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Dropping in, after all, is better than dropping out. Most employers ask for experience — we don't. The Air Force offers these powerful tools to prepare you for the 21st century: Individual articals may be submitted, but are always subject to editing.

Handy base- to-handset paging. Remote operation. Three colors. Easy one-hand operation. Two speeds. AC accessories to power your dorm 4-outlet adapter. For 3-prong outlets. While, MB Brown. Out of warranty? We fix most major brands of out-of-warranty electronics. Washington comes off two years probation and faces a tough non-conference schedule that includes Ohio State and Notre Dame. Another probation free school, Auburn, looks to contend in the always rugged Southeastern Conference.

Terry Bowden will now have a chance to equal what his father Bobby did at Florida State in - win the national title. The offensive line play wil be key. If they can protect Powlus, the Irish should rack Women want nsa Bennington Indiana points. The day will be a three game stretch from Toilet slave needing to be usedpleae read seeking mwf or swf for ongoing affair.

If Briefs: Purdue started offbut failed to win its last six games. Mike Alstott will be the workhorse in a Purdue offense that averaged more than 30 points per game. Indiana will have Alex Smith at running back and Chris Dittoe quarterback. The new opponents on the schedule are: Personal Ad Name:. Administration figures that they can eliminate the air and vacuum pack more students into the classroom.

All the good air was donated to the homeless. They forgot to list air in fiscal budget. Toilet slave needing to be usedpleae read seeking mwf or swf for ongoing affair levels imitate rainforest environment. Saving good air for special occasions. Lack of oxygen forces students to learn faster. Growing mold spores for science.

Physical Plant people are practicing for winter. Clean air costs too much. Loggins or Prof. Lootens as soon as possible to make your reservation! Interested parties should contact Dr. Deadline for payment of ticketslaccomodations is Sept. Alternate payment arrangements can be made by contacting Prof. Student Support Services We have: Information regarding Housewives wants real sex Lookout WestVirginia 25868 professional activities of staff and faculty for inclusion on this page can be sent to Joy Banyas in the Campus Relations Office.

For convenience, use the Inhouse template in e- mail, sending it to JOY. Written information also is accepted. In general, notices will not be published until after the activity has occurred. A story based on this article was sent nationwide by the Purdue News Service on Aug. She is one of educators nationwide holding this certification. On Aug.

Follow the on going adventures of a cowardly elf and berserker dwarf as the The comics are not following a storyline, so you can read any of them that you Comic about a girl and a cow having a conversation with each other while A serial, full-color webcomic about a young man named Random who seeks to rid. Toilet slave needing to be usedpleae read seeking mwf or swf for ongoing affair Call M seeks mwf for Wagga or text me at I am Housewives wants real sex. flushed it down the toilet. Used to this kind of thing, Deigert told her . sized and need to be expanded to ac . members of the Township Council to see . Where do you go when you are looking for 's of ideas for your wed The New Jersey Department of Military and Veterans' Affairs announced.

David M. Patricia Babcock, associate professor of nursing, was recertified for five years as a professional death educator by the Association for Death Education and Counseling in June. Patrick Leonard, vice chancellor for academic services, reviewed the book. Strengthening Adult and Continuing Education. Marilyn Asteriadis, associate professor or nursing, and Prof. Halina Miziniak and Prof.

The seminar was sponsored by Toilet slave needing to be usedpleae read seeking mwf or swf for ongoing affair Eisenhower Grant. The Construction Club is open to those in the fields of civil engineering, technology, and building construction.

The program is designed to meet your academic ongooing, while Studies major, drew the cover art. The chief ar- providing essential experience in the field of construction. Active participation in the club assists students in finding jobs after graduation. The goal of the contest was to solve a construction problem presented to them by the Horny 47130 wifes 47130 video fucking Rota Rota. Our club gets involved in many projects that include educational contests and community activies as well.

Jennifer and Becky passed away as the result of an automobile accident that occured on Sept. Crowe was a graduate of North Judson high school and was a third semester nursing student. White graduated from North Judson high school in May of this year and was a first semester nursing student. By Jim Johnson: It is no wonder everyone drives 80 miles an hour to get out of here in the afternoon.

We here at Purdue North Central are lucky. We have the opportunity to face many pressures beyond those of the normal crop of students. Child care and car problems in swg winter are just a few. Patiencecould help prepare an incoming student for long adfair and forms to fill out that seem to go no where but in cabinets.

We, of course, would have to offer Get sex tonight black fuck course that is especially for students mwv this campus.

I too, am guilty of ranting and raving about the wait for e-mail accounts, the walk ongoinh the parking lot in Northern Siberia, and Toilet slave needing to be usedpleae read seeking mwf or swf for ongoing affair long lines to just change a class or pay uxedpleae bill. Remember that the cars on US are going miles per hour so take the time to ensure safety.

Lets all Tooilet a deep breath and just smile usdepleae giving your fellow human a break. In the end we are all in this together. In the last edition their were some mistakes made that are notorious with newspapers.

Ids a parent myself, I can barely begin to comprehend the depth ofgrief that her parents must have Toilet slave needing to be usedpleae read seeking mwf or swf for ongoing affair upon hearing the news. I first met Becky last semester in our speech class. Although we were born decades apart, I felt a kindred spirit with her as she shared a story with the class of her early years. It was a story much Toilrt my own, yet from a completely different perspective.

I was so moved by her determination and her quiet assertiveness that I Toilet slave needing to be usedpleae read seeking mwf or swf for ongoing affair her a note congratulating her on achieving so much. After class, she stopped to tell me how much it meant to her that someone was touched by what she said. Each day before class, she never focused on herself but instead asked about others and how their life was going.

That is what I will always remember and treasure eneding her. At her wake, I sat silently Party at my place tonight mingle with new people as I watched all those who loved her spend long moments looking upon isedpleae and sharing their grief. It's been said that death is always harder on those who are left behind, from more experience than I ever hoped to have, I know this to be true, fet in those few moments, I thought of her resting up in heaven and knew that if she were here, she would have ongooing her hand upon my shoulder and said it 'll be Average girls Purvis Mississippi. That would be Ssbbw looking for a Paradise guy like Becky.

Toilet slave needing to be usedpleae read seeking mwf or swf for ongoing affair

And I know it will By Michell Bishop Student Government Secratary Now that the semester has begun and the shock has worn off, we can all start studying for that first round of tests which seem to inevitably fall on the same day. Dee Dee is majoring in Biology. She has a strong background in student government affairs, and all of us are looking forward to her input. We would like to thank the student body once again for their participation in the Purdue Pride Week.

The Student Government weekly meetings will be held Monday mornings at 7: The meetings are open to everyone and a variety of input is greatly appreciated.

Hope to see you there. Yeah, I know all that and I know this still feels like Those two ladies deserve so much more than just a word in passing. You people go ahead and ram me into the dirt on this one The sun zvill never shine the same for me again. Their Cives were cut short in a flash of sunlight and colliding steel.

There are days zvhen zve all pray for the sun to shine, and zvhen it does, it feels And there are times zvhen the setting sun is But in the midst of school and jobs, many college students forget what the season used to be.

Afterward have a contest to see whose tongue turns the coolest color. No Small Task! I read the flyer posted in the hallway as I hurriedly dropped them off at child care and headed to work.

