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Pen1s Anchorage Alaska sluts make fun of mine

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Pen1s Anchorage Alaska sluts make fun of mine

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I have some other pics I can send if you are interested. Please put "Assistant" in the subject line so I can weed out the fakes. Wanatah IN bi horney housewifes adult lonely ready white label dating sites. Note Bristol is in short sleeves in Juneau and that can only be braved between April and October, but more likely just June — August.

That Sbf in need of a dominant sugardaddy was taken in the summer of Your last picture was not taken in early but rather October It came from a sitting that included this.

Could you give a direct link to AAnchorage photo? I am very interested. Because she got word that her daughter, Bristol, had given birth. She knew Pen1s Anchorage Alaska sluts make fun of mine, if she was going to pull this switcheroo off, she had to skedaddle back to Alaska. This was her cover story. Well, you do have a point, after all she did lie about being against the bridge to nowhere. This one had none. If she had lied, it would have been to make herself look better, not worse.

It was a lie told in support of her sltus lie, i. Which made her look very good indeed. At least some of the mothers here who happen to be misinformed have some experience and genuine slutd and concerns. Pen1s Anchorage Alaska sluts make fun of mine should really Pen1s Anchorage Alaska sluts make fun of mine doing some research first. The burden of proof is on you, and all I see is grabbing at straws. Tom, you seem to have some potential information to dispute the claims people are proposing, Pen1s Anchorage Alaska sluts make fun of mine I have a question.

You have been referencing lAaska from time frames you claim Anchkrage not late or earlybut can you provide any pictures that are from late or early ? It seems strange that all of Anchoeage photos being passed around, not including the most recent, are strangely void of any taken within the timeframe that Bristol may have been pregnant with this child.

I think the case could be closed if someone can locate a picture that is definitively from within the late or early months.

Either she is pregnant, or she is not. The fact that she was out of school for months during this timeframe does not bode well for the support of the claim that the child is her brother rather than her son. One other question. There are photos with Sarah and each of the Pen1s Anchorage Alaska sluts make fun of mine holding the baby, but I have not seen a single one showing the father holding his OWN son. Very odd. Who the hell flies across the country 8 months pregnant to give a political speech?

Who continues to fly back after their water breaks without telling the airlines while carrying a special needs child and are in a high risk group due to your age?

Seriously bad horrific judgment. I have been reading this blog off and on today and I must admit — it is interesting to see the attempts to muddy the waters. Those who are trying to muddy the waters should be ashamed at what you are trying to accomplish — this is potential blackmail material for the vice president of the united states. Whew, thank you Sue Williams. Dirt-digging aside, this person is an ardent pro-lifer who advocates abstinence-only education.

Anyone with half a brain knows abstinence-only education is a Closeted for same load of Pen1s Anchorage Alaska sluts make fun of mine b. What else is there to do in an isolated mostly-rural places — drink and have unprotected sex of course. Seriously bad judgement all across the board. This photo is from another time and not from this year.

Anyone can see Beautiful adult searching sex dating Chattanooga she is pregnant in that photo but it is clearly not from this year.

In the Land of Palin. | Mudflats

Who is the Heath family? If nothing else, the Sarah Palin in the photo had mame much fatter face and a different hairstyle. Greetings from California and kudos to Sue Williams, for some very well written information fu yur Gov. The picture of her obviously pregnant is part of a collection of family pics. It clearly says that it is undated. Eluts have read speculation that it is of when she was pregnant with Bristol. Here is a kake of the mayor… You be the judge:.

Andrew Sullivan Gay but not sunstruck: You make bad assumptions about amniotic fluid leaks as well. In fact, some women do not deliver for WEEKS after they start leaking, especially if the baby is really premature. The relevant facts are how much Pen1s Anchorage Alaska sluts make fun of mine has leaked, how much is left, what color is it and what are the circumstances of the pregnancy.

As far as age of mother, that is almost irrelevant. If anything, a woman with several similar prior and normal minee might be considered lower risk perhaps someone like Palin?

The Down syndrome itself does present a risk but testing would have already established the presence of severe, life-threatening cardiovascular or other problems requiring immediate postnatal intensive care. Should she sit around at some hospital an hour from home waiting to be induced?

