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Need a rub down

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Danish rubbe "to rub, scrub," Norwegian rubbaof uncertain origin. Rubbed ; rubbing.

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To rub someone the wrong way is from ; probably the notion is of cats' fur. To rub noses in greeting as a sign of Need a rub down attested from formerly was common among Eskimos, Maoris, and some other Pacific Islanders.

Rub out "obliterate" is Need a rub down s; underworld slang sense of "kill" is recorded from sown, American English. Rub off "remove by rubbing" is from s; meaning "have an influence" is recorded from Briskly rub the body, as in a massage.

For example, The trainer rubs down marathon runnersor That horse needs rubbing down. This expression was first used and still is for rubbing away dust and sweat from a horse.

In addition to the idioms beginning with rub. He rubbed his hands together. Chalk rubs off easily.

Chiefly British. He manages to rub along. We'd like to travel, but the rub is that we have no money.

Verb Phrases rub downto smooth off, polish, or apply a coating to: Some of his good luck must have rubbed off on me. They rubbed him out before he could get to the police.

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An independent clause contains both a subject and a verb and can stand on its own as a complete sentence. Read more in this article about some frequently asked questions and fun facts related to Need a rub down definitions.

The situation was embarrassing enough without having you rub it in.

See also rub alongrub downrub inrub offrub outrub up. The application of friction and pressure.

Such a procedure applied to the body. Published by Houghton Mifflin Company.