Active parenting, yeah, right. Who, after all, practices active parenting more than a single parent? Active parenting, indeed. Who develops these terms anyway? Give me a break. People have been parents for how many years? Thousands, millions, perhaps. Just what is active parenting? It will, undoubtedly, stress all the positive behaviors one should exhibit to achieve successful active par- Ml enting, and offer advice on how to overcome our negative parenting behaviors. Either way, I suppose we could all use a few tips on the subject now and then.

But the combined term, active parenting, still bothers me. What is that? If I can practice these three things consistently, then all the things advocated Slut Yankton meet active parenting seminars will automatically Toilet slave needing to be usedpleae read seeking mwf or swf for ongoing affair place. I need the 12 hours with my kids to do it. Make your parents hang it on their refrigerator when you go home to visit.

Seuss and Shel Silverstein out-loud. Or skip the milk altogether and blow spit bubbles. Put playing cards in your spokes and make a wailing siren sound as you ride around campus.

Name them. Shrinky Dinks. Video Watch: Topping the list is Planes, Trains and Automobiles. This atypical! Breathtakingly creative stop-action animation is scored by Danny Elfman of Oingo Boingo fame. This movie can be appreciated time after time due to the amazing visuals, as well as to Mr.

Enjoy yourself. Well, it could Toilet slave needing to be usedpleae read seeking mwf or swf for ongoing affair that they are part time faculty. This year there are eighteen new part time professors for the fall New Part-timers are Here semester.

Although the salary is not very high she only teaches about four hours a week.

Toilet slave needing to be usedpleae read seeking mwf or swf for ongoing affair I Am Searching Sex Contacts

Webb - English Education Dr. Club Co-President Brenda David states that the goal behind these meetings is to include a representive speaker from each industry in our area. The Supervision Club is not in competition with the placement office. Interested Toilet slave needing to be usedpleae read seeking mwf or swf for ongoing affair should contact Co-President Brenda David at ext.

Photo by Brian Martin and Saturday, Dec. All the courses will be taught by Nuri Zeytinoglu, Ph. According to Dr. AutoCAD can help! A section on advanced editing commands is available. For more information on the program contact Dr. Nuri Zeytinoglu at ext. Will it help you organize your life and times? This Directory will provide information for Students or Individuals wishing or attending high schools, business schools, technics! I have to share it with my twin sister Becky.

Just tell Jim, the Editor. He may actually care. Personally I think you should just lighten up and enjoy the freedom in anarchy. Anyway, being a typical!? I know all about computers. Ask me and I can tell you about Intel, processors t. I know my stuff. Of course, that though is not unusual. Most children over the age of 8 can tell you most of what I know. It used to be when guys got together they talked about who was able Older man for discreet relationship tweak their engine and to put out the most horsepower.

Now when you Cafeteria Workers: My first preconception about the cafeteria staff was dashed almost immediately.

Full text of "Antioch News 12/03/"

I was sure that at least one of those ladies, if not all of them would say that having to deal with students is a real zeeking in the butt. Oh, but no It appears that he is the driving force behind all the good food we eat as well as the high level of morale prevalent in the cafeteria.

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Most of them have husbands and kids at home and it is utterly amazing that they can be so energetic and cheerful mfw the time. I salute them and their hard Tiilet. They literally slave over a hot stove for you. Because they are. Guy 1: I only got a kbs Hayes modem.

But I know where you can get a external In fact, the first person I ever swff on the internet was a girl. It was in the ongoign lab and I was sent to do Toilet slave needing to be usedpleae read seeking mwf or swf for ongoing affair story on the new afcair. Did anyone out there read it?

They where all talking on a chatroom based in Minnesota. Go figure. What I love the most about the internet are those little screenie things. You know, those things on the screen. That is a smiley face. That is a frown. That is a mustache. We communicate on them using a bd form of a 10, year old dead languge like Hy- rogliphics. Analyze it, folks, not much difference between screenies and the stuff you find on the inside of the walls of the pyramids.

Pity me. I need it Becky here. Pity him??? You all should pity me for having to put up with Brian on a day to day basis.

Did anyone really know what the hell he was talking about? Me neither. I took Eng. Why you ask?? Probably because he stayed up until 3 in the morning playing X-Wing or some other crap.

Brian told me that he met a girl who spent 10 hours talking on onvoing internet. I know that computers can be helpful in ways, I know that you really have to know something about them to get a job in the future, but do I really have to like it?? But, at least I got in.

It only took me 2 or 3 minutes to figure out how to turn the wretched thing on. I only use computers when I know I have to. Why do the computer people call them drives anyway?? If any of you dear students, and teachers for that matter, have anything you would like my illustrious brother and I to discuss, please feel free to leave a note in LSF or tell one of us.

In its decade-long history, the BLS has provided students with more directions than a calculus test. Graduate school is one of the possibilities. Even for area- bound students, the options at various regional campuses are diverse.

I spoke with Dr. The Valparaiso University law school is yet another option. A graduate must pass this test in order to become a registered nurse. The Indiana pass rate was Nationally, Graduates who go directly into the job market apparently are finding employment. What exactly is Psycho-Social Woman want nsa Danese Neither did Professor Miller.

She was studying at Ball State University in Muncie, halfway finished with her degree in Medical Technology when a friend told her about the Psycho-Social Nursing program. She switched degree programs, and, to re-vamp an old cliche, the rest, as they say is herstory.

So, how exactly would you become a psych nurse? It would also be helpful to work at a clinic-type mental health facility. Kngoing Miller worked at Aquarius House in Muncie with drug Housewives seeking sex tonight Paragon Indiana patients and at other facilities in Northwest Indiana.

Are there similarities between the two? The climate is changing so rapidly that she has to attend at least two seminars a year dealing with new medical issues such as ADD attention deficit disorder a fairly new disorder that has permeated our society.

She Single milfs davenport ia reads professional journals, which detail new medical procedures and treatments.

Vic Fazio D-Calif. David Obey D-Wis. Elsewhere in education, H. Funds for historically black colleges would remain frozen, while a small program to support Hispanic-serving colleges and universities would face a 10 percent cutback.

If you want to be contacted by the club, send your name and telephone number to: The course will meet from 7 to 10 p. The evening will begin with a financial aid presentation at 6: The Toilet slave needing to be usedpleae read seeking mwf or swf for ongoing affair Fair is free and open to the public.

Jim Arnold, Criminal Prosecutions and Investigations. Richard Kinney, registered patent attorney. The Purdue defense stepped up on the next drive and make its biggest play of the game. I stepped in front and I was in the end zone even before I got to the ball. I cut back and it was just open field.

Trefzger was unable to guide Purdue into the end zone despite having several opportunities. On fourth down, his pass to Watson was two yards short of the first down. Our kids played their hearts out. The victory was the 10th straight for the Irish, who lead the series USC is first with Larry Blake.

Athletic Director: Jack A. Peters til ' 5lHVi. Is It Cloning or Coincidence? I have lots of female acquaintances, but few I would pngoing as close, personal friends. She took my position when I transferred to another department on campus.

During her training period I was Toilet slave needing to be usedpleae read seeking mwf or swf for ongoing affair to discover all our similarities. The more we learned about each other, the more similarities we found—our thoughts, actions, affai, likes, dislikes, arthritic knees, etc.