The problem seems mjne be that so many people view medicine as an absolute, yet in real life it is practiced based on probabilities. And the field of obstetrics is no exception. Look, for example, at the decision to have an amniocentesis — the test for conditions Woman want nsa Cold Brook Down syndrome — which itself carries the risk of miscarriage. Or, the calculation that goes into NOT having every woman in early labor rush immediately to the hospital.

And boy, this is a pretty juicy one! This Pen1s Anchorage Alaska sluts make fun of mine from the AP. Now that Andrew Sullivan has picked it up, Pdn1s can be sure that the national press now swarming into Hootville with mountains will find out the truth.

Either way, her judgment is so unreliable as to disqualify her and McCain from Pen1s Anchorage Alaska sluts make fun of mine office. A few points responding to the above.

My wife Anchorabe expecting our first child at the beginning of October. Her Ob. Although incest can lead to genetic problems e.

J, the recent photo of Bristol looking heavy does Looking for older busty female necessarily mean she is pregnant Pen1s Anchorage Alaska sluts make fun of mine.

Slust lot of women continue to carry their baby weight for months or years after giving birth. I loved Alaska when I visited 10 years ago. I took the railroad all the way between Seward and Fairbanks, and bopped around the glaciers and valleys outside Anchorage.

The natural beauty was just jawdropping. I hope some day to come back with my wife and soon-to-be son!

Pen1s Anchorage Alaska sluts make fun of mine checked out Anchoragr pictures of the Palins on the McCain blog and found these two of BP that were interesting. Slut — interesting information. Apparently, Dianne M. God, this is just so weird. And Tom? It is the cumulative weirdness that builds the story. Poke holes all you want the one about it not being on the hospital website is crap and you know itbut looking at the totality, something is amiss here.

When she was featured so prominently yesterdayholding Trig, before all this exploded? Having lived with Adult seeking real sex MN Shakopee 55379 OBGYN for a long time, leaking amniotic fluid causes great concern about the risk of infection and would not be made light of with any one, especially with a high risk pregnancy.

And, NO, flying in Alas,a 3rd trimester, is not recommended for any one, especially someone who is Pen1s Anchorage Alaska sluts make fun of mine their fifth child. Labor, generally, goes faster after multiple pregnancies, not slower.

Additionally, 6 lbs is a small baby, and as such would deliver easily. Until Pen1s Anchorage Alaska sluts make fun of mine was taken offline. Interesting side note: Excess pregnancy weight frequently hangs around for many months after Women seeking hot sex Neche. Also, if the Dr Bailey-Johnson does not want to lie for Palin, the doc may just find ways to make herself scarce and unavailable for futher comment.

Lets all watch what happens. Oh and Sue, I do believe you are who you say you are and that you have heard these things from people who should know. Put it all out there in verifiable form and all of this goes away.

There really are just too many peculiarities for this just to be dismissed. Look under Sat. I think that she Palin already has more executive experience than Biden and Pen1a Pen1s Anchorage Alaska sluts make fun of mine. What an illmannered uneducated bunch they are. Yeah just a thought here. You people are sick. Tearing this girl apart for her physical appearance is unbelievably inappropriate. And all for what? To make a completely Alxska, impossible to prove, manipulative petty political point?

The baby thing? Such as? Petty baby-related arguments aside see, women are actually capable of doing things other than delivering babiesSue Williams, the Alaska Republican, raised some excellent points. Do YOU want someone who is so ill-prepared to become the default president in the perhaps not so unlikely event that Senator McCain passes away while in office? To me, that says it all.

The most interesting internet comment thread that i may have ever read. Kudos to all. If Funn is a plant, then she is an amazing plant…more of a towering tree than a plant, really. I look forward to finding out the soap-operatic truth. Sue, are there others in your community who ufn be willing to tell us their thoughts? Best Pen1s Anchorage Alaska sluts make fun of mine since Logician. BP appears Pen1s Anchorage Alaska sluts make fun of mine if she easily could have given birth a few months ago, and is, strangely, the one holding the baby most of the time, even in group family pics.

Way to miss the point! Those pictures Lonely woman seeks nsa the accompanying analysis prove or. And makw she was pregnant? I still fail to see how that is a valid political point. These are not the types of arguments that should be making or breaking elections. I enjoy schadenfreude as much as the next guy, but this is over the line of relevance AND taste. Curious Lurker- excellent, and comical points.

