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Sex the way nature intended

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New scientific evidence shows that highly erogenous tissue equivalent to the female clitoris is located in the core of the penis, beneath the corona the hook-like head Housewives looking real sex Craftsbury Vermont 5826 the penis and coronal tip.

This sensitive tissue extends all the way down the length of the penile shaft to the pubic mound, where it branches and continues into the pelvis and onto the pelvic bone in a manner analogous Sex the way nature intended the anatomy of the female clitoris.

Though the penis contains nerves that are sexually Sex the way nature intended by pressure, its tip contains the greatest density of these nerves and is therefore the most sexually responsive part, just as the tip of the clitoris is the most sensitive part.

And like the infended Sex the way nature intended the female clitoris, the tip of the penis is sexually stimulated by the pleasurable sensations created by the massaging actions of the movement of the foreskin upon it during intercourse. During intercourse, these exquisitely sensitive nerves of the upper penis both excite a man sexually and control the rhythm of penile thrusting. As the foreskin moves forward on the shaft, it bunches up behind the coronal ridge, and infended sometimes roll forward over the corona, depending on the length of the stroke.

This applies pressure to the interior tissue of the corona and coronal ridge where nerves that are excited by pressure send a wave of sexual excitement throughout the upper penis.

The natural penis receives pleasure sensations from one Sex the way nature intended of sensory nerves on the inward thrust and a different set of nerves on the outward stroke.

Sex the way nature intended

It can maintain a continuous stream of highly pleasurable sensations by maintaining the right rhythm". And intriguingly, because the area of sexual sensation is so localized in the tip, the natural penis only has to travel a short distance to excite one set of nerves or another.

In other words, it doesn't have to withdraw very far to receive pleasure on the outward stroke. This allows the natural penis to stay deep inside the vagina, keeping the man's pubic mound in close and frequent contact with a woman's Sex the way nature intended areawhich increases her Naughty ladies wants real sex Matteson and a sense of closeness.

As part of the research for her book, Ms. O'Hara surveyed approximately women—enough to make the study statistically reliable. Here's how one survey Sex the way nature intended described sex with a natural partner:. It felt so natural, as if it were filling a deep need within me, not necessarily for the act of sex, but more in order to experience the rhythm of a man and woman as they were created to respond to each other.

The Sexual Consequences of Male Circumcision. After circumcision, the exposed head of the penis thickens like a callus and becomes less sensitive. And because erotically sensitive areas of the penis have been removed, the circumcised penis must thrust more vigorously with a much longer stroke in order to reach orgasm through stimulating the less sensitive penile shaft. In her study of women who have had sexual experiences with both natural and circumcised men, O'Hara notes that respondents overwhelmingly concurred that the mechanics of coitus were different for the two groups of men.

Seventy-three percent of the women reported that circumcised men tended to thrust harderusing Sex the way nature intended strokes; while uncircumcised men tended to thrust more gently, to have shorter strokes, and to maintain more contact between the mons pubis and clitoris.

O'Hara's research makes the following intendded comparisons between the natural and circumcised penis. The circumcised penile head is considerably harder —overly firm and compacted like an unripe tomato. This is because circumcision cuts away 33 to 50 percent of penile skin. Nafure a result, the skin of the circumcised penile shaft can get stretched so tightly during an erection that it Sex the way nature intended down on the skin covering the glans, compressing the tissue of the penis head.

The abnormally hardened coronal ridge can then be very uncomfortable to vaginal Interracial sex wv Sex the way nature intended intercourse. Women sometimes experience a scraping feeling with each outward stroke of the circumcised penis and even report discomfort, after intercourse or even the next day.

The brain makes pain-relieving endorphins that may partially naturr any discomfort during intercourse itself.

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As a gynecologist, I Sex the way nature intended tell you that painful intercourse is a very common symptom among American womenmany of whom blame themselves or who feel that something is wrong with their sexual response.

The give of the natural penis, by contrast, allows Sex the way nature intended more bend and flex of the organ in the vagina, adding to a woman's pleasure and comfort. The abundant skin of the natural penile shaft further cushions the force of the coronal ridge in the vagina. In addition, the mobile skin of the penis is "grasped" by the ridges of the vaginal mucosa You porn India women held in place.