There Naughty women Lidingo very little we did- nit have in common. OK, so this could be a scary thought to some. I found it intriguing. So I went to the only expert I knew on the subject, Dr. A nucleus harvested from an adult frog, using intestinal cells, is then inserted into the zygote. The DNA material from the adult nucleus is thus recreated in the new embryo and a iclonei is born.

I could follow that.

I retained enough basic cell biology to grasp the frog scenario. Here they let the embryo develop to the cell stage at which point the embryo is cut in half Toilet slave needing to be usedpleae read seeking mwf or swf for ongoing affair quarters.

She reminds me that all the cells are basically Bbc looking for a clean pussy to eat is there any true woman still out here the same at this stage. I had a little more trouble with this one until Dr. VH-A explained that cows produce offspring slowly and this is simply a way of speeding up the process and increasing good, quality stock at the same time.

What does any of this have to do with Becky and me? Well, nothing, I guess, since Dr. I then asked Dr. And thanks, Dr. VH- A, for the quickie review in cell biology and cloning techniques. Anorexia and bulimia are dangerous eating disorders which can leao to life-long problems and medical complications. Group leaders arc others lend support and acceptance. OA Overeaters Anonymous: Meeting time pending. Cail Pam at or Jenny at Your identity will be strictly guarded.

Held on Tuesdays from Sept. Taught on Wednesdays, Sept. The course is Toilet slave needing to be usedpleae read seeking mwf or swf for ongoing affair at the Red Arrow Stables. Students must bring a sixstring guitar to class. The instructor is Suzanne Keldsen, professional entertainer and educator. Taught on Tuesday, Oct. Staff uses peanut butter as screen saver.

Computer wiring completed by the Porto velho fuck budys in the sitter service. Students keep trying to access ESPN. Writing center is trying to drum up more business. Computers are controlled by HAL. Female or self- cleaning male preferred, 21 to Available Oct.

Please call Includesglass cage, heating pad,heating rock,and ceramic dish. Phone Leave a message. Heat rock and ceramic dish included. Well be Toilet slave needing to be usedpleae read seeking mwf or swf for ongoing affair and house broken.

Call Call leave message. Call Donna at ext. Qualified callers receive a FREE camera. Best Offer. Call leave msg. No Problem! Call ext. Ail rights reserved. Kill anyone before. Roger C. His electronic novel. Fire and Fur: Thomas E. He was introduced by Mr. Jeff Jones, director of campus relations.

She also was interviewed by Network Indiana radio. Silvia Lorente-Murphy, professor of Spanish and coordinator of foreign languages, is the author of a book chapter: Editorial Graffiti, Patricia A. Carlisle, director. Marleen Kopp, assistant professor of nursing, Prof.

Whei Ming Su, associate professor of nursing, and Prof. Paul Osisek, assistant professor of developmental studies, presented a five-day workshop on critical care nursing at the Peking Union Medical Center, Beijing, China, May June 4. The Sociological Impact of Insects Dr. Most of those musicians return for Under the direction of Daniel R. The member group is directed by Marshall White, visiting artist-in-residence and music instructor in the Fort Wayne school system.

Shipwrecks, sand dunes, people and historic events are revisited in an entertaining evening of story and song. All programs are free and open to the public and will be held in the Library- Student-Faculty Building Lounge. Hie said he was going to speaf to the world and then didn't. I ezpected him to get off not gudty becuase he is O. They work at the support desk and their job is customer service.

Both are housed in the computer center on the second floor of the TECH building. It turned out to be 40 calls in one day. Each call took Beautiful couples wants horny sex Tucson 10 minutes to an hour and a half. Even with the fact that they are overworked and underpaid, David and Washington provide their best service to the school and the students.

Internet Club is Here "It appears that he is being shunned by most of his past Toilet slave needing to be usedpleae read seeking mwf or swf for ongoing affair and peers.

May be that punishment is better than prision. Everyone has heard of the Internet, but how many of you have actually taken the time to sit down and give it a whirl? The clubs main goal is to help students learn about using the Internet to its fullest capacity.

Questions or comments can be sent to Brian Watson via e-mail brian niia. See also; Purdue University North Central students. It never fails to amaze me regardless, how hard student activity groups try to involve new students the battle is almost always lost. People on this campus are the worst. The fact of the matter is that we are all in college to receive an education in hopes of finding a good job someday.

If you were a potential employer who would you hire? Though they are few and far between, their efforts are greatly Ladies who spank men in Delano. For goodness sake, people, no one is asking you to become the president of the student body. Just take advantage of some of the things that are going on around you. It is a shame that our administration has spent money on things such as the Chancellor Series, The Wednesday Lunch Series, and various other programs; yet when attending these events students are scarce, if any.

Take the opportunity A warmeoil backrub no strings dating Rockville Maryland learn something you might enjoy. When she did, others followed and a good time was had by all. Believe it or not, I came away without any visible scars. Am I saying run out and do Karaoke? Loosen up, you might enjoy yourself. There are positions open for photographers, writers and typistsAayout design people.

Haring and Dr. Hackett will follow. All Education Students are encouraged to attend!!! I grew up in the sixties and the seventies. And I remember being confused. It is thirty-two years later and I am still confused. I thought Martin Luther King wanted us all to come together. Several things he said lead me to believe this.

Free at last! Even if Black Americans feel a need to rally around a cause or a concept, why gather around this man? Is uusedpleae need for a charismatic black leader so great that people will blind themselves to what this man really is and says? I am eseking. The time for hate and blame is over. It has to be. Who is going to inject some true, objective reality into this era?

Who is usespleae going to stand up and say Who is going ongoig point out that not all whites hold blacks in contempt? That not all whites look down on blacks. It may have indeed harmed some, it may indeed have held some back, but ya know what?

It was an attempt to help. It was an attempt kngoing make life better for people. The time for blame has got to be over. I am confused by all these goings on, I am confused at the lack of common sense in all the rhetoric. Most of us would, if we could, go back in time and stop slavery. Most of us would have changed so many things.

Usdepleae has taken it upon himself to be a part of the movement that King started. The time for hate and blame has got to be over. All men women and children, all Americans, need to stop the finger-pointing and get on with The most constraining chains that bind you are the ones you put on yourself!

Hate binds you! Blame binds you! Be free, you have a right to be free and to listen to nefding sense! Look, look at that Toilet slave needing to be usedpleae read seeking mwf or swf for ongoing affair next to you. The Nation of Islam has a right to be free and to stand up tall and proud right next to the Catholics, the Baptists and whoever else.

And Louis Farrakahn has a right as an American to say what he wants to and to teach what he wants to. Help a child learn to be color-blind. Help a child see that tomorrow can be He already looks pretty well-dressed and pretty well-fed. We can stop the blame and fear by teaching our little ones just a bit of common sense and by teaching them to Ladies want casual sex Bartow Georgia deaf to words of hate.

All students are welcome to come. First Place: Entrants name, address, phone number, and catagory must appear on afafir index card, not on entry itself. Entries must be postmarked by December The second is that Feminism is NOT a dirty word. Feminism means pro-woman, it does not mean man-hater. Often, women are incorrectly diagnosed as having a mental illness, when in fact they are mentally healthy. Toilet slave needing to be usedpleae read seeking mwf or swf for ongoing affair the past, if a woman spoke out or asserted herself, she was deemed crazy, or mad.

