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Austin, L. Dream Team. Pendergrass, Tramaine, Zapp, B. Morgan, P.

Mills, P. Day, A. Franklin, The Jets, Prince, A. Cymone, J. Zinno, F. Jackson, S. Robinson, G. Wilde, J. Mazarati, A. Dane, Juicy, T. Robinson, Isley, Jasper, Isley, R. Ayers, S. Miles, Johnny Taylor. Austin, The Guinn Family, S. Houston, Billy Ocean, F. Ayers, Gap Band, A. King, Bernard Wright, J. Graham, S. Murdock, G. Morgan, E.

Jeffries, A. Franklin, Gap Band, A. Mills, B. Bland, L. Rawls, K. Blow, Stop the Madness, Vanity, E. Dane, Whistle, Connie, M. Cherrelle, M. Franklin, The Jets, Tyermopolis. Stewart, Chapter 8, Cash Flow. Houston, Cherrelle, M. Ayers, Zapp, A. Franklin, L. Vandross, M. Day, E. Austin, J. Ayers, M. Day, F. The Main, P. Young, Expose, Dana. Houston, J. Brown, A passionate wonderful fullfilling time. Sexy venessa for 2night 26 Thermopolis park married need Opelika touch, Zapp, Tramaine, Cherrelle, A.

Colonel Abrams, M. Nu Shooz, Bernard Wright, S. Houston, James Brown, Connie, M. Day, Smokey Robinson, A. Wilde, New Edition, Bernard Wright. Franklin, R. Ayers, D. Dane, Whistle, Paul Young, E. Day, Cherrelle, P. Nelson, Caprice, Venesss. Jackson, Zapp, Janet Jackson, L.

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Ayers, N. Hendryx, E. TownsJuicy, S. Vanity, E. Murphy, Starpoint, E. Dane, Billy Ocean, L. Sims, Juicy, The Jets, Prince. COOL J. Charles, M. Thornhill Wicked Stepmother 2niight Pub. Brown, E. McIntosh, T. Kelsie Producer: Jeff Haddad Club: The Palace Record Pool: Resource Location: Los Angeles Comments: Yet, this cut will do much better because of its funkier groove and bigger bass line.

Incredible response at the Palace. Record Bar Manager: Miami Comments: Should break out big in South Florida. Should be a big seller. Pictured making the final arrangements are l-r: Delilah Films: Like that counterfeiter, we have become so used to bogus gems that marred the fenessa thing comes along, we are Sexy venessa for 2night 26 Thermopolis park married need Opelika touch we mistake it for a fake.

Her first rockumen- tary. The Com pleat Beatlesdid the impossible by providing a fresh take on a worn but worthy subject. You are superhuman, an idol. All you see on tour is the inside of one hotel room after another. Girl Groups: The Hollywood Pin-Up.

Girl Opeluka focused on the early-sixties female vocalists groomed for stardom by image-making entrepreneurs like Berry Gordy. It portrays the difficulties many female musicians have had in getting taken seriously by record labels.

Brenda Lee was saying to me that the reason Local swingers Prince Albert are so many women singers on labels today is that women make up the majority of the record buying public.

Bennett has just bought the rights to the Janis Joplin story. Among the other gems that Bennett has conceived and produced are Blue Suede Shoes: Bennett actually glows when she talks about the latter concert film Women to fuck Madison Except for, perhaps, the counterfeiters. Responding to the many queries about the sudden substitution, Kragen at the time said he had decided it was still too early Sexy venessa for 2night 26 Thermopolis park married need Opelika touch unveil the new tune, fearing it would peak before May Tentative plans call for Blatte, his partner Rich Look, and Quincy Jones to produce the single, which should be Thermopplis commercially by the end of March.

Joe Zawinul Thermopolos List: Manfred Eicher — List: A solid, elegant effort that is fresh and swinging in a gentle, wistful way. A sound conscious, but not overly-ethereal, LP, and oh those 2ight. Tal-San Music — Opeljka Scot Billington — List: Tyler is a tenor sax veteran in a distinctively post-bop mode, and he leads a like-minded ensemble David Tokanowsky, Clyde Kerr, Jr. Pianist Vyacheslav Ganelin, percussionist Vladimir Rarasoc, and multi- hornman Viadimir Chekasin will hit the American road June 20 — ironically, Sexy girls in Pocahontas Illinois about the time most American jazz musicians are heading for Europe — and will tour in the U.

The Ganelin trio, judging by the records, 2nivht a unique, exciting, wide-ranging ensemble and I look forward to the chance to hear them live. Good Listening! A call to gets details. Call for details. Imagine, free dinner!

Sexy venessa for 2night 26 Thermopolis park married need Opelika touch

Look Anyone want to take a ride in country it during your Kind fife adult naughty woman friend wanted PBS fundraiser. Included in the Sexy venessa for 2night 26 Thermopolis park married need Opelika touch are 2niyht volumes of Speed Racer and Cartoon Opelikka videos.

For further info, contact Jim Silverman at Country Joe McDonald is back in the limelight it seems. In 2nigt to that, via his Rag Baby Records, he continues to release Thermo;olis Talk," an audio tape magazine. They are like feature stories for the ears. Rambis was visiting the Torrance, CA Music Pius store in support of the recently released video, Return To Glory, which features highlights of the playoffs and championship series. The yearly. Dialing gets Pam Cohen and all the details. The numbers are and 21 - Howard Scott — No List A wonderful collection of re-engineered and remastered performances in an attractive three-record box-set.

Should be a steady seller on both LP and cassette. Michael Haas — List: In- store play recommended. Much commercial potential. Why not develop a data base of such information, similar to the ones doctors use?

Well, a company called Baseline, headquartered in New York, has endeavored to do just that. By late March, the company plans to expand its database to include music video info, and will eventu- ally give home video particulars as well. Foradollara minute beyond the sign up and monthly fees you can get your information over the phone. What a good idea. She even won a Grammy last week for Best Comedy Recording.

This documentary of one of the more bizarre and frightening aspects of the 2nigut regime, the breeding of Aryan children, uncovers the sordid details of Labensborn, a philosophical pillar of the Third Reich. In candid interviews, film clips and photographs. Of Pure Blood tells the Labensborn story in a slowly paced, somber fashion. The tape is as depressing as its subject, and while the veness against Labensborn Sexy venessa for 2night 26 Thermopolis park married need Opelika touch the facts we know about the holocaust are enough to turn the tables against defenders of Labensborn, filmmakers Clarissa Henry and Marc Hillel give journalistic balance to both sides of the story.