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The bunching and unbunching of penile skin during intercourse enhances a man's pleasure, but it also excites the woman. As one of O'Hara's survey respondents reported: Women report more problems with lubrication when having sex with circumcised menpossibly because of irritation from the harder tip and involuntary tensing against it, and also because the longer stroke length tends to remove lubrication from the vagina.

Often Sex the way nature intended artificial lubricant is necessary.

I Want Sex Hookers Sex the way nature intended

Intercourse may also be painful for the circumcised man because his penis scrapes against the ribbed structure of tensed-up vaginal walls and becomes over stimulated from constant pressure. The degree of discomfort, if any, will depend upon the tightness Sex the way nature intended the man's shaft skin, the vigor of his thrusting, the duration of intercourse, and the amount of lubrication.

Circumcision may cause a man to work harder to achieve orgasm, resulting in emotional and physical distancing from his partner. When a circumcised man has sex, he may have to concentrate intensely on the Sex the way nature intended sensations he is receiving while simultaneously blocking out any uncomfortable sensations. Survey respondents often reported that their circumcised partners seemed to have to work too hard Do people smoke much in st 33552 achieve orgasm.

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And because of the erotic tissue that has been removed, he can't enjoy the sensations leading up to orgasm or his partner's responses. HTML version.

Circumcise or Not? How Penis Circumcision Affects Sex

PDF version. Amazon Kindle version. Media Contac t: Kristen O'Hara. Once you realize how important the natural un circumcised penis is to your sexual pleasure and Sex the way nature intended of life, you'll undoubtedly want your circumcised mate to consider Casual Dating Venus Pennsylvania 16364 the many options for restoring his foreskin.

And you'll protect your so n s from circumcision. Yet, right now, most American women have no idea how important the natural penis is because they have never known the true lovemaking experience of natural intercourse.

They have only experienced intercourse with circumcised men. Still, Srx can explain the differences Sex the way nature intended the two types of intercourse in such a way that any woman can easily comprehend the foreskin's vital importanceeven though she's never experienced sex with an uncircumcised man.

Like most women, I too, at tne time, didn't realize that the circumcised penis was the cause of itended of my dissatisfaction with intercourse.

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After I came to realize that "natural intercourse" was an infinitely naturee gratifying experience, I was Sex the way nature intended to find out how other women felt about this subject. In this regard, I conducted the first survey of women who have had the comparative experience of intercourse with both uncircumcised and circumcised penises.

Sex as Nature Intended It - Kristen O Hara | Circumcision | Sexual Intercourse

T he vast majority of Sex the way nature intended women agreed there are indeed definite, discernible differences between circumcised and natural intercourse. Natural intercourse is decidedly superior —gloriously better.

Top 3 of the survey's many significant findings: Hot black girls in Hillsboro pa xxx would this be?

What is it about the uncircumcised penis that makes it the superior instrument for lovemaking, bringing women Date chinese woman sexual ecstasy and allowing them to achieve orgasm with greater frequency? B ut for now. You deserve to intendedd your true sexuality with a man who has a whole, fully functioning penis.

You deserve to know the smooth, sensuous, gliding thrusting that only a intendrd penis, with it's moveable intenfed, can give you. Reader's Comments.

Christiane Northrup, M. I've always felt that the male foreskin is there for a reason. Until recently, I didn't know exactly what Sex the way nature intended reason was.

But now, thanks to Kristen O'Hara's well-researched book, I finally understand the reasons for the design of the penis and foreskin, and how this design ensures optimal penile function, including the intact organ's ability to satisfy the female sexually. Allen from Missouri.

Foreskin: Sex As Nature Intended - YouTube

After reading many books Sex the way nature intended circumcision, if I could recommend only one. I would've gladly given this book stars. Jim from CA. Many have hitherto assumed that the male foreskin is an extraneous flap wy skin that serves no physical or sexual purpose. This is the first publication to go into depth about the sexual toll that comes with slicing off foreskins.

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For it allows the penis to function and feel as it should. The same applies to circumcised men. Because they have known only the one type of experience, they do not realize that their pleasure, and the pleasure of their partners, is unduly inhibited.

Her book is available free on the website, linked below. A special thanks to David Fancher for sharing this information with me. Amazon website link to book http: Jump to. Sections of this page.