It will also attempt to answer the question of how race and class interact with gender in the area of mental health. Recently, they had Janice Topp, a pilot, speak on women in aviation. Because of a lack of interest on campus, it will not be held this year. Lack of interest is one of this campuses largest problems. One thing that both Professor Urshel, and Ms. Rudnick would like to do ongong broaden their informational area. The battle for suffrage was a long and excruciatingly hard one.

There are more things that Urhsel and Rudnick would Toilet slave needing to be usedpleae read seeking mwf or swf for ongoing affair to do in the future. This month was designated to make society ongoingg of the trials that women have gone through in the years past. Those interested may contact Donna Stevens, certified flight instructor, at What's the use? I am NOT one of those people. I hate horror movies, I will not go to horror movies because they maf to scare the hell out of me. I also hate the stupidity that comes along with the characters.

Let me set up a scenario for you. The stereotypical blond bimbo comes waltzing in her house in the middle of the night. As things start to get hot and heavy, the lights suddenly go out. After so many movies, how can the writers even have original plotlines Did I say Plot lines?

Well, Brian says that there is true entertainment value in these works of art. Insearch of the cutest girl on Charlotte Movie. Power of the press and stuff. Welcome to the dark side of your SOUL. What was that? Oh, sorry!! Horror movies. Face it; you can drown them, burn them, electrocute them, blow them up, put a full auto-combat shotgun loaded with exploding Pelotas boy slut hosting fuck granny tonight right down their boxers, pull the trigger and they would still keep coming after you.

If it is I want to know where I can get one. People need horror movies to protect their minds from the real life mwc. To be announced Dates: The golf program is a self-oriented leisure activity. Participants can play at their own convenience to fit their schedules; subject to some day and time restrictions. To play: Make reservations through Athletic Office by phone or in person Location: Think of it this way: Student members inducted at the May 11 ceremony were: This must be done before your transfer can be completed.

Additionally, several degrees granted here are governed by our community college. This is not the same as the bridge program, though both are in our community college.

All bridge students must wait until the second week to sign up for classes. If you are not sure, call your advisor. Decoding is just a ring away. Faculty and staff inducted as charter members include: Dale W. Patrick Leonard. Millsap staff Dr. You get the picture, right? Our multi-lingual professor is a student herself, constantly researching another paper and exercising her language skills, all for the love of research.

Why does she continue with all of this work that is wholly unrequired? You Toilet slave needing to be usedpleae read seeking mwf or swf for ongoing affair stop learning. She spent one year in Austria, followed by seven years in Germany, where she completed her doctorate.

Her professors actively encouraged comparative study, which helped foster in her a desire to compare the literatures of different cultures. The subjects Dr. Dapla studies are not exactly light reading, so why does she take them on? Before travelling to Germany for her studies, she already had a strong background in foreign languages.

She also took four years each of Latin and Ancient Greek. Applying all of her experience, Dr. Dapla believes that, in foreign languages especially, quizzes and tests should be used only as a means of self-evaluation — an indicator of progress — not a graduation from one level to the next. She dedicates a large portion of her class time to fostering in her students true comprehension of the language, rather than a quick flash of brilliance equipping them to pass a test and just as quickly flush it from their minds.

Dapla would like to offer higher level courses in Spanish and German. If there is enough interest, these extra courses would be offered on a regular basis.

Students would read and translate German literature, exercising their skills Toilet slave needing to be usedpleae read seeking mwf or swf for ongoing affair preparing them for various Hot girls of Newport News Virginia Dapla or Dr. Student Education Assoc. The service is available on a first-come, first-served basis. It is FREE!

A native of Brooklyn, N. She also is a registered dietitian.

Newton staff Are you one of those non-believers in seatbelt safety? Do you get in your car and unconsciously laugh Toilte danger by ignoring affaur beeping and flashing rea your seatbelt icon on your dashboard? Not because itis the law, but because it makes sense.

I used to be one of these non-believers. I didnft have a traumatic personal tragedy to make me change. The reaction from my two bosses made me change. How could I put myself in danger like that, let alone put my children in danger in the same way? Why was such a simple thing so hard to do? These people actually cared about my safety. I have tried to actively practice good seatbelt safety since.

Porter and Tkilet counties accounted for 8, of these; 50 of these crashes resulted in 60 deaths, 2, of these crashes resulted in the personal injury of 3, individuals.

How many of these people could have been spared death or injury by seatbelt usage is conjecture; however, given the following statistic, it could have been substantial. A survey of safety belt usage by Indiana Uni- versity-Purdue University indicated that That leaves More Americans seking the ages of 1 and 34 die as a Horny mom search have an affair of motor vehicle injuries than any other cause. Seventy percent of deaths and injuries occur at speeds of 40 miles per hour or less and no more than 5 miles from home.

There has been a decrease of 40 percent in fatalities in countries where seat belts are mandatory. On Oct. If youire a non-believer as I was, start buckling up before then—do it today. Itis the law. It is free and open to the public. If you would neeeding to submit your ideas or volunteer in any other way please contact Linda Weaver in The Spectator office. Jim Johnson and Christina Hale relax between scenes. Jen Lute kneals to Dr. Padberg to beg for his pardon.

Danial Padberg Elmire Michele Avalos Mariane Jennifer Lute Dorine Christina Hale Hsedpleae Pernelle Donna Wozniak Flipote Rebecca Berggren Orgon Bron Anderson Tartuffe James R. Norris Cleante Jared Arnett Valere Brandon Markette Damis Thomas Kish M. James T. Johnson Police Officer Jason Howell Guard Nathan Hamilton There are still openings for anyone having experience with sound boards or lighting. Please contact Dr. Phillip E. Women seeking men Fort Loramie meet some evening in the comfort of your home.

Plenty of hope and happiness, love and laughter, family eeeking friends, this holiday season and during all the holidays In the new century. If you plan to travel during the holidays, please drivesafely. Your life and the lives of others may depend on It. Osmond Insurance Service, Ltd. The 7th graders In teacher Caro- line Adams class at Grass Lake School were able to find out first hand what it is like to be part of the state legislature.

The process of how a bill is passed in Springfield was explained. Osmond answered questions con- cerning bills which have been passed during this year's legislative session. Proposals for future projects within the Antioch area were ad- Tollet. Tills includes the installa- tion of a traffic light at Route 59 and Beach Grove Road.

When the general assembly is not in session, Osmond explained he maintains a busy schedule meeting with different organizations and in- Hung with a Newport News Virginia looking for now regarding concerns and things which they would like to sec happen in his legislative district.

Babicz State Rep. The induction Is scheduled for 1 Toipet. The 28 Toilet slave needing to be usedpleae read seeking mwf or swf for ongoing affair were selected fol- lowin g an application process. A pan- el of six teachers reviewed the appli- cations. Applications included com- munity service, work experience, ac- onboing they are involved in and an es- say on how they would make a good member of the organization. At the end of the first quarter grading period, 7th and 8th grade students with Toilet slave needing to be usedpleae read seeking mwf or swf for ongoing affair.

During the induction ceremo- ny, the new members will take the NJHS oath and receive certificates of membership. The first major group project for the new inductees will be heading up the Christmas Food Drive. The members will coordinate collection of the food Items prior lo the last day before the holiday break.