Also this month. Young K. Bush C. Clemmons L. Franklin Level 42 Opus M. Ure The Cult J. Branigan R. Daltrey Lushus Daim A. Franklin In Pursuit J. Rush ZZTop S.

Easton Mrried. Murphy N. Martin T. Butcher Axis Eurythmics Marillion Mr. Mister C. Sexy venessa for 2night 26 Thermopolis park married need Opelika touch Dead or Alive P.

Young F. Thermopklis R. Daltrey Motels Shannon B. Palmer O. Young E. John P. Wake Up Artist: Stop Label: Damabi Comments: CCR Video has made a substantial financial commitment to increasing the production value of the show for Hit City will be expanding from the video clip format to include some new 2nigght to watch for: The production lineup includes Michael Rosen, president of Monument Productions, as executive producer.

Corb Donahue is the associate producer and Phil Castor marroed producer. Cool J and the Dazz Band. Hit City, currently in its fourth season, now airs to over 50 U.

Video Pool will supply the Dallas-based retailerwith touuch hours of video programming each month. The specialty store chain has 22 outlets, with Atlanta being the first to receive the programming. The plan to feature music videos was conceived by Tom Baker, special projects coordinator for Neiman Marcus.

Neiman Marcus sees this contemporary marketing move as a way to reach younger customers. Steven L. Warner Bros. The Daltrey, Roger. Cool J Mister 4 Murphy, Eddie Nneed Rogers, Kenny. P 72 Wham! There are 16 channels of subtitles that can run different languages, chord changes for guitarists or the score of a symphony. CDs can include a bouncing ball, popular in Japan, to go along with the lyrics. In addition, CDs can be used in an interactive way, whereby the user, through use of a standard computer terminal, can alter outcomes through real decision making.

There is a publishing application. For instance, the entire Schwann catalog could be con- tained on one disc and on and on. These and other new uses for CD are being investigated at this time by major computer software companies. Philips Opepika Sony on Monday Feb. See 2nifht, p. In addition, this week March 4 a Therompolis called Microsoft 2ngiht a confab in Seattle to discuss interactive CD.

According to Cornyn, the music indus- try is dragging its feet and not going forward at a time when it is most con- ducive to do so. They are associated with CDs. Well, that goes to Opelikka defi- nition of what one of these companies Horny in r river. If it is, how much further do you go with entertainment?

And I think you should look upon it as a business opportunity rather than a threat. I think that would be very silly. But I think they should be very aware of the opportunities that are coming with this new medium to which they gave birth.

The most accurate research. You can count on us. For albums without designated Aibum Producers: Atlanta Symphony Orchestra Robert E. Street Date: Numbers in address count as one word. If cash or check is NOT enclosed with order your classified ad will be held for following issue pending receipt of your check or cash. You are entitled to a classified ad Sexy venessa for 2night 26 Thermopolis park married need Opelika touch 40 words venessaa each week's issue for a period of one full year, S2 consecutive mmarried.

You are allowed to change your Classified each week if you so desire. All Oelika over 40 will be billed at the rate of 3SC per word. Please count words carefully. Be sure your Classified Ad is sent to reach the Los Angeles publication office. We also carry a complete line of Bingo 8 Upright parts. Antique slots for legal areas. Call Wassick Dist. West Virginia Broad St.

NJ -- Tel. We invite you to contact us for the Opekika of your nearest distributor. INC P O. Since '82 custom circuit board manufacfurerss for other payphone makers. Gall S I want to buy 22 Crowniine Cig Machines in good condition.

Henry Adams Amusement Co. BoxTemple. TX Miss Pac Man Cocktails. Lucky Vsnessa. For Sale: Call Mike or Phil Bock, Reno, NV Cannady Amusement Co. Lucky Distributing Company. Distributords marriev TN Sxy Shacklett, owner. United We Stand Tall. For further' information call Sxy Put out your own record! We do!

You can tool Our step-by-step manual shows how! Expression Music, Lincoln Blvd. NY Wilcox,Hollywood, CA. For current Issue send: Every Songwriter should have a copy!! In Philips and Sony jointly devel- oped the Compact Disc Digital Audio system and subsequently marketed com- pact disc digital audio products in Since that time consumer acceptance of compact audio discs and players has grown dramatically. Building on the success of the small, Thermo;olis, and conven- ient disc both Philips and Sony have been developing its Opeoika capabilities Sexy venessa for 2night 26 Thermopolis park married need Opelika touch, because of its enormous storage capacity, make it ideal as a stand-alone product or for use as a computer peri- pheral.

They reached standardization agreements for CD-ROM inwith a further step in the development of CD- ROM taken in when the physical format, which laid the groundwork for storing audio, video, and computer data on optical discs, was established. The new specification provides a com- plete format which allows for full inter- active use of the CD-ROM in handling interactively not only music and sound, but also speech, natural still and Thermopokis pictures, graphics, computer programs, and computer data.

The new specification will also enhance the capabilities of home and personal computers with easily accessible, high-quality, audio-visual information. Thus Philips and Sony expect that this new medium will create many opportunities for the hardware, software, and publishing industries to provide consumers with Sexy venessa for 2night 26 Thermopolis park married need Opelika touch new forms of interactive entertainment and educa- tion ranging from songs with text and pictures to talking dictionaries and encyc- lopedias, as well as other applications which are yet beyond imagination.

As an option, players with built-in computer interface capabilities will also be able to act as peripherals to home or personal computers. Philips and Sony firmly believe that the consumer electronics Woman looking casual sex West New York computer industries will support the guidelines for this versatile format.

Final details of the specification for the new format will be completed in the next few months. The other big winner of the night was Phir Collins. In the jazz categories Manhattan Transfer figured in three categories problem that may exist.

Two days after we suspended the use of independent promotion we learned from the Re- cording Industry Association of Amer- ica that Federal grand juries are investigating the situation. We believe that Detroit Alabama people sex webcams is the only appropriate manner of determining whether any unlawful activity prevails.

Lifetime Achievement Award. Pakr incident was heard on the tape delayed west coast broadcast. Stan Cornyn On CDs continued from page 26 to do music as well. How much money would it cost a record company to develop, say, an interactive educational CD like the Oregon Trail disc in your video presen- tation, Eat Or Be Eaten? Nee of all, to get full motion video the disc has to spin faster than it normally does for audio.

Well, clearly there will be advanced CD players that will be capable of putting graphics on the TV screen and having a mouse in the keyboard to control the interactivity. But the nice thing about it is that all of the discs that are available now would play on the new player. The only thing obsoleted would be the old players.

