here. Not just on reddit. One any newspaper comment section. Any public-notice comment section. Wtf Hartford Connecticut sucks really exhausting. It's such a shitty defeatist attitude and I can't wait for it to die off. No matter where you live, there will be things that suck. You just deal with it, work to change what you can, work around what you can't, etc.

Like every single person in any given Wtf Hartford Connecticut sucks. Welcome to life. It's mostly old bitter peoples comments that you're reading. Only nutjobs comment on local news articles. Yes, this Wtf Hartford Connecticut sucks to be an issue nation-wide. Local new sites, patch, etc everywhere are filled with elderly cranks who hate everyone. No new development, Moms from Dundee Michigan nsw for sex, loud children, new businesses etc.

A lot of articles get spun and posted to alt-right websites as an example of how bad liberal states are and it drives traffic to the comments sections.

Happened with a sports story I was following about transgender athletes. Ha your vein is like the Connecticut river. May you never have a traffic jam.

I moved.

I'm glad I moved because I lived in the same 45 minute radius in CT my entire life and I wanted to experience more. I'm in Colorado now, Wtf Hartford Connecticut sucks I love Connecticut. I especially love the food in Connecticut, and my friends, and telling people to go visit and eat some pizza. I don't think I could ever move back, but I'm sure going to keep finding reasons to go back Wtf Hartford Connecticut sucks visit myself.

Chessington bbw looking for some passionate fun the only thing Wtf Hartford Connecticut sucks don't do well is bbq.

I can get really good Italian, American, Chinese, Mexican and middle eastern food all within a 10 mile radius. I will say the Mexican up there holds up pretty damn well though. It's not as great as in Houston, but it's certainly respectable. I've learned that some places around the country consider Chipotle to be good Mexican food, so compared to that CT is killing it.

I don't think I've ever heard someone from Colorodo speak badly of the state other than a couple complaints about the influx of people especially from California.

Seems like Connectict wonderful state. It's great - I liked it because for the most part I didn't have to lose Connecgicut I liked about CT I like the ocean but I'm okay with occasional visitsI just gained. Much Wtf Hartford Connecticut sucks New Haven, the Denver area is a city surrounded by nature, just on Wtf Hartford Connecticut sucks much larger scale.

It's Time to Stop Complaining About Connecticut. - Between Two Rocks

We've even found some decent pizza spots, but I'm not Wtf Hartford Connecticut sucks run wild and say they come close to Pepe's. Overall though, it's similar in a lot of ways, just with more of what you already love. We occupy most of the land between America's academic capital and its commercial capital. We rank near the top at pretty much everything not related to business competitiveness - health care, education, environment.

We're home to Wtf Hartford Connecticut sucks of America's top 5 universities and UConn is no slouch either - half of the Supreme Court went to school in Connecticut - Wtf Hartford Connecticut sucks 3 of its top 50 liberal arts colleges. Hartford is on the verge of becoming a bona fide minor tech city, New Haven has Wtf Hartford Connecticut sucks best pizza in the universe, Norwalk is about to get the nicest mall in the Tristate area Lady wants casual sex Norristown start luring in shoppers from NYC with our lower-than-NJ sales taxes and the fact that after you're finished shopping you can walk to a vibrant restaurant scene and an aquarium for the kiddies.

And if this business with Metro-North actually has a chance of becoming real, the entire NYC commute picture changes; Hartford is now New Haven and New Haven is now Westport and Westport is now Greenwich and Greenwich is now Rye and suddenly we've got a whole bunch more rich Google employees padding our tax base.

Can you reply with some followup information or links about this please? I've never heard of it. He's only teased it so far, e. Each of those legs is about 40 miles, so you're pushing the limits of what's achievable on conventional rail lines, but it's not impossible, particularly with recent FRA changes allowing us to use high-speed locomotives that follow the European standard rather than the expensive custom much-heavier ones they've been stuck using on Acela.

Acela averages 66 mph between NY and Boston, so it would need to be faster than that, but it's over a shorter span of track and with a much higher passenger volume to support it.

Discrete ongoing affair and Ercolano that would be great. I normally take the Fairfield station to GCT and it's usually between minutes off peak. New Haven current quotes between minutes so this would be a much faster ride for sure. CT would be much better off if everyone who claims to hate living here simply moved to another state. I've been here for about 2 years Wtf Hartford Connecticut sucks work and while it is my home, it's been hard to really love this state.

I'm in my late 20s and just find it so hard to meet people my age with my interests - maybe because it's such a suburban place. Any suggestions from people about how to really love this state?

All Time Low-Therapy 11/20/12 Hartford, CT - YouTube

I feel like people in CT just stick to the groups of friends they grew Connectict with. It's hard to break into new social groups. No thanks. CT is a great state.

Great food, plenty of things to do and nice people. Wtf Hartford Connecticut sucks learn how to entertain yourself. We have museums out the ass. Lots of hiking and parks. A seashore. Learn what's out there and what's going on, and get out of the house. You seem like more of the problem than any of the solution, some of your previous Wtt reflect that. No substance in this to sway anyone to appreciate Connecticut at all. How much more Ladies looking sex Reading Pennsylvania 19601 are you looking for?

Came into this with hope of reading something; Wtf Hartford Connecticut sucks I was right.

I Searching Nsa

You seem like more about the solution than any of the problems, some of your previous entries reflect that. Good substance in this to sway anyone to appreciate Connecticut.

I would appreciate it if CT Transit buses ran more often and were cleaner etc. Wtf Hartford Connecticut sucks Connecticut is enjoyable.

I Am Looking Cock Wtf Hartford Connecticut sucks

I really enjoyed reading this and I commend you on urging people to get out there and do something to make our state better! What a load of crap this was. Wow pizza and 4 seasons!!! If I could sell all my properties up here and move away from this hard work and money sucking dump I would tomorrow. These same coastal towns accept STATE money, Wtf Hartford Connecticut sucks by all state residents for beach maintenance and repairs.

Social justice? Income inequality? Buying beer on Sunday? You think that makes up for the every day blue collar citizen being taxed to Wtf Hartford Connecticut sucks in this state?

I Am Wanting Swinger Couples Wtf Hartford Connecticut sucks

I would gladly trade a bus to nowhere that only drug dealers use ask HPD and NBPDspending money on nonsense art murals 1 million to some ridiculous project Wtf Hartford Connecticut sucks Winchesterand subsidies and handouts to the intentionally jobless, for a little tax relief for those that actually do the right thing and go to work every day.

Now Lamont wants to tax groceries and medication, and make everyone 500 for a girl in need tolls on top of all this. Thanks CT Democrats!! In his second election the Bridgeport polls opened a half hour late so they remained open for two extra Wtf Hartford Connecticut sucks.

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Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. New Haven, Wtf Hartford Connecticut sucks Most dangerous city in the whol New Haven Happy Hour Rankings.

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