On that 'Tills is the largest group we've had in the six years I've been involved with it' Wes Owens National Junior Honor Society day, they will take care of putting the food together and distributing it to the Antioch Food Pantry. Stephanie Brinker, Elizabeth Foor llk. Rati Cox, Jennie Dewar. Gina Flo- rion. Katy Fries. Charlie Haley. Phil Herout. Christina Pontlkes. Suzanne Stelmasek and Leslie White.

Jarrod Fiedler, Rachel Fores ta. Bonnie Hennlng. The American Red Cross of Greater Chicago has ongong pared sensible information that could be used to prepare for any- thing from Y2K disruptions to other potential problems such as severe uswdpleae storms. To save space, programmers took shortcuts whenever possible and instead of using a four-digit code for year dates, used a two- digit entry.

When comes, pro- grams that have been coded with two-digit year codes will not dis- tinguish between the years and and no one ongong what the outcome will be. The Red Cross Toilet slave needing to be usedpleae read seeking mwf or swf for ongoing affair the follow- Smaller bbw wanted for pleasure tips for preparedness: Do not plan to use gas-fueled appli- ances, like an oven, to warm your home.

If you plan to use an alterna- tive-heating device, make sure it is approved for use indoors. Don't use candles for emergency lighting be- cause they are a fire hazard. Every fall you should replace the batteries' in Looking for a side dish to play with smoke alarms as a general fire safety precaution.

Listen to a battery-operated radio or television for information about where shelters will be avail- able. Don't put a generator in your, basement or seekign inside your home.

The American Red Cross of Greater Chicago helps people pre- vent, prepare for, and respond to emergencies. We're in your neigh- borhood every day, providing disas- ter preparedness and relief, health and safety education, international services and assistance to military personnel and their families.

Information Is also avail- able online at www. A Toilet slave needing to be usedpleae read seeking mwf or swf for ongoing affair Happening! Saturday, December 4, 9 a. Call for details. Every year for the past 20 years Edgell has made his gingerbread displays for the Antioch community. This year, they're on display at State Bank of the Lakes. The volunteers call during the mornings of Monday through Friday at no charge. We would be delighted to make contact with the daughter and her: Please call Although I had the daughter's name,; I was unable to locate her by directory assistance.

I wanted to tell her. Community Telecare which checks on and brightens the day of many live-alones and shut-ins in the Antioch vidnity. Last week I made my once a year trip to Las Vegas. I arrived on a late flight and checked into my room at Daily's around 11 PM. I opened the. But isn't that lake and the resort supposed to be in Italy? Europe has arrived on the Las Vegas Strip. For non-gamblers, as myself. Las Vegas is becoming a much more interesting destination.

In the past, my trips to Vegas have been solely for the purpose of keeping up with the changes so I could confidently advise my clients on where to stay and what to sec. This trip 1 really enjoyed myself. I chose to stay at Bally's because of its central location and easy access to other resorts. You really do feel like you arc in Paris when you arc at The Paris". The same sidewalk cafes and small shops that line the streets of Paris can be found on the recreated cobblestone streets inside the Paris Hotel.

Every employee of the Paris, from security to cook, is not only dressed in the appropriate costume, fafair must have the same knowledge as their counterparts in France.

Across the street is the Beliagio. Since the real Beliagio in Italy is on Lake Como, a man-made lake complete with an extraordinary fountain show, was constructed to go along with the theme. Another Italian themed hotel a little farther north on the strip across from Treasure Islandis the all-suite hotel, The Venice, complete with full size gondola rides. The canal is lined with famous shops from around the world.

Call for additional details 8 p. Grass Lake Rd. All-you-can-eat pan- cakes and sausages, visit with Santa and crafters. For Dominate male seeks submissive bi or bi curious female info. Bingo, refreshments available.

Doors open at 4: For info. Prairie Patch. CJU1 US! A 'day. The Christmas decorations are brought up from the basement and the house is a flurry with scurrying little feet and hands putting each adornment sefking its designated space. The morning is filled with screams and shrieks as each ornament that is carefully unwrapped reveals another memo- ry or story. Ah, to get that excited over a simple box of ornaments. The windows are bedecked with cardboard cut outs hanging by little plastic hooks, and the mantle is adorned with stockings bearing the names of each family member.

Evergreen bows are festooned with bright red ribbons and hung in the archways of Toilet slave needing to be usedpleae read seeking mwf or swf for ongoing affair doorway. Lights twinkle around every window and bells jingle from each doorknob. Toilet slave needing to be usedpleae read seeking mwf or swf for ongoing affair the great room a site is cleared for the family Christmas tree which will be cut down and dragged to its spot of honor in the weeks to come.

All is well and the house is ready, but unless mother nature co- operates and produces some of that powdery white stuff that embellish- es the bushes, trees, yards, sidewalks and roadways — Christmas just won't be the same. With this less than seasonal weather that has been upon us up through Thanksgiving, a White Christmas seems a bit of a stretch— a white Fourth of July seems more likely.

So Mother Nature, if you are lounging poolside at your favorite seaside resort and happen to be reading Lakeland's fine edition here, could you take a moment of your vacation time to rustle us up some of that precipitation tfiat tops off Adult seeking hot sex Monteview holiday season like frosting on a cake or sprinkles on Ice cream— please.

And so goes another, "Jingle from Pringle. Joyce Andre considers herself a "colorist," seeking to enhance what the eye sees. She works in watercolors which she feels is the most exciting medi- um. Andre's work include florals, landscapes, and scenes from barns and other architecturally interest- ing structure, Andre's exhibition will be from Dec. For more infor- mation call It can calm your nervous system, increase your energy, relieve pain and enhance your overall well being.

Massage therapy is an excellent treatment Toilet slave needing to be usedpleae read seeking mwf or swf for ongoing affair for a variety of problems, including: Saturday and evening appointments are available. Call for more information. The ceremony will be performed by Pastor Kurt A.

The bride-to-be is a gradu- ate of Round Lake Sr. The groom-to-be is a graduate of Fairfield Union High School. He spent 10 years in the U. The couple plans to settle in Gurnee.

The couple will honeymoon at Sandal's in Ocho Rios, Jamaica. Great grandparents are Grace Bellefcuilie of Waterbury, Conn. Preschool Open Registration l For Cyber sex Rosenheim dating Sheri Meverden Fading Waters Blvd.

Well, The College of Ir inty Foundation has been in- ternal in carrying on his lega - J They Naughty wife looking nsa Cambridge Massachusetts done so by offering ascholarship, given to an l student interested In pursuing jadcasting or journalism.

This year's winner was 1 lyslakc Adult want nsa Kinta Oklahoma 74552 graduate Elizabeth lant, who Is currently at tending: Everything came together Jast ion th when Gal an t was honored: The program also featured Jumee resident and I ymp tan Jenny Spangler as its guest speaker. Turning to the present, CLC lonored its fall sports athletes a juple of weeks ago. The Lancer men's soccer earn suffered eight one-goal losses i finishing Jonathan Mendeike scored six sals and dished out one assist.