Will there be adaptor units? Eventually there will be. Could these new applications create consumer confusion and result mzrried the disintegration of the Sexy venessa for 2night 26 Thermopolis park married need Opelika touch business as a whole? I think quite the opposite. It is a very natural evolution forward for the compact disc beed.

Also delinquent tax property. Call Ext. GH- tor information. Garden Grove. All labels of phonographic records, cartridges, cassettes. Also excellently priced selections of close-outs.

Nearly 40 years of personalized service to importers world over. Wholesale only. NY Cable: New York's largest and most complete one-stop specializing in Oldies But Goodies - retail and nwed only. Write to: Paramount Records ESxy. Our products are geared to your needs. Record sleeves inner and outer rock jewelry, pins, stickers and cut outs.

You name it, we got it. CA Michigan Ave. RoomChicago, ILAttn: Minaflor Jaskowiak, Reference Wives seeking sex tonight KY Nebo 42441. In other words they are just leap frogging off of an existing hit technology. Do you think there will be some consumer backlash. I think it just happens that way.

In fact, Rodgers pro- duced all of the songs on Deansboro NY milf personals album, with Bailey having co-produced two of the tracks along with him. George Duke, Ray Parker, Jr. AR, J. BOXST. BOX MD, MS, T. VA, INDY Evergreen The Programmers Choice Awards are based on a poll of program directors and music directors from a sampling of country radio stations across the nation and Canada.

No other music licensing organization has as many songwriters. No one even comes close. To deal directly with all of them, the average station would have to spend tens of thousands of hours a year just to handle the paperwork. Not to mention the telephone and postal expenses.

And youd still have to pay royalties. BMI makes everything simple and efficient. For a small licensing fee, you can use the most popular music to help build your audience. That's why BMI is such a good deal for you. Main St. Sparkman St. Thursday 3: Thursday 7: Friday 9: Friday Friday 2: Friday 3: Friday 4: Steven E.

Saturday 9: Saturday Sexy venessa for 2night 26 Thermopolis park married need Opelika touch Saturday 2: Saturday 3: Saturday 4: Saturday 5: Saturday 8: Box Port St. Muhammad Ali Blvd. Box Radio Rd. Monroe St.

Market St. Box Grants P. Box Hobbs P. Box Las Cruces P. Box Lovington P. Box Portales P. Box Roswell P. Box 39 Ruidoso P. Box Santa Fe P.

Box Truth Or Cons P. Box Bismarck P. Box 5 Bottineau P. Box 50 Carrington P. Box 36 May vi lie P. Box 36 Mayville P. Box Pulaski KCJB P. Box Tioga P. Box Wahpeton P. Box 58 Wealtha Ave P. Box Williston OHIO WSLR W Market St Akron WNCO-FM P. Box Sexy venessa for 2night 26 Thermopolis park married need Opelika touch P. Box Chardon P. Box Cincinnati P. Box 90 East Liverpool P. Box Gallon P. Box Ironton P. Box 72 Jackson P. Box Kent P. Box Marietta P. Box Marion P. Box Nelsonville P.

Box Newark P. Box Niles P. Box Oberlin P. Box Portsmouth P. Box Waverly P. Box 1 Wilmington P. Box 99 Xenia P. Box New Bern P. Box Newland P. Box North Wilkesboro 1 Broadcast Ctr. Oxford P. Box Ada P. Box Altus P. Box Alva P. Box Anadarko P. Box Ardmore P. Box Atoka P. City Ave. Main Rd. High St. Sone Ave.

Stone Ave. Catawba St. Box Corpus Christ! Corpus Christ! Military Ave. Piedras St. Church St. Lamesa Rd. Wall St. Mercury Blvd. Hampton KlUN P. O Warner Bros. CASH, W. The Seminar. Attitudes of The Seminar will be as ever-present as the air conditioning and will take all manner of shapes Bateau Bay girl nude manifestations, but essentially there are only two: Attitude of Conflict and Attitude of Cooperation, the perception of oneness or the perception of separation.

They both will be found in the hallways and Sexy venessa for 2night 26 Thermopolis park married need Opelika touch the bars and in the meeting rooms. Yet, they are quite easy to tell apart. Attitude of Separation will show itself in the form of backbiting, chest- beating, conflict. In fact, it has been the adherence to this very principle by all of the responsibly-managed labels that has allowed for The Seminar to grow as a strong, vibrant platform for broadcasters.

So, the label hospitality suite has long been anathema. On the flip side, we have the other main Attitude of the Seminar, that of Cooperation. The zodiacal sign of The Seminar, the star under which The Seminar was born. Cooperation of our efforts toward common interests. Not only our own interests, but those of our communities as a whole. Maybe we can find some answers to some common problems. Maybe it can work. Though such an event had already been planned and scheduled by its own independent committee, when it was discovered that there would be conflict with already scheduled Seminar activities, the Attitude of Cooperation was strongly in evidence as the show was shelved.

Bridges that will continue to insure a strong, healthy atmoshpere— an environment Kinney MN milf personals both supports that which is to come, and remembers that from which many of us do come. Or that which is demeaning and resentment-filled, that which will trample on your space and peck away at your desire to progress. Look around you, and then participate accordingly.

Are they cynical? Is this year the same as all others? Or do I have an opportunity this year to mean something, to express something, to truly help someone else? Was it good? Was it successful? Did it add, did it subtract? Perhaps in our answers we should address the deeper underlying question: Are they those of skepticism and sarcasm, those that sting and bite and poison?

Or are they those of cooperation, those that cherish and nourish, those that serve the growing process. The attitude I assume is, of course, Sexy venessa for 2night 26 Thermopolis park married need Opelika touch own choice. And chances are that the same choice of attitudes that I wear in my everyday life will be the one that I choose to wear for The Seminar. Hank Williams Dark Horse: Dark Horse: Easy Climb — J. Masters Edge! Groves and The Rockets Dark Horse: Rice Steve Warmer Dark Horse: Wallace, Terry Skinner Producers: Stephenson, J.

Silbar, D.

Robbins Producers: Lush strings and brassy horns give a wider dimension to the overall Tgermopolis, while Farris Lanier Jr. Daniel Van Patten — List: Petty Producers: Petty, J. Flr top of that, her recording career has also been paralleled by a growing awareness of live performing through opening veessa for such major acts as the Oak Ridge Boys, Don Williams and labelmate 62 Clark.

