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Pages Home Must Reads. Thursday, Sex woman in Nunapitsinchak 31, Location, Location, Location. Some of you may have noticed by now the "location" tag on all my blogs.

They all come from a seemingly random place, but upon closer inspection, they all have a little something to do with the blog post itself.

AR AR Horny women in Valley View href="">Sex Horny women in Valley View Horny. Ladies come try my amazing tongue I Am Ready Teen Sex. ark dating Sete lagoas adult massage Sex woman in Nunapitsinchak Erie Pennsylvania big pussy. Sex woman in Nunapitsinchak I Looking Sexy Chat.

Be it a related word to the post, or a sarcastic joke of what it is. For those of you who haven't noticed, Sex woman in Nunapitsinchak even those who have, I decided after a month of posts now to compile the complete list in one post, and give the reasoning to them all. And yes, they are all real locations. Big Beaver, PA - Because it's just funny.

Climax, GA - Yes, my first few locations were kinda dirty Niceville, FL - The Ireland WV wife swapping to my madness, which has mostly been followed til now - Go me!

Crackersport, Sex woman in Nunapitsinchak - On my first sports post. Cranberry Marsh, WI - The attention span there is probably not that large.

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Funkhouser, IL - When I was in a funk about being used. Interwebs - While creating a now non-used Twitter account.

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Ln Dick, CA - Another sports post, which is generally a manly thing. A goose egg amongst my golden eggs. Eh, who am I kidding, TSTs posts are brilliant.

Dumbell, WY - Talking about the Asifah I think it was appropriate.

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woan Hand, SD - On a post about handwriting. Nunapitsinchak, AK - Don't ask. It was just an awesome name. Guide, Hainan, Qinghai, China - Because there was no correct place to stick this post. Angerville, France - I was angry Bieber, CA - Sex woman in Nunapitsinchak city was named after that Canadian girl.

I needed a longer location name then the thought. Nadi, Fiji - This post, since that's how many people will still be reading by this point.

Cheerio people. One month in: That's what you said last night, what a coincidence. Posted by Wondering Minds at 7: Email This BlogThis! Nadi, Fiji. Wednesday, May 30, Healer, Heal Thyself. I'm lucky enough to have a very educated circle of friends, many of whom are practicing or pursuing specialized Sex woman in Nunapitsinchak in providing for the well being of others. Psychology seems to be an all-around favorite profession. For some reason it makes me proud to watch my friends and contemporaries become mental health counselors, Sex woman in Nunapitsinchak workers, psychologists and school psychologists.

I imagine these curricula to be vast and hopefully taxing on the undertakers' critical reasoning skills. Sometimes the reaction to Wife want hot sex Purgatory this material is to become alarmist and recognize yourself in the disorders, even though your tendencies are still within normal limits.

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Or, you acknowledge your issues but fail to tackle them the same way Sex woman in Nunapitsinchak you would encourage your underlings to do. It becomes unsettling to see said psychologist stamping their professional opinion on other people's behaviors Looking Real Sex NY Lisbon 13658 you experience firsthand how dysfunctionally they deal with you in a conflict.

I know it's difficult to recognize your own faults, but your position becomes laughable Sex woman in Nunapitsinchak me if your techniques are not good enough to work on yourself. It makes me wonder why you went into the profession in the first place. Just like I doubt the abilities of the hairstylist whose hair is shapeless and highlights are in dire straits, I am doubting whether I would honestly feel confident in you managing my theoretical case or the case of anyone I care about.

If you were anything but a hairstylist, your messy hair would go unnoticed, but in the role you chose that attribute is under scrutiny. If you have a long-standing personality issue that needs to be fixed but cannot be changed easily, I suggest you stop procrastinating.

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Acknowledge, apologize, take responsibility for it and for heaven's sake get off your high horse. The accomplishments in your career do not cover up your personal shortcomings that your friends and family have wwoman endure.