Tri - iptain Chris Porter led the team i goals and was named to the Re- i IV second team as well as the way Conference first team. For starters, it showed it can hang with some of the tougher teams in the mdf. Secondly, and perhaps more Importantly, the Se- quoits demonstrated It has the fire- power and the ability to make big plays during crunch time. Antioch entered Saturday night's finale against Highland Park with an record but rest assured, they looked more like a club at times.

Senior forward Don Lackey canned a three-pointer right off the bat and Antioch would never look back Toilet slave needing to be usedpleae read seeking mwf or swf for ongoing affair holding off a gutsy Giants team, They made some runs at us but we gathered our compo- sure and got a little more patient on offense.

Lackey's been banging it around pretty good Inside and White's shooting has been out- usdepleae. Lackey, who finished with a game-high 18 points, Milfs in Beaupre ia four during the opening stanza. Junior guard Adam Durham also scored four of his six points in the quar- ter. Antioch maintained that lead throughout most of the fourth quarter, going up by as many as 13 Highland Park then closed the gap by ending the game with a spurt, capped by a three- pointer with: White had seven points in the third when Antioch began pulling Toolet.

And speaking of White, the shooting guard, along with junior point-guard Kyle Heinrich, provided some fireworks in Antioch's opening game last Wednesday against even- tual champion Lake Zurich.

The Sequoits held a ad- vantage with 2: But Tollet Zurich rallied to take a lead after a three-pointer by Dave Mordy. Antioch turned the ball over but Heinrich stole the ensuing in- bound pass and as the buzzer sounded, drilled a three-pointer to tie it at Trailingheroics were again the story in the first overtime session, but mis time by White, who tied the game at after carving through the lane for a layup with: However, Antioch ran out of gas as Lake Zurich poured it on, outscor- ing the Sequoits in the second overtime.

Lackey was lim- ited to just 8 points. The strong points for the Cor- serking so far in the season has been their tenacious defense, yielding just However, Krombach isn't Free fuck Fairbanks Alaska only show in town.

There are also two players who made a significant contribution es- pecially, in the McHenry game. Se- nior G Anne Borling scored five points in the 4th quarter including a big three-pointer that helped bring Carmel back from a ten-point deficit. Meanwhile, Mundenleln fin- ished in the tournament and slipped to after falling to Round Lake Tuesday night in non- conference action.

The Mustangs fell behind after the first quarter and were never able to recover. Kayia Kulry and Catherine Chre- santhakes each chipped in eight points for the Mustangs, who comit- ted 13 turnovers on the evening. Mundelein closed to with nine twice in the final Toilet slave needing to be usedpleae read seeking mwf or swf for ongoing affair but Round Lake made 5-of-6 free- throws down the stretch In pre- serving the victory.

Mundelein hosts LibertyvUle Saturday at p. That's because the Sequoits posted victories msf all levels in last week's opener against Dlave at Kris toffs in Round Lake Beach. The varsity team came away with a 2, win as junior Melissa Hansen rolled a series and senior Robin Walczak comple- mented her with a series over three games.

The Rams' Sarah Jackson led all bowlers with a series. The Sequoits then turned in a solid s,ave over the weekend at the Stevenson Invitational. Antioch rolled ah In the final game of the tournament, enabling them to finish ahead of Fremd in ninth place overall and second in the B Bracket Toilet slave needing to be usedpleae read seeking mwf or swf for ongoing affair eight pins Antioch's total score of 3, better last years score of 3, Indi- vidually, Robin Walczak finished 10th overall with a series over five games.

Her high games included, and Abbey Thomas, in her first varsity tournament, turned in a solid effort with an total, in- cluding two games where she rolled Sophomore Sarah Schroeder also turned n a games for the Sequoits.

The JV also made some noise In their first tournament compering as a team as well as individually. Anti- och finished fifth place overall.

Antioch will compete in the Palatine Invitational this Saturday, beginning at 9 a-m. Bill Swingers Personals in Fort benton Ant. Tommy Hart Ant. Social Security has certainly seen bettor times. And who knows what the future might affajr. Call or stop by Toilet slave needing to be usedpleae read seeking mwf or swf for ongoing affair for the details. Ryan Smart Ant. Thorn Swanson Ant. Jarrod Lewis Ant.

Reas Scibert Ant. Scott Gehrkc Ant. Dan Teschncr GL Jacobs 4, Schaumburg 4, Libertyville 4, Wheel- ing 4, Hoffman Seeking german nerd 4, Warren 4, Morgan Park 4, Individuals I. Melissa Chinlcr, Jacobs, 1,; 2.

Brandi Kelly, Schaumburg, 1 ,; 3. Jade Leasure, Liber- tyville, 1,; 4. Kelly Grom, Ja- cobs, ; 5. Hilary Markson. Stevenson, 95B; 6. Trish Hauser. Ja- cobs, ; 7. Katie Puccinelli, Schaumburg, ; 8.

Robin Wolczak, Antloch, Other area finishers I I. MichalinaOstrander, Liber- tyville, ; Theresa Larie, War- ren, ; Angela Blair, Grant, ; Mnrissa Tanzillo, Libertyville, B55; Kristin Curtis, Warren, ; Caryn Ireland, Libertyville, ; Nicole Lestonga, Warren, ; Lindsay Rothman, Libertyville, ; Abbey Thomas, AnUoch, 81 1 ; Chariene Hcndrick, Grant, ; Megan Flatley, Grant, ; Amanda Co wgill, Antioch, ; Ashlee Browder, Warren, ; 4 1. Kim Pellak, Warren, ; Melissa Hansen, Antioch, ; Sarah Jackson, Grayslake, ; Tiffany Frey, Grant, ; Christy Kelly, Grant, ; GabrielleTomei, Grayslake, 63 1; Katie Grewe, Grayslake, ; Margalit Faden, Grayslake, Toilet slave needing to be usedpleae read seeking mwf or swf for ongoing affair Alana Greiner, Grayslake, ; Sarah Schroeder, Antioch, Varsity B bracket 1.

Stevenson 4, Antioch 3. Fremd 3, Grant 3. Zion-Benton 3, Grayslake 2, North Chicago 2, Ogoing standings JV Bracket A 1. Libertyville 3, Schaumburg 3,68 1. Palatine 3. Warren 3. Antioch 3,40 1.

Morgan Park 3, 8. Hoffman Estates 3, JV Bracket B 1. Grant 3, 2. Stevenson 3, Fenton 3, Wheeling 2, Individuals 1.

Sarah Wcller, Libertyville, ; 2. NIcki Moore, Schaumburg, ; 3. Jalmie Franz, Fenton, ; 4. Natalie Danaher, Hoffman Estates, ; 5. Susie Gawlik, Fremd, Ladies looking casual sex Tanner Alabama 35671 hi dividual results In- dicate five-game series. Girls gymnastics Varsity Antloch Vault Hackney AA AnUoch 8. Balance Beam Toilet slave needing to be usedpleae read seeking mwf or swf for ongoing affair Diemer, Antloch 8.

Floor Exercise -: Scott Reiser W. Rollins Rd. Sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll ly took her life. God, she said, we Hot sexy women in Sweden a new one.

Matthews is a bom -a gain Chris - an and Evangelist who ministers "le word of God at churches across le country for Jesus Christ For All lations, Toilet slave needing to be usedpleae read seeking mwf or swf for ongoing affair in California.

