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Paignton tree shop woman in

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If you are seeking for someone real that you could rtee connect with, please hit me up. It is 11:14am and I am looking forward to your email. I like concerts and just having fun with my friends.

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She can spray herself with water from the trough if she wants. She has access to dust baths and a mud wallow, but she only uses them in really hot weather. Her Paignton tree shop woman in are not broken; they are just short and a bit worn. Not all African elephants are big tuskers!

Not very good. Her right eye was removed by vets in because of cataracts and glaucoma.

In she had an operation on a cataract that returned most of her sight in her left eye. She also makes full use of her sense of smell.

She is no longer young, so she may be just resting and waiting for her next meal. Studies monitoring her daily behaviour concluded that she is still a contented elephant, albeit on her own.

No one knows!

Interestingly, wild elephants can also walk backwards when they want to. Duchess arrived at Paignton Zoo along with a female Asian elephant called Gay.

Lunch Hour Friend

Sadly, after 30 years of companionship, Gay had to be put to sleep by the Zoo vets in March because of a chronic illness. Bringing in other elephants is problematic - she would almost certainly be bullied by other adult females, even if they were available, as they would try to take advantage Paignton tree shop woman in her visual impairment.

She is very familiar with her home and her keepers - sending her to another zoo would also unsettle her. Tee said that, we are on the look-out for a suitable place for her to go — Paignton tree shop woman in have investigated a few options since Gay died, but none has been ideal.

We have spoken to and visited other collections in the UK and Europe.

We have also thought about bringing in another species to keep her company, but we just don't think this is right for her.

Then there are volunteers, students and all the visitors who love to see her, as well as the giraffes next door.

She responds to them and to food! Duchess is in a good place and in good hands. If you'd like to stay informed of new products, events and special offers then please join our mailing lists.

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Website by Website Vision. South West Environmental Parks Ltd, is an educational, scientific and conservation charity dedicated to protecting our global wildlife heritage.

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Duchess Meet Duchess, our female African elephant. Brilliant, loved every minute of it especially the free activities throughout the day.

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