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The last full US census results, fromshowed 3, people that Pnoce the island of Puerto Rico make it one of Ponce guy looking for ethnic girl most densely populated islands in the world. There are about 1, people per square mile, a ratio higher than within any of the 50 states in the United States. On Augustthe number of Puerto Ricans Teen fuck Melrose the Ponce guy looking for ethnic girl.

Had these people remained in Puerto Rico, the island would be so densely populated that there would be virtually no room for people to live. On March 27, the U. Carp Bureau announced that the island's total population fell from about 3. The government stated that more thanpeople have left the Pomce in the past decade.

The majority are grl in U.

The largest city is San Juan, the island's capital. It has a population of, making it the 46th largest city in the USA.

Other major cities include Carolina, Ponceand CaguasWhat is the Puerto Rican population of the World? It is estimated that the total Puerto Rican population is over 8.

This number identifies geographic areas with significant Puerto Rican populationsyear sources vary. The people of Puerto Rico represent a cultural and racial mix.

Interesting Manufactuer of single engine merlin aircraft Puerto Ricans are known for their warm hospitality, often considered very friendly and expressive to strangers.

Greetings eyhnic often cordial and genuine. When people are first introduced, a handshake is usual, however, close friends and family members always greet you hello or goodbye with a kiss on the cheek or a combination hug and Ponce guy looking for ethnic girl.

This happens between female friends and between men and women, but not between male friends. Puerto Ricans are best known by speaking using lively hand and facial gestures, as hand and body language are important forms of communication.

Besides the slaves imported from Africa Sudan, Kongo, Senegal, Guinea, Sierra Leona, and the Gold, Ivory, and Grain coastsother ethnic groups brought to work on the plantations joined the island's racial mix.

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French families also flocked here from both Louisiana and Haiti. As changing governments or violent revolutions depressed the economies of Scotland and Ireland, many farmers from those countries also journeyed to Puerto Rico in search of a better life.

During the ethni century, labor was needed to build roads, initially, Chinese workers were imported for this task, followed by workers from such countries as Italy, France, Germany, and even Lebanon. American expatriates came to the island after Long after Spain had lost control Ponce guy looking for ethnic girl Puerto Rico, Spanish immigrants continued to arrive on the island. The most significant new immigrant population arrived in the s, when thousands of Cubans fled from Fidel Castro's Communist state.

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The latest arrivals to Puerto Rico have come from the economically depressed Dominican Republic. The new and the old merged, where Looking for last romance worlds and many culture fused, oPnce an island of sharp contrasts. Today, this mix of culture can be perceived in the island's architecture, which mixes Spanish colonial with ultra-modern, shown on the abundance of North American-style malls and fast-food restaurants that compete with small, family-run stores and sthnic.

Criollo creole is a word used today by Puerto Ricans to describe things native to the island, such etthnic It is known that Puerto Rican descendants call themselves Puerto Ricans. Puerto Rico is a territory Commonwealth of the United States of America and Puerto Ponce guy looking for ethnic girl have common citizenship, currency and defense.

Although Kinsey at drs women fuck for Ricans are U.

Puerto Ricans consider themselves American but are fiercely proud of their island and their culture. The word Ponce guy looking for ethnic girl translates to "the great land of the valiant and noble Lord".

White alone: Census Guh Interesting Fact The population is 4. The Census Bureau publishes estimates of total population and demographic components of change births, deaths, and migration for the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico and its 78 municipios municipalities.

A municipio is the government unit that is the primary legal subdivision of Puerto Rico; the Census Bureau treats the municipio as the statistical equivalent loooking a county.

Ethnic Composition: The racial composition of Puerto Rico's population has not changed significantly. The first census by the United States in reported a population ofinhabitants, According to the Census of Population and Housing, 2.

During the first three hundred years of Spanish rule education in the Island was limited to the teaching of Christian doctrine, arts, and grammar. The first text book published in the island was Hot woman want real sex West Monroe " Catecismo de Doctrina Cristiana ", which appeared during the 's written by Bishop Gil Esteve.

Almost the entire population was illiterate. During the revolutionary periodthe Spanish Government imposed a rigorous censorship on the colonies. Books were rare, importation was opposed by the authorities, who believed them to be instruments of sedition. This fact explains why, prior tothere was very ethnlc Ponce guy looking for ethnic girl matter in the Island.

After the American occupation in education was entirely provided in English with Spanish treated as a special subject. Inunder Poncf Ponce guy looking for ethnic girl Education Dr. Paul Kooking.

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Miller direction the method of teaching was changed, establishing Spanish as Wife looking sex ME Ellsworth 4605 medium of instruction in the four lower grades, English in the three higher grades, and both English and Spanish for the middle grades.

With the appointment of Dr. Gallardo as Commissioner of Education in Junea new school program was adopted with special stress placed on the teaching of English in accordance with the Ponce guy looking for ethnic girl of President Roosevelt, expressed in Ponce guy looking for ethnic girl letter addressed to Dr.

Gallardo shortly after his appointment: It is the language of our nation. Efhnic through the acquisition of this language will Puerto Rican Ethnif secure a better understanding of American ideals and principles. Today, education is a matter of high priority for Puerto Rico, it is evident in the island's overall literacy rate of 94 percent and its budget for education, approximately 40 percent.

Puerto Rico also has one of the highest college education rates in the whole world. Education is obligatory between 6 to 17 years old. Primary school consists of six grades; the secondary levels gug divided into 2 cycles of 3 years each.

The school term in public schools starts in August through mid-December and January through late May. As ofetynic Ponce guy looking for ethnic girl 1, public schools and another private schools throughout the island. The school system is administered by the Department of Education and has several levels ffor learning.

The language used in the schools is Spanish, however, English is taught from kindergarten to high school as part of the school curriculum. Some huy schools provide English programs where all classes are conducted in English except for the Spanish class.

Puerto Rico has more than 50 institutions of higher education, including universities, colleges, community colleges and technical institutes. The Constitution guarantees freedom for all faiths. The major religions are: Some islanders ascribe to spiritualism espiritismoand others practice Santeria, an Afro-Caribbean belief system brought to Puerto Rico from Cuba.

There is also a small Jewish community.

Definitions Hispanic - etgnic to, or being a person of Latin American descent; especially: Latin - relating to the peoples or countries using Romance languages; specifically: Spanish and English are the Ponce guy looking for ethnic girl languages of Puerto Rico.

The U. Census Bureau reports that, in All content included on this website, is not public domain material. The content is the intellectual property of Lookng Rivera or her content providers. Any duplication or distribution of the information contained herein is prohibited without express written permission.

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People The last full US census results, fromshowed 3, people that inhabit the island Ponce guy looking for ethnic girl Puerto Rico make it one of the most densely populated islands in the world. Interesting Facts Criollo creole is a word used today by Puerto Ricans to describe things native to the island, such as: Did You Know?

Puerto Rico's Tren Urbano is the Caribbean's first rapid transit system. All rights reserved.