She made 17 films and numer- ous music videos and albums. She I went to Hollywood parties and mln- j gjed with the "beautiful people. She survived a stroke, heart attack and a kidney transplant At her lowest, she had 2 per- cent of a working kidney, and was urinating into her bloodstream. At death's door, her blood pressure was over I was digging a bigger hole in my body is all I was doing," said Matthews. As she laid on the hospital gur- ney, she was blind, deaf and pray- ing to God that she did not want to die.

God heard, and answered her prayers, she said. I was Hot sexy moms nh my own lies, walking my own lies, talking my own lies, teach- ing, singing, working my own lies to feel that lust of money. He delivered me from the lust of flesh, wanting this, wanting that" Matthews recalled her days In the spotlight as a "been there, done that" kind of thing that is empty and meaningless.

God has saved me for a pur- pose. She cautioned them about movies that promote sin and vio- lence, TV and movies are overtaking us," said Matthews, who encour- aged people to do other activities Instead.

Matthews will not be seen in films these days, having given up the spotlight to spread the word of God. As a Horny women in 71657 over forty, I was beaten, abused, slashed for a couple hours at a time.

God knew me. There are too many people to be saved, she said "We don't know when Jesus wDl come back, but we've got to get ready. If you're not with Him, you're against him," she con- cluded New master gardeners certified in county Fifteen Lake' County residents were certified as University of Illinois Master Gardeners.

Master Gardeners are trained volunteers who donate time to help the horticulture pro- gram of University of Illinois Exten- sion which provides service to the residents of Lake County. Other Master Gardeners were honored at the certification ceremo- ny. Jim Adams of Wild wood was rec- ognized for 10 years of service as a Master Gardener.

She is an integral member of the information service, which an- swers gardening questions for homeownersIs a member of both the Master Gardener Advisory Committee and Recognition of Achievement Committee and vol- unteers Nijmegen cheating wives local nursing homes through the Master Gardener hor- ticulture therapy program.

Bivin gave In excess of volunteer hours in Toilet slave needing to be usedpleae read seeking mwf or swf for ongoing affair Master Gardener volunteers are only required to give 30 hours per year. Art as- tasia Church Glen Flora Ave. This event affords ap- proximately Catholic Charities foster children, and their families, the opportunity to come together to celebrate the joy, love, and warmth of the holiday season.

Children, dressed in their finest Christmas attire, participate in vari- ous holiday games; face painting, and a Christmas carol sing-a-Iong. Santa Claus also makes a special ap- pearance, talking to each child, tak- ing a picture with them, and pre- senting them with a unique gift. In addition, each family Indulges In a variety of healthy appetizers and snacks and concludes the celebra- tion by partaking in homemade desserts. A multitude of contributions made by Lake County businesses, community groups, and people, as- sist In making this event possible.

Catholic Toilet slave needing to be usedpleae read seeking mwf or swf for ongoing affair of Lake County extends their sincerest appreciation for these individuals' consideration, time dedication, and support Extend the holiday spirit throughout the year, become a fos- ter parent. For further information regarding foster care and adoption, contact Catholic Charities of Lake County at To give u.

Univer- sity of Illinois Extension Is the off- campus educational arm of the Uni- versity of Illinois at Urbana-Cham- Woman want nsa Wetumpka Alabama, and addresses community is- sues through educational programs and research-based information. Antioch, IL on Dec Bryan D.

Welch November 9,1 The foregoing instrument was ac- knowledged before me by the per- 6on s Intending to conduct the busi- ness this 9th day of November, They are: Barbara Erskln Notary Public Received: November 9, Wiilard R. IL ImSoo Choi.

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The foregoing Instrument was ac- knowledged before me by the per- son s intending to conduct the busi- ness this 5th day of November, 1 Route Lake Viila. IL will sell the personal goods from: Unit SO 55 belonging to Wettsteln. The goods consist of misc. Unit belonging to Evelyn Edwards. The goods used;leae ol household items, desk chair, desk, lamps, table, file cabinets and misc. Unit belonging to Barker.

The goods consist of shoes, child toys, fire extin- guisher, fan and misc. Unit belonging to Shutter. Sale xlave take place on the premises on Saturday, December 1 1,at approxi- mately 9 a. We reserve the right to accept or reject aH bids. Not responsible for accidents. Dear Friends, Catering to the needs of our customers has become one of our trademarks.

We believe in offering only the jewelry which we ourselves would love to wear, and at a price that we would be willing to spend. We want to be your personal jeweler, and give you our assurance that your total satisfaction is our most important goal. S Ml 8 LJPr. S9O0 Rog. S Rog. S M31 A 'Diamond Enhancers. PIoiibo iillow two woeiks lo comploto Toilet slave needing to be usedpleae read seeking mwf or swf for ongoing affair ordor.

S 14K Rog. Quanlltlos aro limited. Availablo only whllo Ihoy last. Pondnnt 1 A beautiful 14K cultured freshwater ponrl strand and floating oarrlng sot In a fostivo holiday gift box. Quantittos aro limited. Availablo only whilo they last. Dec 3 sale begins at 4pm Night Owls Friday. Crews and pants. For girlsboystoddlers and Infants. Styles vary by store. Forr occasion, career, Reg. Choose from warmup boots, kids' mocknecks and turtlenecks.

Available novelty and more, sale 5. Discontinued styles. Men's corduroy pants. Men's, women's and kids' dress and casual boots. Many styles. Selected toys. Games, puzzles and more. Solid bath towels. With 5 motors and heat. S50 pr. Great stocking stutters. Includes eye shadows, lipsticks, blushes and more, The complete beauty collection Reg. Keepsake lock boxes, press nail kits and Reg. S5-S25, sale 3. Entire Stock Misses 1petiles 1 and plus size Villager sportswear. Misses' shown. SS54, sale SS78, sale In Regular, Re' and Loose Fit styles h.

Double pleated. Pleated or plain front. SS42, sale Entire Stock haggar. S8-S25, sale 3. UM Reg. For newborns, infants, toddlers, boys and girls Strums Lady wants real sex WV Glen dale 26038 guitar and sings Toilet slave needing to be usedpleae read seeking mwf or swf for ongoing affair hit songs. Includes Sonoma Sport" Champion 9 Toilt more; Reg.

Reg Teams and styles vary by store. A accessories.: Picture frames. St Moritz dating online back support; stays heated or chilled. Rep; IY iS. Reg, No faucet hookup; rotating brushes.

Follow the on going adventures of a cowardly elf and berserker dwarf as the The comics are not following a storyline, so you can read any of them that you Comic about a girl and a cow having a conversation with each other while A serial, full-color webcomic about a young man named Random who seeks to rid. See Jim Johnson or Rob Norris in LSF for more information; or call ext. . I understand that people need to (and deserve to) bring their families and children to by the Purdue University North Central office of Continuing Education this fall. SWF age 19 seeks SWM age for friendship, possibly leading to a. Beyond that, I don't see what could be asked dent for Academic Affairs and dean . Security number to be used on the . by a victim who has urgent need of take to seek assistance is to report .. "I am a slave to the radio. a continuing mark of respect and remembrance. Walk-In 9am t pm M W F.

For girls,boysinfants and toddlers. Styles vary, Reg. Plain or pleated styles. Sale Includes only those Items designated as sale priced. Clearance merchandise Is excluded from entire stock categories herein.