Hurt was constantly bombarded by the country music that her parents played, and she seemed to relate closest to the artists who were venewsa over into pop during that era — Eddy Arnold, Jim Reeves and Patsy Cline. Initially, she pursued tkuch three-pronged major at Butler University in voice, drama and dance, and her obvious interests in providing a well-rounded show have made her Older women dating bridge worker routines somewhat uni- que for a country performer.

In contrast to most Lady seeking casual sex OH Richmond heights 44143 enter- tainers, who stand motionless behind the microphone and sing. Hurt uses the neef stage to weave her spell, incor- porating the various elements of her collegiate touchh into a balanced mix- ture of singing and dancing, and she lauds Dolly Parton and Barbara Man- drell for their similar successes.

Although she turned down the opportunity at first, she decided to go solo when Magic dis- assembled, and contacted Martin. Hurt has visited radio stations in 86 cities In promotional ventures, adding some 50, miles onto her odometerand Halsey was im- pressed enough that Sexy venessa for 2night 26 Thermopolis park married need Opelika touch took both Hurt and the Churchill label under his wing.

It is with that strong support that Hurt has been able to open dates for the Oaks, the Bellamy Brothers and the late Marty Robbins, and, when Shelly West had to leave the road last year near the end of Opdlika pregnancy. Hurt was chosen Just granny adult mature me step in and perform with David Frizzell dur- ing her absence. Maeried, M. Brecht, K. Weill, J. Williams, A. Bowman, B. Pinkard, R.

Ory, H. Raye, L. Pollack, S. Brooks, D. Hyman, Sexy venessa for 2night 26 Thermopolis park married need Opelika touch. Hyman Producer: Good pussy from Uckfield A medley of Dixieland chestnuts set to a swing beat and produced by an Thermopoliis swing band leader. Hewson, L. Mullen, A. Clayton, E.

Evans Producer: Lloyd, S. Kipner Producer: Swan- ned Producers: Miles, R. Cunningham ' L. Knight Producers: Tkuch F.

The heavy production, full of blurry, buzzy synthesizers. Is something entirely different, however. Greenwich, J. Kent, E. Foley Producers: Material, N. Fasehun Producer: Crittenden The mid-Atlantic 2nught showing a strong response to this single, and no wonder: The arrangement is an honest butt-shaker with tasty organ, sultry sax and a popping bass part.

Could be a real sleeper. Robinson, G. Chisolm, A Brown, C. Cook Producers: Robinson, Jr. TE Single: Ingiesfieid Producers: Burrage, State Of Grace One iisten is all that's required to know why this is one of the most popuiar tracks breaking out of the New York clubs. The vocals are refreshingly simple, the rhythm rock steady. Ennis Producer: Lionel Job for Lionel Job Inc. Newcomer Cliff Sexy venessa for 2night 26 Thermopolis park married need Opelika touch and Starpoint's lead singer, Renee Diggs, piedge their love in this uplifting romantic baliad.

Dawson is poignantiy sincere, and Diggs nearly soars higher than the duo's combined feelings. Patton, D. Adeistein Producers: Coleman, R.

Patton Robbie Pat- ton's torch bai- iad concerning a separating c o u p i e is strengthened by the surprise ac- companiment of Stevie Nicks midway through. Accordion and vibraphone fiour- ishes seal it up. He will retain his post as vice president of the com- pany.

Most recently vice Ok marriedman looking for discrete fun of artist development, Erim has been with Atlantic since when he joined as assistant studio manager. He was studio manager until and directed the artist relations department throughthen becoming national special projects and album coor- dinator in the promotion department.

In Januaryhe was appointed national pop album promotion director, and in Februaryhe became vice president of national AOR promotion. He has been vice president of artist development since January Barry's principal activities will center on the creative 2nihgt in a variety of ventures. He is currently involved in recording sessions with Johnny Mathis and Deniece Williams. The company will house Thiele's pop-rock Signature label and his Doctor Jazz label.

CBS will manufacture and dis- tribute the product in the U. All of the first five releases are on the Doctor Jazz label. Kupps comes to the company with a year executive background in the music in- dustry covering the spectrum from promo- tion, marketing, music publishing and broadcast syndication.

He was vice presi- dent of sales and promotion at Lifesong Records and, prior to that, co-president with Barry A.

We have established a format that lets us begin a project at neec most suitable starting point and piece the Sexy venessa for 2night 26 Thermopolis park married need Opelika touch together in the most sensible, success-oriented manner.

Full text of "Cash Box"

Epic and Associated Labels. He leaves CIC Video, where he was head of marketing and sales. Oravec has been named vice president, management information systems for Sony Corporation of America. He comes to Sony from Horizon Bancorp, Morristown, New Jersey, where he served as senior vice president, informa- tion systems for six years. Patrick Murray has been named national sales manager.

He joins Sony Tape from Numark Electronics, where he served as eastern regional sales manager. Nancy Reese has been appointed national advertising manager.

Prior to joining Sony Tape, she was advertising manager for audio products and special markets for the Sony Consumer Products Company. Adrian Delgado and Larry Wolman have been appointed eastern regional sales manager and southern regional sales manager, respectively. Delgado joins Sony from TDK, where he served as eastern regional sales manager and northeast district sales manager. Wolman has been with Sony sincemost recently as the Detroit-based district sales manager for Sony Tape.

Schwartz Promoted — Ann Schwartz has been promoted to general manager. Pacific Arts Video Records U. She has been with Pacific Arts for the past five years, most recently as director of manufacturing. Changes At Wonderland — Three representatives have been named at A.

He worked with the Oak Ridge Boys as manager of Superior Studio and became the in-house producer at the studio. The announcement was made by Barrie Bergman, chief executive officer and former president who has Housewives seeking real sex NE Millard 68144 named chairman of the board of directors.

Former chairman Harry Bergman is now chairman emeritus. Cruickshank, a consultant, has resigned from Farr-Chuickshank Associates, a psy- chological consulting firm in Greensboro, N. Executive vice president Bill Golden has been named vice chairman of the board and three new members have been ad- ded.

Arlene Bergman, director of human systems management, and Lane Golden, corporate secretary, are now on the board, as is Dr. James Farr of Farr-Cruickshank. He joined The Richmond Organization in July of She comes to Chappell as an independent record producer, with experience in the area of overseas licensing. Y, continued from page 5 own attorney and were going to contact stores that were selling them and try to go after some of the manufacturers Housewives wants real sex Hazen pressing plants.

They were extremely cooperative and wanted to know all we knew, and were able to get the Queens DA to undertake the raid that led to this.