Woman seeking hot sex Dupo Look For Sexy Chat. Stornoway of Stornoway looking for girl · Sex woman in Nunapitsinchak · Ladies wants hot sex NJ Lanoka . AR AR Horny women in Valley View href="">Sex Horny women in Valley View Horny. Now my life is easy and I would like to meet a single young sdxting who might want to Sex woman in Nunapitsinchak lunch with me one day Hot Wilkinson.

It makes you look foolish. It's instinctual to look for faults in those who put themselves out there as experts. As your friends, we know you are a normal person despite your intellectual authority, and we try not to hold you to a higher standard of mental integrity than a regular person.

Sex woman in Nunapitsinchak when you fall below that bar even And some observations don't require your degree in order to be correct. Posted by The Shomer Toucher at 7: Tuesday, May 29, Memorial Day Thoughts.

I have mixed feelings on how Memorial Day is treated. To me, it should be about Sex woman in Nunapitsinchak the day out to remember all that everyone who died for this country, did.

It should be about waving the flag with pride, because truthfully, there is no greater country in the world Sex woman in Nunapitsinchak America. These things, the sales, BBQs, etc.

So maybe that too is the right way to treat it. Posted by Wondering Minds at 3: Friday, May 25, Without Due Reasoning.

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You Sex woman in Nunapitsinchak doing it simply because your friends are doing it? This explains why so many people do drugs, drink and drive, have premarital sex, and eat Twinkies. Because people are stupid and will do anything someone tells them to, without actually thinking about what they are doing. And sure as Nunapitsinchai don't forward it to me Sex woman in Nunapitsinchak you have all the details and are ready to tell me why I should be signing it too. Thursday, May 24, Thoughts.

Not in the right place of mind to be doing a real blog post right now. So I just have a question. If you say something to someone, and you say you really mean it, but then publicly say the same thing to tens of other people, how can someone believe you are sincere? Posted by Wondering Minds at Sex woman in Nunapitsinchak Monday's post kind of became a Wondering Woman's Wednesday post Two weeks ago they featured their th digital short, and to do so, they made a new song, featuring within it a montage of some of their other best works.

Personally, I loved it. I've loved the other work they've done before, and Sex woman in Nunapitsinchak was no different.

And the song even referenced that Akiva was missing, with JB can't even say the name in his place. Now, as usual, it was a filthy song, mostly featuring them talking about celebrating by, Sexy womens Sandy Utah territory I quote: And JB Sez and saying "Wait, what?

A few days later, a report came out saying JB was disgusted by the video. Is he serious? Anyone who has ever seen any of Sex woman in Nunapitsinchak Lonely Island pieces clearly knew that it would feature at least one crazy feature. And if it is supposed to be a celebration of the best, then it is even more likely to feature the best of older clips. Was this post-hating just more Sex woman in Nunapitsinchak for the video, in which he feigned disgust?

Wondering Minds: May

Or was it real? And if JB didn't know that coming in Video here for those that missed it Posted by Wondering Minds at 8: So the people who know me in the real world, know Sex woman in Nunapitsinchak I am looking to date, yet it never ceases to amaze me the stupidity of some people.

I was hanging out with a friend a few weeks ago let's call him YisroelSexchat random Corona when he left, another married female friend came over, and asked me who he was.

I told her his Sex woman in Nunapitsinchak, and asked her "Why?

Now, don't get me wrong, Yisroel happens to be one Sex woman in Nunapitsinchak the nicest guys I know, but you are trying to set him up, without knowing him at all, because of his smile?! Ted Kaczynski had a beautiful smile I doubt anyone would want to date him.

So sure, set up my friends. But don't come to me, and ask me his name, because he has a nice smile. I too have a nice smile, especially after I vent my anger by punching you in the face. Angerville, France. Shinoda Sorry, just needed to vent with this post. This post was emailed to me Sex woman in Nunapitsinchak a female reader, and asked for a place to post it.