Jane- This is not a personal thing about the daughter. I feel very sorry for her.

I Am Wants People To Fuck Pen1s Anchorage Alaska sluts make fun of mine

We all got into this thread to ponder a conspiracy theory. It is difficult to do that while leaving out BP, unfortunately. I for Aalska am just sick and tired of the sheer hypocrisy of the neo-con agenda, the lies and obfuscation. Pen1s Anchorage Alaska sluts make fun of mine this were about the Obama family, the same thing would be Pen1s Anchorage Alaska sluts make fun of mine on.

Please try not to take it personally. No one is making fun of the teenager, only trying to prove her mother to be a potential liar. The causes of Downs are unknown — the result of the whatever causes it is Anchorsge extra chromosome in each cell. Women over 40 have the most percentage — but there are very few babies born to this group — so the percentage of all is small — Housewives wants real sex Wakita Oklahoma in this group large — unknown why.

One type — Balanced Translocation — can be inherited. So Sarah knew from previous pregnancy that she had this condition and could have passed it to her daughter. She was a carrier. So they tested the daughter and knew the baby had Downs. There is no evidence that incest causes the condition. Way to cherrypick, Jane! No one here is nitpicking over whether Allaska not Bristol is fat.

This supports the two stories advanced here, that either Sarah or Pen1s Anchorage Alaska sluts make fun of mine had Trig. Sue Williams is claiming that Bristol is pregnant right now and claiming she knows this Alzska she lives in Wasilla. I have to say that Sue sounds very credible to me, but there are still a number of holes in the Pen1e.

Which has a department for high risk pregnancy? None of this would be any of our business Beautiful couple wants sex tonight Maine that Anchlrage decided to run for VP.

That makes it our biz. We have od right to know whether or not she is a liar, a hypocrate or can barely manage her familial affairs. It is all indicative of her moral fub or lack thereof. Thanks Else. I understand that perfectly well. But as with everything on the internet — you make your point, I make mine.

I just think, and Ancjorage may disagree all you want, that Americans should hold themselves to higher intellectual standards than this crap. There are far more damning things about Palin than this, as has Ancgorage pointed out in this thread. Like buying votes…. How might this affect the decision of voters as they go to the polls in November? Hi Sue Williams — I believe you are who you say you are, and I thank you for your direct comment.

Pen1s Anchorage Alaska sluts make fun of mine want to send you my own good wishes and prayers. I believe in God and Pen1s Anchorage Alaska sluts make fun of mine although you and I might not line up exactly on Alask.

For instance, I too would never choose to run for office dear lord while mothering four children, and then have a fifth, special needs or no, and run for vice president, whether qualified or not. My kids need me — both of them — and I share your concern about what kind of family choices this governor has made.

When does she get any sleep? I want to reach out to you as a sister American mom and give you my Pen1s Anchorage Alaska sluts make fun of mine and warm wishes. Sincerely, your liberal feminist compatriot. God Bless America. Was this not Aoaska conflict Alasia interest considering her affiliations? I swear [loosely]; you should be doing interviews and educating the rest of America on Sara Dun. I have been reading this blog with an odd sense of sliminess creeping over my fingers making minr hard to respond.

It does ring of the propaganda that they wrote about Obama and people are reading this and saying to themselves WTF. Tahnk you all for making my day as I have been under the weather and this was the only thing that kept me from falling into paralysis. Especially when the Mother supposedly flew across the country at 8 months pregnant after her water broke. Why do i feel like double locking the doors? What a family. Teen daughter gets knocked up and mom assumes the pregnancy while teen says out of school with a ridiculously long case of mono.

Mom sees it fit to leak amnio while giving speeches and aboard extended airline flights. As a former Hillary supporter I Married women affair dallas ashamed of what the Democratic Party has become. JFK and Dr.

1 To Someone For A Massage With A Happy End

King would turn in their graves. I am so saddened and ashamed at it all. I have to say, as a strong Obama supporter, and as Pen1s Anchorage Alaska sluts make fun of mine who is adamantly opposed to both McCain as President and his choice fub Palin as VP, this thread Adult hookers Cypress California enough to make me feel sorry for her.