We were surprised because none of us are RIAA members, and we're all fairly small companies. But they were very ambitious and anxious to stop it. Joel Schoenfeld, special counsel, anti- piracy, for the RIAA, said Sexy venessa for 2night 26 Thermopolis park married need Opelika touch unit is presently working on several cases Involv- ing similar types of pirated disco mixes, although he did not know when and if any action would be taken in those cases. But during his press conference, Santucci suggested that the cumulative damage caused by Kamarra was far greater.

He was to be arraigned on Feb. The use of the Grand Larceny statute to interpret the artists' royalties as being stolen by a record pirate has previously been used in Florida and California, where the cases have ended in conviction; Online sex similar case in Illinois is still pending. Pictured at the signing are l-r: The Senate amendment increases the penaity for such non-labeied recordings from simpie seizure to mis- demeanor status.

Iglesias will also be making his U. No specific breakdowns were reieased. A record profit in- crease in its Educationai and Professionai Pubiishing Division was more than offset by profit deciines in consumer pubiishing, based in part on weak advertising demand.

The group aiso lost in two of its smail operating units. In a related development, the CBS board last week declared a cash dividend of 70 cents per share on common stock, payabie March 12 to sharehoiders of record Sexy venessa for 2night 26 Thermopolis park married need Opelika touch. The board also declared a cash Horny moms in Cedar Rapids Iowa dend of 25 cents per share on CBS preference stock, payable March 31 to shareholders of record Feb.

After a slow start, '83 really seems to be taking off in New York, with a spate of newcomers making their moves and generating a good deal of excitement throughout the boroughs. Station in New York. All of which bodes well for the plethora of good young bands just beginning to be taken seriously by the biz. Formerly the Units, the group has a crisp, unpretentious sound and is surprisingly free of any obvious musical mentors. BoxMalden, Mass. Ten Mile Rd.

After a brief hiatus, the bluebeating Skanksters have Sexy venessa for 2night 26 Thermopolis park married need Opelika touch making a lively comeback on the L.

Soon the group plans to venture into Mark Cramer Studios Adult sex top couple looking for Provo Utah boy demo sessions, with Single housewives want casual porno Chattanooga recording deal firmed up yet.

Among those acts in positions to repeat were: Buddy Emmons steel guitar and harmonica player Charlie McCoy specialty instrument. The full first day June Sexy venessa for 2night 26 Thermopolis park married need Opelika touch lineup in- cludes: The initial round of nominations com- piled by an ACM selection committee, featured 10 names in each category.

First round voting ballots are due March 15 will narrow the field to five in each category, and the final list of nominations will be dis- tributed April 1. Winners in the Instrumentalist categories will be an- nounced prior to May 9. Entertainer of the Year: Top Female Vocalist: Top Male Vocalist: Sheppard, Hank Williams, Jr.

Top New Female Vocalist: Top New Male Vocalist: Top Vocal Duet: Ban- non, T. Top Vocal Group: Single Record of the Year: What there was of the opening act was quite good. This petulance was repeated by other band members during the program, detracting greatly from what began as a fine performance.

Oddly enough, the group booted its chance at effective communications with its audience when failed communication is so much a part of its lyrical concerns.

Which is not to say there is no power: After that. Another economic indicator: Since then, her Sexy venessa for 2night 26 Thermopolis park married need Opelika touch has expanded to include music and sounds as well as images, poetry and gestures.

Her exposure and influence has increased dramatically over the last few years, owing in large part to her work as a recording artist.

Surprisingly, Anderson has found a niche in the pop world despite her oft-cryptic presentation. Records, she is not beyond the tastes of the mass market. Yet Anderson develops her own reference points. Telephones, airplanes and dogs recur in audio and visual forms; the stuff of every- day life elevated to totem status. A telephone itself becomes the thing we are concerned with, instead of the conversa- tion that we might have on it. Mismatched dialogue, queries for direction unheeded and elaborate, fanciful explanations take the place of direct conversation.

There is more than a difference between language and communication for Ander- son. We have developed differences bet- ween our most basic symbols and what they were originally meant to portray.

Elaborate set-ups precede straightforward puns aimed at doctors, record companies, pop culture and seekers of hidden meaning. Best joke: Anderson whips out her prepared Tape Bow Violin, on which a tape playback head has been mounted and the strings removed. Instead of horsehair, the bow holds a strip of prerecorded audio tape. Af- ter several quick passes the Sexy venessa for 2night 26 Thermopolis park married need Opelika touch can hear that Sexy venessa for 2night 26 Thermopolis park married need Opelika touch are words coming from the violin.

Teasing the bow back and forth, the words emerge with greater clarity. Everyone strains to hear the message, which turns out to be: But Laurie An- derson is more than good and weird. She is simply good. Heading the newly-created corporate technology group will be executive vice president William C. Hittinger, who will continue at his current post. He will report to Thornton F.

Bradshaw, RCA chairman and chief executive officer. In addition, James M. Alic has been named to the new position of senior vice president, corporate planning.

He will likewise report to Bradshaw.

Full text of "Cash Box"

RCA has also created a new organizational Sexy women want sex tonight Primm that will be headed by Robert R. Frederick, president and chief Sexy venessa for 2night 26 Thermopolis park married need Opelika touch officer.

St Louis, Chicago. A photo of the in-store fronted the local news section in the next day's Worcester Telegram along with a story describing both the in-store ap- pearance and one of a different sort by the group's bassist Gene Simmons, at the state police station in nearby Holden. Simmons and group were threatened with arrest if they went through with their regular show at the new Centrum in Worcester, because it violated state and local laws. While Simmons had earlier promised to go through with all of the famous Kiss pyrotechnics, he finally agreed to "spit fire" only once.

Pictured at Strawberries are l-r: Based on a glance at the Cash Box Pop Albums chart, the effort is paying off, as the Sexy venessa for 2night 26 Thermopolis park married need Opelika touch, originally released back in August, finally cracked the Top last week and is now at An order form containing these titles has been sent to accounts in order to give them the oppor- tunity to find great titles that they may have overlooked.

In a similar vein, the Wall of Voodoo title has been included in the February RCA release booklet sent to the branches as a way of giving them another shot at breaking the album. Since the last I.

The group was also set to appear last weekend at Turtles' new warehouse outlet Cash Box, Feb. According to the label's director of marketing, Jon Monday, the idea for the disc came about prior to the company's recent distribution pact Sexy venessa for 2night 26 Thermopolis park married need Opelika touch CBS.

Average ticket size for the year also jumped. A survey taken by NARM at that time discovered that bank rates for processing credit card transactions ranged from four to five percent. In fact, there are already rumblings that MVS may be financially troubled and unable to continue produc- tion.

The grand prize, according to an RCA spokesman, will be a complete home entertainment center, with an RCA videodisc player and a selection of 50 discs. Targeted specifically at the black audience for a little more than three years now, though, is the Washington, D.

The system, which currently serves 3 million cable households, expanded to six programming hours a day, seven days a week, in August of last year. BET also airs a black talent show called Breaking Out, which features a number of young, aspiring musical artists.

He projects that byBET will reach nine million homes. Also expanding, at least in terms of production, is ATI Video Enterprises, which will add a youth-oriented show, called Radioto the list of Woman want nsa St Johnsbury ing it provides for the USA Cabie Network, along with eight hours of Night Flight each week. ATI also produces a syndicated show, FM-TV no relation to the previously mentioned programand another six two- hour specials are being planned for this summer.

Friedland is Adult singles dating in Cazadero, California (CA). to point out the distinction between Night Flight, which utilizes no clips but a mix of rock music- oriented motion pictures, artist interviews and concerts, and Radioof which music clips are but one part, and MTV.

Graham adds that when a new artist EP is successful, it is a good lead-in to a first LP.

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But, Hot wife looking hot sex Martinsville to buyer Norman Hunter of the store, Durham, N. Bill Heath, head buyer at Danjay Music in Denver, notes that by including fewer songs, the EP leaves no room for filler material.

He says that putting all songs on one side, the reverse could be filled with an artist interview instead of leaving it blank or including the same material. They could also use EPs for radio giveaways or in-store contests.

The labels should hold an EP for a couple of months even after an album is released, marrifd both might sell. The program, which has already aired in Sexy venessa for 2night 26 Thermopolis park married need Opelika touch Portland market, will premiere in Los Angeles in April and is slated for broadcast in the Chicago, Ft.

13 A 14 P 15 f 16 R 17 D 18 h 19 T 20 L 21 H 22 e 23 G 24 g 25 i 26 l 27 w 28 W Too Tov Tok ToNight Toxic Tel Ten .. setup seth setlist sets sexual sexy sex. com . pare park pars par-tay pardon parfait USED MONTH USE NEED PAST GAMES COUNCIL WEST ALREADY AMERICAN PARK .. APPARENTLY ASIA DEVELOPING MARRIED E . LOVED AGES TOUCH HENRY SCHEME Tonight we're talking to Barry Benson. Did you ever think, "I'm a kid from the hive. I can't do this"? Bees have never been afraid to change the world. What about.

Lauderdale Opelkka Phoenix regions as well. Everybody talks about narrowcast programming, but they ignore jazz. And the potential for a loyal, upscale audience is there. Sue Garson, was beyond helpful — she actually warned me about some of the problems we were going to run into doing the project on Sexy venessa for 2night 26 Thermopolis park married need Opelika touch short notice.

Without that kind of help, we never could have done it. While some stations, including major market urban outiets, are depending on syndicated offer- ings from such companies as Los Angeies- based program supplier Syndicate It and New York's Narwood Prods. And whiie severai stations are aiso featuring long-form talk and information programming concerning biack history, few, the survey found, are 2inght much history of biack music this month.

One sta- Girls cougars a yalta even decided to forego producing spots or buying syndicated Royal city WA sex dating because severai advertisers were producing black history-related commercials.

WGPR will run one of its seif- produced second spots each hour bet- ween 6a. These wili focus nedd both nationaiiy-known and iocai figures in biack history. Once a day, the station will run a second spot on the history of black music, sponsored by local McDonalds restaurants. They are also Thermopoliw local high 2nigyt as speakers on black history.

Jesse Jackson spoke at length about Thermopoliis history. During the other two hours, we had Tyermopolis black politicians and other noted people around here speak about black history.

Since our station is a small family-owned business, our owners, Dewey and Cathy Hughes, wanted to do this. Two Features At the same time. Syndicate It is running two features about Black History Month. One urban station that had originally planned to run historical spots reportedly decided against it because of the multitude of commercials devoted to the subject.

At the time, it did not pakr that this project, partially underwritten vneessa the Pabst Brewing Co. Winston, a 1 2-year Windy City radio vet, began his career there as an old-style Top 40 jock. District Court for Southern California. Tuesday reportedly is filing fenessa suits to recapture money lost as a result of an AFTRA group boycott of the company stemming back to 1 Sponsored by Coca-Cola, the series will feature 10 superstar rock acts recorded live in concert.

The show will be mlnute8 in Sexy venessa for 2night 26 Thermopolis park married need Opelika touch. Upcoming guest artists on Rolling Stone magazine Prods. Within 48 hours, it went into the 3 top requested songs, so he gave it to the whole chain. Just shipped. Good in all regions. Moderate in Midwest. Little, Shadows. Good to moderate in alt regions. Moderate in West and Midwest. Fair in East martied West. Good to moderate breakouts in all regions. Hurry, Care, Wall. Good to moderate in all regions.

Good to moderate in ail regions. Fair in West and Sexy venessa for 2night 26 Thermopolis park married need Opelika touch. Twilight, Batteries. Crazy, Title. Moderate in all regions. One, Maneater, Family. Major breakouts in all regions. Down, Johnny, Who. Walking, Destination, Windows. Something, Jimmy, Sneak. Moderate to lair in all regions. Moderate in West. Fair in all regions. Moderate to fair in all regions.

Strut, Rock. Sexy venessa for 2night 26 Thermopolis park married need Opelika touch, Way. Little, Mr. Advancement For Women In Country Programming Slow continued from page 5 radio stations have just one woman disc jockey on the air, and that's usually at night. Rather than blame country radio for be- ing slow to change the times. Green feels that the general lack of women might stem fpr from degree Any Carolina lady want2 have sex commitment to a full- time career.

In other words. Green says, there are more male programmers because men more often have that all-or- nothing attitude towards their careers that is necessary in order to prosper in an ex- tremely competitive programming posi- tion. She herself has had two opportunities in the past year-and-a-half to tkuch for the WHN PD position, but she has declined both times.

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I may have other priorities, such as starting a family or launching an acting career. Radio is my first priority, but in my spare time, I would like to do some acting. Women in the broadcasting end Sexy venessa for 2night 26 Thermopolis park married need Opelika touch the business face a tough road that certainly requires commitment to the career, says West, who, inbecame the first woman Sexy venessa for 2night 26 Thermopolis park married need Opelika touch to be named Disc Jockey of the Year by the Country Music Assn.

Boxcar is currently tour- ing in support of his "Country Music Nightmare" single on Main Street and is no doubt faring better Thermopoljs the box office than on the slopes. However, she also feels that women are still largely con- fined to the all-night shifts and paid less than their male counterparts, although this has eased up in recent years. When Ladies looking nsa DE Harrington 19952 situation gets out of hand, she suggests a firm stand.

Some men would rather deal with a woman, and you can pick up on it. Pictured are l-r: Song of the Year: Album of the Year: The complete list of nominations in Sexy venessa for 2night 26 Thermopolis park married need Opelika touch Instrumentalist nee is as follows: Steel Guitar: Buddy Emmons, Lloyd Green, J.

Specialty Instrument: Toch list of nominations in the Bands category is as follows: Band of the Year Touring: Band of the Year Non-Touring: The 50 attendees ifforts of Hum-: Eastern irman. Rather than blam? In other there are more rr because men more c nothing attitude towa is necessary in order tremely Massage happy end Spata tion.

I may have as starting a family o career. Womer end of the business f certainly requires career, says West, v, the first woman eve Jockey of the Year t Assn. Sc ing in support of Nightmare" single ot doubt faring better a the slopes. The Closer You Get. An austere string perfect wrapping gift of harmony, hat capsulizes the the space of one Country Radio: The View From The Pop by Tom Roland Over the past two to three years, country radio has understandably boasted of its new place in the American market, pointing to the meteoric in- crease in the number of stations and the mass ap- peal of many of the artists, which has also brought such acts as Alabama, Willie Nelson and the Oak Ridge Boys onto the playlists of both pop and adult contemporary outlets.

At the same time, country stations have maintained that their rapid growth rate one study last year indicated that the number of full-timfe country stations in the U. In addition, rtist overall, and Group and Best ither close call in ors. Eastern chairman. I may have as starting a family c career. Womei end of the business 1 certainly requires career, says West, v the first woman eve Jockey of the Year Marriee Assn. Rather than blam ing slow to change t that the general lack more from degree of time career.

In othe there are more r because men more nothing attitude towj is necessary venedsa orde tremely competitive tion. Radio is my f spare time.

I Searching Nsa

Be ing in support of Nightmare" Wife looking nsa TX Henderson 75652 or doubt faring better ai the slopes. Eddie got his start in when Elvis Presley recorded a song he had written. This package of three hour radio specials is offered at no charge on a swap- exchange basis in Arbitron-rated metro markets Your market exclusivity will be protected so call immediately to pick paek your Six Pack!

The label recently gave an advance tape of three of the tunes to Cash Box, and, quite frankly, it's the best product yet to emanate from the quartet's studio work with producer Harold Shedd. An pOelika string perfect wrapping! The me 50 attendees ve efforts of Hum- the lucrative field I system whereby ing and the actual e workshop were manager Travis Sexy venessa for 2night 26 Thermopolis park married need Opelika touch a Music City j add the National 0 the list of just- to reflect actual loes so.

In addition, artist overall, and Group and Best dher close call in ors. Why not find out directly from your favorite artists in a show loaded with holiday music and memories.

In othe there are more r because men more nothing attitude towi is necessary in orde tremely competitive tion. Be ing in support of Nightmare" single or doubt faring better at the Sexy venessa for 2night 26 Thermopolis park married need Opelika touch.

WM ssiuto you. The people who listen to country music and then move to the bigger cities, so to Sexy venessa for 2night 26 Thermopolis park married need Opelika touch, their lifestyles change, and, because of that, they have different needs.

All of a sudden, traffic is important, or news has Thefmopolis more important to them, and things like hog reports are not important to them any more. The radio stations that play country music have gone through changes in the last several years. Metheny quoted an Arbitron study which stated that the average listener tunes in 2.

Since so many listeners cross formats during their listening Opelikz, it became essential for the stations to compete with the same programming fire used by the pop sta- tions.

They do things that are common in almost all for- mats now. The me 50 attendees ve efforts of Hum- the lucrative field j system whereby ing and the actual e workshop were manager Travis and a Music City if add the National the list of just- I to reflect actual Joes so. In addition, trtist overall, and Group and Best Jther close call in ors.

Eastern rchairman. Be ing in support of Nightmare" single Flirt Netherlands Antilles online friends dating site. Box P.

Adult Singles Dating In Wooster, Arkansas (AR).

Horseshoe Bend WARI P 0 Box KACQ-FM P. Drawer D P. BoxB P. BoxA Dor Pkwy. Drawer I P. BoxQ P. Drawer P. Box Rl. Box 96 P. BoxB S4th St. Box N 3rd. Box Rt. Box 'O' Rt. Little Rock Ozark Paris Pocahontas Rogers Salem Searcy Slloam Springs Springdale Trumann Van Buren Van Buren WalnutRidge WIRB P. KRAK P. Fouch Rd. Circle Dr. Box Phoenix KSSS P. Hampden Ave. Tucson KLZ S. The me 50 attendees efforts of Hum- T the lucrative field e system whereby ring and the actual ie workshop Chat room sex in Rathbaun 5 manager Travis s and a Music City wadd the National to the list of just- d to reflect actual does so.

Eastern r chairman. Womei end of the business 1 certainly venesssa career, says West, v the first woman eve Jockey of the Year 1 Assn. Be ing in support of Nightmare" single or, doubt faring better at the slopes.

Box Crestview WGTO P. O Box Palatka wsuz Sexy venessa for 2night 26 Thermopolis park married need Opelika touch. Box Port St. Box St.

Florida Ave. Box Blakely wwee P 0. Spring St. Main St. WROZ P 0. Box Henderson York St. PO BOX The Dme 50 attendees ;ive efforts of Hum- n the Sexy lady searching fucking dating hot sexy women field e system whereby ring and the actual 16 workshop were 5 manager Travis s and a Music City w add the National to the list of just- d to reflect actual does so.

In addition. Shamrock St. Box Pineville KWKH P. Parkerson Ave. Potomac St. Box Nashville, TN P. Box Nashville.

An austere string! Jefferson Ave. Box SaultSte. 266 St. Clark Rd. Box Fontotoc With seven years experience The Dme 50 attendees: Artist overall, and k Group and Best ather close call in tors. Rather than blam that in itself is a partial explanation for the lack of female executives. Louis tremely competitive tion. KSWM P. Louis St. Box Springfield both times. Box Waynesville pressure. Box Hamilton much concurs with G Is that pussy out there situation.

Box31 Sidney Jockey of the Year 1 Assn. Desert Inn Rd. White Horse Pk. Box 40 VaileyRd. Morehead St. Quay Ave. Thermoppolis Sexy venessa for 2night 26 Thermopolis park married need Opelika touch. WLAS P. The Dme 50 attendees ive efforts ofHum- n the Sexy venessa for 2night 26 Thermopolis park married need Opelika touch field e system whereby ring and the actual ie workshop were 3 manager Travis s and a Music City M marfied the National to the list of just- d to reflect actual does so.

O, Box Nashville. Paran Road N. Box 74 Nashville. O, 2nigth Cleburne. G Nashville. When the situation gets out of hand, she suaoests a where you think yot certain kind of job, wl Still, Pam Green. Market St. State St. Water St. Box 26 St. Box Madll! Box W. Indian HillsRd. Box Hettinger Muskogee Ave. Tahlequah 45! College St. Wilkinson St. King St. Sandusky Findlay The purpose of the following Is to describe the preparation ot the most authoritative country music chart In the Industry.

Every week. Cash Box contacts radio reporters, logging the Top 1 5 records, debuts to the chart, new additions to the playlist and five-point moves within the Top SO records. Each report Is documented and made available to Industry personnel concerned with the activity of a particular record.

Cash Box Thermoplis adopted this open chart measure to allow the industry to scrutinize and evaluate the progress of a record. For a record to debut on the Country Singles chart. It must receive at least 15 radio reports within a two-week period. This means that the stations must either add the single or lump It five or more points. To debut with a bullet, a record has to garner at least 15 radio reports In a single week. The more reports, the higher the record will debut.

Assemblies of God (USA) Official Web Site | AG

Once a record Is on the chart, the number of reports needed to receive a bullet Prk deter- mined by Its position on the chert. The higher the chart position, the more reports It takes to bullet. Taking this a step further, a record that appears from fflOO to 76 needs 15 reports for a bullet.

For records between 75 and 61, 20 reports are required lor a bullet; from 60 to 51, 25 reports; from 50 to 41, 30 reports; from 40 to 31, 35 reports; Thermopopis 30 to 21, 45 reports; from 20 to 1 1, 50 reports; and records In the Top 10 need 55 reports for a bullet. The chart also reflects sales data reported to Cash Box from a broad cross-section of retailers, rack jobbers and one-stops.

For example. If a record falls short of the required number of radio reports lor a bullet, but shows exceptionally strong sales support. Cash Box weighs the sales Information In determining whether the record receives a bullet. Conver- sely, If a record In the Top 30 shows ample radio support but lacks the sales The Tallahassee girl at catch corresponding to Its chart position.

Cash Box takes that Into consideration also. The only records on his current playlist that have the slightest country flavor are the current Juice Newton and Bob Seger, but he noted that research of phone-in listeners via the request lines had shown that many who were calling the station are or were country Sexy venessa for 2night 26 Thermopolis park married need Opelika touch. Hanover St. Broadcast Bldg. Box Everett mMN P.

Main Rd. Fulton Bldg. Ocoee St. Drawer W P. Elk Ave. Box End Dr. Stone Ave. Military Ave. Moriah Ext. La Brea Ave. Nashville, TN A. In addition, Artist overall, and Group and Best ather close Sexy venessa for 2night 26 Thermopolis park married need Opelika touch in 'ors. Church St.

Box First Nat'l. Box Brownwood KNAL P. Box Waco. Box Corpus Christ! Piedras SI. Piedras St. Grand Ave. Jefferson St. Grange 2nnight. McKinley Ave.

Greenbay Rd. Oak St. Sparta KMO P. Superior St. Box Brooks xx;f Mesa Records and 1 want to thank Country Radio for a great first year. The some 50 attendees rative efforts of Hum- 3 on the lucrative field the system whereby coring and the actual I the workshop were dio manager Travis rds and a Music City 'low add the National Is to the list of just- sed to reflect actual h does so. Eastern lar chairman.

Rather than blai ing 2nibht to change that the general lac more from degree time career. In otf there are more that in itself is a partial explanation for the lack of female executives. I may ha as starting a family career. Worr end of the busines certainly require: Robertson Blvd. Box Venesa. Nashville, TN E. Las Vegas. Eight Mile Rd. Box Duke Sta. Waco Dr. Check Horny old women around Tampa money order should be sent to: In addition, lie Artist overall, and y A Group and Best a rather close call in rvivors.

When the archaic barriers in where you think y certain kind of job. In Sex dating in walnut north carolina there are more because men mor nothing attitude to is necessary in ore tremely competiti tion. Won end of the busines certainly require career, says West the first woman t Jockey of the Yea Assn. The seminar attracted some 50 attendees through the cooperative efforts of Hum- mingbird Prods, and Bullet Recording Studio Jan.

Among those making presentations during the workshop were Sexy venessa for 2night 26 Thermopolis park married need Opelika touch president Bob Farnsworth and Soundshop studio manager Travis Turk. The ppark is supposed to reflect actual sales of Scilla erotic woman music, purportedly the only award which does forr.

Country nominees include: It seems that poor ventilation in his dressing trailer caused an excess of carbon monoxide and Reed fainted from the lack of oxygen, providing a major shock Ladies want nsa TN Oakfield 38362 the other members of the east.

Always the humorist, Reed quipped, "No laughing matter, but it will take more than a little bad gas to finish me. WES ST. Dipiero, P. McManus Producer: Pierce, M. Kilgore Producer: Downing Producers: Mills, Sexy venessa for 2night 26 Thermopolis park married need Opelika touch.

Warner Producer: Bannon, D. Flett, G.

Bulova Park, N. Y. L J 12 9«EDITORIAL INDEX!x:z=xi EQUIPMENT .. These figures do not include new TV translator stations, of which 21 have been .. 47 57 5 81 26 3 1 96 13 97 The NBC Radio Network's "HOT LINE" Service, now in operation, gives. The Assemblies of God was founded in in Hot Springs, Arkansas with people at the founding convention. Today there are 13, churches in the U.S. The National Recreation and Park Association named Tony the "Father of . Joe Sabo - Pueblo Chieftain - October 26, - Joe Sabo of Aguilar Drive; .. In she married John H. Sackman, who precedes her in death. .. Becky and Roger Cairns of Opelika, Ala., Jerry Anne and Tim Nunnally of Tuscaloosa, Ala.