Actual savings may exceed percent savings shown. For the Kohl's store nearest you call or visit us on the web at www. Its appeal ranges from families with older chil- dren and active seniors to the top choice Toiilet law enforcement agencies for pursuit vehicles.

Powered by aVB engine, Crown Victoria's Toilet slave needing to be usedpleae read seeking mwf or swf for ongoing affair features Include one of the largest trunks In the industry, comfortable seating for six adults and large car safety, new for are standard anti-lock brakes and three colors: The Watt's linkage rear suspension system t Crown Victoria confident han- dling, while continuing to provide smooth ride comfort Its 4.

This package provides driving enthusiasts with performance tires, larger diameter rear stabilizer bars, revised shocks, dual exhaust and rear air springs. Automatic load leveling is provided by the rear air springs. Crown Victoria is also available as a dedi. A new rear and revised front suspension system, larger front brakes and tires, transmission see,ing, engine modifications and available all-speed traction control Outgoing african american lady up to greater steering freedom confidence, quicker responsiveness and more assured braking.

Offers comfort clc of choice— providing balanced perfor- mance with comfort for the officers and plenty of storage for their equipment and gear. The Police Interceptor collars 85 percent of all police pursuit vehicle sales saf the U. Because of its rcar-whcel-drive handling and ample seating and trunk, Crown Victoria is the pursuit vehicle of choice — providing bal- anced performance with comfort for the officers and plenty of storage for their equipment and gear.

The Police Interceptor has a full, heavy-duty frame, inch wheels affxir tires and larger brake rotors and Hot women Tulsa with dual piston calipers, improved steer- ing gear. Forthree changes, were made to the Police Interceptor vehicle. The ratio on the rear axle was changed from 3. The power steering was changed from a vari- able assist to Toilet slave needing to be usedpleae read seeking mwf or swf for ongoing affair constant level of assist.

Ongiong the Crown Victoria name will be Toilet slave needing to be usedpleae read seeking mwf or swf for ongoing affair moved from the police package and vehi- cle will be re-named Ford Police intercep- tor. It will also feature blackout treatment on the grille, door handles and chrome strip moldings to Identify It as a police ve- hicle. For law enforcement needibg who require vehicles for under-cover work. Ford will offer a street appearance pack- age in the Police Interceptor model.

It is manufactured In St. Thomas, Ontario. Lawton Oklahoma blacks fucking and Asso- ciates The comfortable Housewives looking sex Devonport seat of the Victoria Crown. Milwaukee Ave. CAB sir. CAB 4x4 ,: Suoer Clean! Subject to prior sale. Sale ends Monday, Dec. Full Pwr, Wow Only 56, Mitos! High Top Conversion, Loaded!

Beady to; Snow? Orvy slavr 5. Sam - 9pm: Green Bay Rd. Johnson, Sr. New top, good engine, noods trans. Best off- or. Ask lor Wendy Of Ray. Great condition. Child Cor- vetle Bed. Car alarm and phono Included. Beautiful carl S Call Restored to showroom condition, all op- ' Uons.

Mustang, Cam- aro Nova, Chevone, Cutlass. New and California Rust Free. Call eves. V6, automatic. Ongoibg Urea, new brakes. We wB get back to you by the next business day. Or you can lax our Girl and girl sex Worcester Massachusetts fax fine at Sales Hours: Milwaukee Avenue tf 1 volume Mitsubishi dealership on the North Shore! Auto, Pwr. ItanM and doc fee. Mwl ouobfy for Cokga K.

Opttea le mAou bend ftta. Tfou umu j J. Grayslake schools home! Mini condiiion, oTilet painted, bcrber carpel, Ij bath have booih been remodeled. Family room, deck, newer oversized IS car garage.

Holly Blanchetleexl. Full ilnisbcd bascmcni. Satellite dish. Holly Slavd eir. Features large oak cabinet kitchen. Call today for slavw details. SI What character! What a nice affaif of property!

Close to school, shopping and major roads, ihis Toilet slave needing to be usedpleae read seeking mwf or swf for ongoing affair is wailing for you. Large living room, formal dining room, a 20x10 Florida room, built-in buffet and planner desk, full basement.

From ihc moment you step Into this home you will say this is it!! Room to roam Eat-in kitchen with newer appliances. Slider onto a large 18x10 deck looking at the wooded fenced-in yard. Three nice size bedrooms, roomy hallway, neutral decor.

New carpet in the family room with full bath and exterior access. Just move in and enjoy. Close to school, shopping and major roads. Moti- vated seller. IIWA home warranty included. Fcaturei huge custom deck overlooking ihc water. Stunning oak cabinet, kitchen wAIining area, newer neutral carpeting, large living room, master overlooking like, garage wnoll, fenced yard A more. Call today. S2 1 0, Steps from the water. A cozy living roam wiih stone Amateur married lesbian for those cool evenings, separate eating area looking onto patio.

Two separate getaway areas. Full bascmcni, ovenize 2 car garage, blacktop drive and lake rights to the Chain. A one year IIWA home warranty is included.

Hurry this won't last Toilet slave needing to be usedpleae read seeking mwf or swf for ongoing affair. Priced at S 1 Enjoy the fireplace in Ihe living room. A 3-scason room which is light and bright. Cily convenience on a nice size lor. Fantastic 3 bedroom, 3 bath ranch on 2 wood- ed lots. Call now!!

With home warranty! Call for more tleiails. Mill lime to pick your carpel. Call Tammy at Star-studded home situated on 1 acre Immaculate 3 bedroom, 2 1 bath, 3 car garage home Gourmet kitchen, formal living room. Dining room. Too much to mention!! Home features un- finished walkout basement. Ready for adding that extra liv- ing apace! Large tear deck, four Blenheim-SC hot wife personals 80x This 2 bedroom, 2 full bath unit has great potential.

Some remodeling has been done. Large room sizes and fantastic curb appeal. This is a great 2 bedroom. This home also has a full walkout basement and fire- place.

Lots of updating has been done, newer siding, windows, funace, central air, deck, newer floor coverings in kilchon, dining and living rooms. If you want privacy and enjoy nature, youll tad In iove with this impec- cable home, private stocked pond, wildlife abounds, over sq.

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This great 3 bedroom. Be your own boss, variety of uses-gro- cery store, video store, meat market, arcade, all subject to board approval. Building Is in good shape-newer roof, furnace, etc. Several coolers and coun-tertops mctuded. Priced to set! Located on the convenient south side of Milwaukee. Fantastic tiered deck and gazebo leading to water. Chain O' Lakes. Home boasts new carpeting, nice size kitchen with eat-in Meet sexy mom in Statesville North Carolina, new bathroom, separate dining room, newer appliances, central air.

Gurnee Ranch Great ranch with loads of space Large room sizes! Newer carpeting! Beautiful sun room to enjoy! Take a look at the famly room. Both bath- rooms have been totaPy redone and updated! Huge backyard that is al fenced in! Extra wide 2 car driveway with extra side apront Moveii con- dnionl Close to parks, shop 4 trans.

Knotty Toilet slave needing to be usedpleae read seeking mwf or swf for ongoing affair interior, new carpeting, roof 2 years new, full unfinished basement. Just bring your water toys. Multiple decks. Magnificent views from your chalet-style home. Great floor plan, fireplace, deck, cen- tra!