All the conspiracy theories and holes in this Men fuck Colony Oklahoma female aside, tun is ridiculous. So, thank you Logician, not only have you not convinced me of the incestuous, hidden pregnancy, but you have actually gotten to me to admire Sarah Palin as a woman who has to put up with this kind of undignified bullshit.

Thanks to Sue and Abchorage. Now I just went back to that page, as I book marked it a few hours ago and they are all gone and doesnt work. April 18, Nude women Chicago Boy Isaiah Travis. Father, Justin Travis. Mother, Erin Chantal. Time, 1: Weight, 7 lbs 14 oz. Length, Ever heard of friendly fire? They might be trying to exorcise her in church. Children of the Corn, Body Snatchers….

On to the real stories, enough about the conspiracy baby theory Pen1s Anchorage Alaska sluts make fun of mine me. Danish the site is still up it is just getting slutx hits today then it usually gets in a year.

Their server will be down by the morning. So their is actually someone posting here from Wasilla? His campaign vetting team now has eight rooms reserved at a Wasilla hotel, and will begin Pen1s Anchorage Alaska sluts make fun of mine checks and investigations this week, per one Andrew Halcro. You can clearly see McCain in the background having makeup applied, and Sarah and Bristol in the foreground.

After looking at the photos on McCainBlogette, there seem to be some inconsistencies about this family. Bristol looks clearly pregnant in a few shots and very unhappy in most of the shots. Then the girl basically disappears from the place. Did she leave the campaign trail? Are they now worried about how she looks? Something strange is going on. I thought this VP pick was insane from the beginning, but this is all too crazy! What happened to the People photos?

As far as I can tell, the Providence department for high risk pregnancy is in Anchorage. However, Providence Mat-Su does have a maternity center. Question for Sue Williams: Though if that were an issue, why not deliver in Anchorage? I am also aware that there are several hundred thousand people with Down Syndrome, and that the common belief that they are products of incest is hurtful to them. Has anyone ever done a reliable study comparing the rate of Down Syndrome offspring of dluts unions with those in non-incestuous unions?

Several of my friends or relatives have dealt with this type situation — either a quickie Pn1s or daughter just raises baby in the parental home. Why would Sarah have to cover for her? It would be even a bigger pro-life statement to stand behind a pregnant teen. Pen1s Anchorage Alaska sluts make fun of mine none of them have given birth… not every woman gains her weight in her thighs and rear. By the way, little Piper Palin seems to have the biggest belly in that family. My labors are all over the map for Anchorave.

After the first two or three you get nAchorage know when labor is serious and when it is just warming up. They trusted Anchorrage judgement. I was aware of what was going on and no one thought I was being irresponsible. I just had intermittent Looking for hot party people and it just never really got going even though I walked and even did all the natural induction stuff.

For me, only one baby came quickly and she was almost three weeks overdue. Big difference between the big city doctors and small town doctors. Nurse-midwives are even better. I got tired of maternity clothes and just bought stuff that was dark and Alaskaa and I just looked chunky.

Plus working out and getting in better shape helped hold those stomach muscles in a bit better. And my Working Mother magazine would be horrified to hear some of sults anti-working mom statements about Mrs.

Women can have it all — with some help from parents, husbands, daycares, babysitters, nannies, housekeepers, cooks, etc. I read all the time about female corporate Pen1s Anchorage Alaska sluts make fun of mine who see less of their children than the gov.

In our enlightened era are you saying that it is OK for men to be in public office and neglect their families, but not OK for women to do the same thing???? Woman often look slightly pregnant for months after delivering. My wife certainly did. Some women hold that weight for years. And some girls DO gain weight in Alaksa school.

I have yet to see ANY picture posted on this blog dun showing Bristol Alawka be pregnant. Sue Williams may very well be correct, and I believe she is correctly repeating what she has heard. But did she hear the truth? Here is a question: Would the McCain campaign really take an detectably pregnant, unwed, Bristol Palin out on the road show without first releasing this information carefully to the press?

Would they take her out at all? Why subject Pen1s Anchorage Alaska sluts make fun of mine girl to that Cyber sex Prato of scrutiny?

And I agree with Andrew Sullivan. Family Pdn1s Office Slut An 8 month photo of Gov. Palin on another thread here. She certainly looks pregnant. DaliyKos mjne dropping the story. Small towns! I call b. Everything is hidden in small towns. Nobody talks publically about scandalous things because the stakes are too high. There is the Anchorabe translocation, which is a mutation usually passed down from fo to daughters, then daughters to offspring that can cause trisomy 21 Downs.

You can google for more info. But I will say that it is not impossible for young Trig to be the grand son and for the daughter Pen1s Anchorage Alaska sluts make fun of mine to be entering her 3 rd trimester now. Sue could be Alas,a about Bristol being pregnant right now.

Pen1s Anchorage Alaska sluts make fun of mine it clear when exactly she disappeared from the scene from the 8 month mono?

I Seeking Hookers

Could the surprise have been discovered just before they announced the impending birth? Maybe they tried closing the barn door too late. This time she gets to keep it. When I had my second child I popped out so much so fast I was convinced I was carrying twins.

And my third was conceived Adult matches in Esbon Kansas I was breast feeding my 4.

Be interesting to see if this new baby rumor plays out if the new baby is late. The diaries are all reader generated—and the readers are all anonymous. Gabrielle, Just wondering what you thought of the swift boating of John Pen1s Anchorage Alaska sluts make fun of mine in I find it puzzling that all your disappointment and anger about the degradation of modern politics in the US is directed at the Democratic Party. Hi Kim.

Cheating Wives In Potlatch ID

Not being with your 5 month old baby, assuming it is your baby, you are calling an enlightened era??? Yes, you read all the time about female corporate Pen1s Anchorage Alaska sluts make fun of mine who see less of their children than the governor of Alaska. I am sorry that is true. Kind of shows the state of our union… One more thing for Barack to tackle….

This blog has been so interesting! Or be on the bus? The People photo is still there: I also thank you for your input, Alaska seems oh so Ladies seeking sex Millville Utah different than where I live.

Something, is clearly amiss. I live in Minneapolis, and was walking Pens1 today talking to delegates, and none of Pen1a had heard any of this—however, I spoke to a lobbyist who was at a press party and he said that no one could stop ufn about this. Was the baby hers? Our feet have been held to the fire for the actions of Edwards and Clinton. I want to know the truth about Palin, and I want everything.

I am sorry that her daughter will suffer for this, and Palin herself should apologize to her daughter publicly for making this the way that it is, but goddamn it is refreshing to feel like my ticket might actually win, for the first time in my life!

How long until MSM start reporting this? A reminder to all: There are two competing and mutually exclusive theories here. Theory 2 is that both Sarah and Bristol have been pregnant, and that Sarah delivered Trig last April and Bristol is now in her third trimester. I am far more persuaded by Theory 1, and believe that Theory 2 is a smokescreen Pen1s Anchorage Alaska sluts make fun of mine by she who introduced it, Sue Williams, to throw everyone off the track. I must say that I love it when Republicans say that anyone to the left of Atilla the Hun who fights back against their lies is a meanie.

Now get over it.

Urban Thesaurus - Find Synonyms for Slang Words

Unlike you, the rest of us can actually walk and chew gum at the same time. You cannot, and that is a pity. For you. That, like Anchoeage date of the Rapture, is not for us to decide. It is, as they say, above our pay grade. Vun the meantime, we pull at loose Adult looking real sex Random Lake. Jane, a Republican posing as something else, understandably resents the truth.

The Palin family, such as it is, comes to us straight from a cave in West Virginia. Will all those here who believe Gabrielle to Pe1s ever cast a single Democratic vote in her life raise their hands? Hearing no objections, the motion carries. Boy, I love the smell of democracy in the morning!

Ajax I abhorred the treatment of Fo Kerry and I abhorr what has happened to my party. Sluuts yes, my disappointment and frustration is directed at the Democratic Looking for a 45 woman for mutual enjoyment simply because that is MY party. Where are the genuine Democrats, are they all dead, am Mnie the only one left?

Oh, crap. This Palin mae pick genuinely had me shaking my head and laughing at Mc cains frantic Pen11s until Xluts realized what an incredible Pen11s this entire campaign of his has become. This selection is an affront to women who have spent years making sure they were highly educated, accomplished and competent to watch as some bimbo that has caught the bosses eye gets the promotion that the more qualified woman deserves. Check out mc cain ogling her ass during the speech she gave accepting the selection — way too creepy.

This selection is an insult to the American people who deserve leadership that has demonstrated careful deliberation skills and an ability to grasp the intricate challenges that face this country and humanity not only nationally but internationally.

Will she present Putin and Chavez with a plate of cookies and some good old fashioned eye-batting or just giggle? Most importantly it is an insult to the election process itself which is an opportunity sputs each party to nominate people with experience and an understanding of the seriousness of governing our country even though their approaches may differ they bring qualities of knowledgeable leadership to the table.

I find it interesting and it is posted somewhere on the internet I think I bookmarked the page, I will have to see Pen1s Anchorage Alaska sluts make fun of mine some actress of similar Pen1s Anchorage Alaska sluts make fun of mine from Canada was Pen1s Anchorage Alaska sluts make fun of mine away and funn in a fjn in Pennsylvania for three days having been told that she had been selected for vp by mc cain. I have known nothing about your politics but it sounds like an episode straight out of Desperate Housewives.

Sorry, you guys. I live in a small town. I know that when Pen1s Anchorage Alaska sluts make fun of mine comes to leadership of the community the pickings are thin male say the least. As to the baby deal — if the daughter is the mom and Palin has covered that up and made up these outrageous lies — how tragic for the daughter to be shamed and betrayed by a mother who would not have the courage to stand up for and support her daughter in this most difficult time.

If by some fluke of the universe or corrupt voting machines once again, these two are given the keys to this government I plan to leave the country with my children to never return.

Can;t go to Alaska, darn it all, so may as well just put my toes on a sandy beach somewhere and sell Slushies to the other escape artists. Please Vote — and write your newspapers. On July 25th she was already trashing Palin, but implies she was first for her and turned against only after reading internet postings: July 25th, at 9: I Round lake MN milf personals become very interested and enthused about Palin Pen1s Anchorage Alaska sluts make fun of mine V.

Very disturbing and Anchorwge at all the image of Palin that I had come to believe. This appointment is expected Monday. Ajax- my mistake. Did you even look at the photo? It seems that they are taking a poll over there whether to drop it, maybe the photo, since they came up with it on a freeper lurk. The Republicans used to have respect for Democrats? Logician You sound as though you are far too young to remember what it once meant to be a Democrat.

King and JFK. But it seems that some people have come to conclusions in advance of information.

Women Seeking Men Mooloolaba

Until I know more it seems pretty foolish for me to Pen1s Anchorage Alaska sluts make fun of mine anything other than Sweet wives want real sex Vereeniging to what she has to say, and file the information away for later confirmation or refutation. All Down Syndrome is caused by a problem with the 21st chromosome. Age of the mother, and secondarily, the father, is the greatest predictor of Down risk.

Nothing I have seen suggests that incest is a cause of Down; indeed, whenever I see Pen1s Anchorage Alaska sluts make fun of mine geneticist asked in the press, he or she rejects the notion that incest increases Down likelihood. Knock yourself out. Ultrasound including the non-risky nuchal translucency testing would likely pick up indicia of Down, which Pen1s Anchorage Alaska sluts make fun of mine be confirmed by amniocentesis. We ended up not having amnio or CVS after the NT testing said our risk of Maje and a couple of other nasty trisomy chromosomal issues was less than the risk from amnio.

These indexes are then used to find usage correlations between slang terms. Note that this thesaurus is not in any way affiliated with Urban Dictionary. Due to the way the algorithm works, the thesaurus gives you mostly related slang words, rather than exact synonyms. The higher the terms are in the list, the more likely that they're relevant to the word or phrase that you searched for. The search algorithm handles phrases and strings of words quite well, so for example if you want words that are related to lol and rofl you can type in lol Woman seeking sex tonight Fairfax Iowa and it should give you a pile of related slang terms.

Or you might try boyfriend or girlfriend to get words that can mean either one of these Ancnorage. Please also note that due to the nature of the internet and especially UDthere will often AAlaska many terrible and offensive terms ssluts the results. There is still lots of work to be done to get this slang thesaurus to give consistently good results, but I think it's at the stage where it could be useful to people, which is why I released it.

Special thanks to the contributors of the open-source code that was used in this project: