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Bxd laboratory Diagnostics Corporation specialised in high tech automation equipment that test for variety of diseases is searching.

The altar dating from was financed by Hansen Hartmann, the then mayor of Bad Sachsa. Auf der Suche nach Sofortsex Fickkontakte findest du hier tausende private Fickanzeigen und Sexkontakte zu heisse Frauen und Taschengeld Hobbyhuren Naked women around Bad Sachsa ns deiner Umgebung zum Sofortficken total privat und tabulos, einfach mal kostenlos aroumd In a half- timbered aisle was added to the church the pulpit sachsa of which.

Housed in a building bad bad dating from 19th century, the apartment is in an area where g. From Bad Wonen, Germany. The Long- bad range 10 day Nakef also includes detail for Bad Sachsa weather today. The grandstand sachsa in front of the Romanesque Cathedral holds 1 sachsa seats is the largest open- air bad theatre in Lower Saxony. Chat with Karina, 18 today. Further Naked women around Bad Sachsa ns, employing large numbers of odorants, is needed to better understand Women looking sex Athol Springs New York nature of the influences of pregnancy on olfactory Naked women around Bad Sachsa ns.

A key to such understanding may rest on the chemicals chosen for evaluation and an examination of cognitive factors that are influenced by pregnancy. Only a handful of studies have examined the effects of oophorectomy, orchidectomy, or Horny girls Nashville replacement therapy HRT on human olfactory function.

Most of these studies suffer from small sample sizes, lack double-blind or placebo control procedures, and confound test order with hormone treatments.

He also Bbw dating in Mountain View California Exaltolide detection thresholds in seven ovariectomized women and found them to be elevated. After estrogen treatment of five of these women, thresholds dropped by factors greater than two log units in two subjects and by less than a log unit in two others.

No change was noted in Nakked thresholds of the fifth subject. Following up on this work, Schneider et al. Daily injections of either placebo or Equilin SO 4Naked women around Bad Sachsa ns, or estradiol were interspersed in 1- to 2-week-long treatment intervals within the test period. Similar assessment of the influences of testosterone was made in a Nakked woman.

Estrogen injections lowered the thresholds and testosterone injections raised them, although the effects Naked women around Bad Sachsa ns small and considerable day-to-day overlap in the threshold values was present. In a third positive study, Good et al.

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The woman was evaluated two days before and on each of nine days during a series of the hormone treatments. The percentage of hits and false alarms were both zero on the two pretreatment days, implying Housewives seeking real sex Carmel Indiana 46032 detection was not reported Naled any trial.

During the initial treatment wojen the percentage of hits and false alarms rose to about Naked women around Bad Sachsa ns same level, whereas during the later ones the percentage of hits rose even higher, with a decrease occurring in the false alarm rate.

In contrast, a number of studies have reported finding no influence of hormone administration on measures of olfactory function.

In a well-controlled study, Hughes et Naoed. No differences in performance on any of these tests were found between women receiving and women not receiving hormone replacement therapy HRT. Robinson et wlmen. Recently, Doty domen al. Although no influence of ERT was observed on the overall test scores, those receiving ERT performed better in Naked women around Bad Sachsa ns left nostril, and poorer in the right nostril, a phenomenon absent in those not receiving ERT.

This effect was independent of handedness, age, detection threshold sensitivity to phenyl ethanol, and left: These data suggest that ERT may differentially influence the left and right sides of the brain, since olfactory projections are largely ipsilateral from the bulb to the structures that make up the primary olfactory cortex.

As in the case of the pregnancy studies, Naked women around Bad Sachsa ns wider range of stimuli need to be assessed in well-designed double-blind placebo controlled studies before confidence can be placed in the notion that gonadal hormones meaningfully influence human olfactory sensitivity. If womeen effects are found, exploration of dose-response relations should be instigated to definitively link the behavior to the hormone treatment.

For a number of years a straightforward reproductive hormone-based explanation for the phenomena described in the previous sections was generally accepted; i.

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While one cannot discount the potential involvement of such hormones on the olfactory pathways, a critical examination of previous literature and the results of a number of experiments throw into question the validity of this enticing explanation, at least for the data on sex differences. Instead, it would appear that complex relationships exist between the functional Wanna move to kansas of the olfactory system and a range of interacting neuroendocrine factors during early brain development and at later stages of life.

This perspective is discussed in the following sections. Many sex differences arise from the influence of gonadal hormones on the central nervous system during early, largely prenatal, Saachsa of brain development. Such aroind provides a substrate upon which hormones have their effects Sachas in life, e.

Sexually nx behavioral traits can generally be classified into three types [ ; ]:. Type 1 -- those that require, for full expression, relevant hormones both during an Lookin for a Denver to fuck critical Naked women around Bad Sachsa ns and during a later life period e.

Type 2 -- those Carlisle male seeking woman for ltr require relevant hormones only at a later life stage e. Type 3 -- those that require only relevant hormones during an early critical period e. Obviously, a number of human sex differences in behavior are learned and depend on cultural factors. However, many others arise from hormonal influences. While most authors reporting sex differences in Naked women around Bad Sachsa ns perception would not exclude cultural factors from their list of potential explanations, endocrine differences have received the most attention in their theorizing [ 36 ; 44 ].

Furthermore, implicit in much of this literature is Type 2 above; namely, a rather direct dependence Naked women around Bad Sachsa ns the dependent measure upon circulating levels of hormones present at the time of assessment without much concern for the sex and thus early critical-period endocrine influences of Bzd experimental Nakfd.

How Naked women around Bad Sachsa ns do the sex difference data from human olfactory studies fit these three Safhsa of hormonal influences?

If Type 1 or 2 is correct, and if the notion that androgens depress and estrogens enhance olfactory performance is also correct [ 36 ; 98 ; ], several predictions should be supported. Firstone would expect pre-pubertal subjects to exhibit no marked sex difference in the measure of interest, since clear-cut sex differences in circulating levels of the primary reproductive hormones are aound present at this time [ ; ].

Secondthe ANked sex difference should occur around the time of puberty when clear-cut sex differences in such reproductive hormones appear Naked women around Bad Sachsa ns continue into middle adulthood.

Thirdassuming that the endocrine effect is of a magnitude sufficient to overcome the detrimental effects of aging which, for the most part, occur after the age of 60, a rather marked decline in olfactory sensitivity might be expected eomen women at menopause, since their estrogen levels decrease dramatically at that time [ ]. Fourthone might expect older men to be more sensitive than younger ones, since Naked women around Bad Sachsa ns exhibit reduced circulating levels of testosterone and elevated circulating levels of estrogen [ ].

Although the data in this field are sparse, they are consistent in providing little support for any of these predictions. Thus, as indicated earlier, prepubescent girls outperform prepubescent boys in a number of threshold and odor identification tasks, and the degree of this sex difference does not appear to change at puberty. Furthermore, no marked decline in either of these measures is seen at the time of the female womn although a gradual decline does occur across the later yearsand older men do not outperform younger men.

If concurrent gonadal hormones contribute to the olfactory perception of the elderly, the degree to which they do so must be fairly minor.

Despite the temptation to conclude from the aforementioned information that reproductive hormone Types 1 and 2 do not explain the sex differences in the literature, Swingers hang out 17512 is still possible that some other endocrine substance is present before puberty Naked women around Bad Sachsa ns in adulthood that Naked women around Bad Sachsa ns the sex difference in odor detection or Na,ed performance.

For example, sex differences are present in the circulating levels of several steroids from the adrenal gland before puberty, such as dehydroepiandrosterone DHEAperhaps the most abundant steroid in humans [ ].

More aroumd is Safhsa needed to determine Nakrd this or other steroids that are precursors to the main ovarian and testicular hormones influence human olfactory Naked women around Bad Sachsa ns in Baad substantial manner.

Bxd that concurrent reproductive hormones are not primarily responsible wommen producing the sex differences noted in olfactory perception, Category 3 would appear to be the most likely endocrine-based explanation for adound differences. However, just how early endocrine factors influence neural circuits in producing these changes is not clear.

A Nakee body of literature indicates that rather gross morphologic differences exist between male and female brains. For I need blowjob Mount Pleasant Mississippi, a sex difference exists in the shape and area of the human Naked women around Bad Sachsa ns callosum and the anterior commissure, and sex differences exist in the numbers of dendritic branches and interconnections in certain areas of the hypothalamus and cortex of a aroujd of species [ — ].

Although the olfactory sensitivity fluctuations observed in normally cycling women may well reflect fluctuations in ovarian steroids, the finding that such fluctuations continue to occur in women taking oral contraceptives opens the door to the possibility that ovarian hormones may not be the primary cause for the cyclic changes Lander spa Lander sex olfactory sensitivity. If ovarian hormones or arounc gonadotropins are not the direct cause of these fluctuations in women taking oral contraceptives, Najed are the possible responsible mechanisms?

Four possibilities, outlined below, come to mind. The first possibility is that the fluctuations observed in women taking oral contraceptives simply reflect the influence of the exogenous synthetic steroids of the oral contraceptives on either the olfactory system proper or some related process that might alter olfactory function, such as bs temperature. It is known that that oral contraceptives raise the body temperature in women [ ; ] and that some measures of sensory function, such as auditory thresholds and auditory event-related brainstem responses, are positively womwn with body temperature [ ].

Certainly the pattern of olfactory sensitivity and body temperature is highly correlated in the data presented in Figure In this scenario, there would be no strong evidence against the idea that the fluctuations observed in normally cycling women are due to fluctuations in ovarian hormones, although multiple determinants cannot be ruled out. A second possibility is that cyclic changes in the oral contraceptive users reflect fluctuations in hormones other than the primary ovarian steroids.

Prime candidates would include agents from the adrenal gland. In Naked women around Bad Sachsa ns early study, Bourne and Zuckerman [ ] demonstrated recurrent vaginal estrus in gonadectomized females given a low daily dose of estrone.

The periodicity of this phenomenon was indistinguishable from that of estrous cycles in non-ovariectomized females. Although the cyclicity Naked women around Bad Sachsa ns not markedly altered by hypophysectomy, it was eliminated or greatly affected by adrenalectomy. In another series of experiments, these authors noted a 4- to 5-day rhythm in adrenal weight and volume of ovariectomized female rats given an appropriate noncyclic daily dosage of estrone [ ].

This rhythm was due mainly to hypertrophy of cells within the zona fasciculate of the cortex, although adrenal medullary cells increased in size as a result of the daily estrogenic stimulation. Administration of the glucocorticoid prednisolone which returns the heightened ACTH levels to normal also Sahsa returns the olfactory sensitivity to normal, whereas the administration of the mineralocorticoid desoxycorticosterone acetate which has little or no effect on Naked women around Bad Sachsa ns levels has no influence [ ].

Enhanced odor detection performance following adrenalectomy was found in one rat study [ ], although a more recent study did not see such enhancement [ ]. A third possibility is that the origin of these fluctuations lies within the central nervous system proper, being controlled by centers or networks similar to those implicated in the control of a wide variety of other behavioral rhythms [ ].

For example, these fluctuations could reflect either specific or nonspecific influences of neurotransmitters or other neuroactive substances that oscillate with a 25 to 30 day periodicity which become unmasked once ovarian Nakeed is attenuated. In light Sacgsa the work by Bourne and Zuckerman [ ], it is possible that estrogens may serve a ms role Naked women around Bad Sachsa ns the expression of some hypothalamic rhythms that, in turn, influence olfactory function.

Terasawa and Timiras [ ], for example, noted that estrous-related cyclic changes in electrically induced seizure thresholds in the hippocampus and amygdala, although eliminated by ovariectomy, were briefly restored, in dampened fashion, following a single injection of estradiol.

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That this phenomenon may be influenced by some type of somen hormonal organizational process is suggested by their finding that such restoration was most marked in rats ovariectomized in early adulthood and was not present in rats ovariectomized in infancy. As with sex differences and menstrual cycle-related fluctuations, the basis for changes reported in chemosensory function during pregnancy are poorly understood and no physiological basis for such changes has been convincingly demonstrated.

Profet [ ] has argued that enhanced olfactory sensitivity is an adaptive mechanism designed to protect the developing fetus by altering the food intake patterns of pregnant women, particularly in the first trimester.

Although empirical evidence has not universally supported this concept [ ], a number of studies have lent at least some support.

Thus, heightened levels of disgust for foods have been reported in the first trimester of pregnancy, which correlates with a period of immunosuppression [ ]. Reports of heightened sensitivity to odors during pregnancy largely point to noxious agents that may provide a threat to the fetus, rather than to the intolerance of environmental stimuli in general [ ; ]. A role for central cognitive processing changes in pregnancy is indirectly supported by research performed by Olofsson et al [ ] who obtained OERPs from 15 pregnant week 21—23 and 15 non-pregnant women.

Although the sensory OERP components N1 and P1 showed no modulation due to pregnancy during the presentation of three concentrations of pyridine, the Naked women around Bad Sachsa ns cognitive component P3 showed a larger amplitude Sachsw shorter latency response during pregnancy. Thus, the olfactory alterations experienced by some women during pregnancy conceivably arise from psychological changes during this time, possibly explaining the largely negative sensory sensitivity test results.

Signal detection Sacbsa that differentiate between sensory sensitive and response biases might aid in establishing whether this is, Hot chicks in Blanchester Ohio fact, the case. A detailed discussion of mechanisms responsible for changes in human olfactory sensitivity or function brought about by the administration of hormones is difficult in light of the paucity of data and the complexity of this topic.

The few rodent studies in which olfactory sensitivity has been measured after hormone injections are limited in scope and provide findings discrepant from one another and from those reported in humans. For example, Pietras and Moulton [ ] found a statistically significant increase in odor detection performances of adult female rats to cyclopentanone following ovariectomy which would not be expected from a pure estrogen-based notion of olfactory modulationalthough such an increase was not present in a nearly identical study by Naked women around Bad Sachsa ns and Vallowe [ ].

Naked women around Bad Sachsa ns the claims of some human studies, Pietras and Moulton found that supraphysiologic doses of testosterone actually improved odor detection performance in ovariectomized female rats. Whether this was due to aromatization of testosterone to estrogens is not clear.

Male castration does not alter sensitivity of male rats to either female estrous urine [ ] or ethyl acetate [ ], although Naked women around Bad Sachsa ns does mitigate the improvement in ethyl acetate detection performance observed in sham castrates as a result of repeated testing [ Adult looking nsa Hollytree Alabama 35751. It should be pointed out that even studies examining the influences of estrus on rodent olfactory sensitivity are discordant.

In contrast, Schmidt et al. If gonadal hormones influence olfactory sensitivity, they may do so through aroundd number of mechanisms. Assuming that their major effect is not upon nasal patency, airflow, or alterations in the permeability of the olfactory mucus to odorants, three primary — non-mutually exclusive -- means include 1 an influence on nonspecific brain arousal systems, such as the reticular activating system, 2 a direct influence on CNS olfactory Naked women around Bad Sachsa ns pathways, and 3 an indirect influence on CNS olfactory pathways via other endocrine systems.

An example of the latter Naked women around Bad Sachsa ns the well known influence of gonadal hormone injections on pituitary ACTH and adrenal corticosterone levels [ ]. GABA is intimately involved aroun damping general brain excitability, and is inhibited by estradiol and facilitated by progesterone [ ; ]. Estradiol potentiates glutamatergic neural transmission glutamate is a neurotransmitter for both first and second order olfactory projection neurons and promotes kindling and seizure activity, whereas metabolites of progesterone suppress kindling and seizure activity [ ].

It is well established that a Sachss component of the primary olfactory cortex, namely the owmen cortex, plays a significant Married wife seeking casual sex Bessemer in seizure activity, including the development of amygdala kindling and the amplification and distribution of seizure activity from amygdala foci to other limbic brain regions [ ].

In accord with the concept of GABAergic modulation of olfactory sensitivity by Nakee is the observation that the same hormonal manipulations similarly influence olfactory and electrically induced seizure thresholds see [ ] for a review Visitin Tucson lookin for fun the seizure literature.

This correspondence, shown in Table 1suggests the hypothesis that both thresholds for odor detection and experimentally induced seizures may be modulated by Naughty woman search looking women mechanisms.

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Since hormonal influences on GABAergic systems are quite general, one might predict that the administration of exogenous Wives want nsa Ocala similarly influences more than one sensory system.

Most centrifugal fibers from higher brain centers project to GABA-containing granule cells and not to the mitral cells themselves, providing a direct means of GABAergic inhibition of mitral cell activity. For example, Dahlstrom et al. Nicholl [ ] has described ms depression of mitral Naked women around Bad Sachsa ns activity by locally applied GABA and the antagonism both of this action and of the lateral tract inhibition of mitral cells by Sadhsa administration of picrotoxin.

That being said, it is prudent to recognize that the relationship between gonadal hormones, neural excitability, and sensory function is fraught with complexities [ ].


Higher doses e. As reviewed by Veliskova [ ], the Naked women around Bad Sachsa ns of estrogens on neural excitability often are region-specific. Moreover, estrogen interacts with neurotransmitter systems involved in the generation of seizures.

Recent research has shown that the subunit composition of GABA A receptors — receptors which are common in the olfactory bulb inhibitory circuits and in the olfactory cortex -- dynamically change over the course of the estrous cycle in mice [ ]. Macquire and Mody have shown that both ovarian and stress-related hormones can change the ratio of such receptor subtypes and, thereby, moderate their efficacy [ ]. Whether the fluctuations observed in olfactory sensitivity across the phases of the menstrual cycle reflect such processes is unknown.

In summary, there is circumstantial evidence that GABAergic systems may be a common denominator in producing similarities between olfactory sensitivity and seizure thresholds, and that endocrine manipulations that influence this transmitter substrate could influence olfactory sensitivity. However, at the present time this notion is highly speculative, and systematic manipulation of numerous neurotransmitters in addition to GABA is needed. For womrn, there are a number of reports which indicate that drugs that aBd lower total brain levels or activity of norepinephrine, dopamine, and serotonin facilitate seizure activity Naked women around Bad Sachsa ns by toxins or electric wome e.

Conversely, drugs Naked women around Bad Sachsa ns increase total levels or the availability of these amines reduce the susceptibility to seizure activity e.

Studies more specifically aimed at factoring out the relative roles of norepinephrine, dopamine, and serotonin suggest that norepinephrine and serotonin may be more important than dopamine in regulating minimum electroshock seizure susceptibility [].

It is apparent from this Naughty housewives wants real sex National City that complex relations exist between the functional properties of the human olfactory system and neuroendocrine factors.

Previous notions of simple relations between olfactory function and circulating concurrent levels of gonadal hormones are likely oversimplifications of how the endocrine system influences smell function.

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In addition to understanding the influences of an array of neuroactive agents on the adult olfactory system of both sexes, a concerted effort is needed to understand the possible organizing role of early hormones on sectors of the brain responsible for mediating sex differences and other endocrine-related events in olfactory function.

At a more general level, a number of Naked women around Bad Sachsa ns straightforward questions regarding human olfactory function have yet to be answered.

For example, does olfactory sensitivity, as discerned using signal detection analysis, change systematically during pregnancy and, if so, are such changes odor-specific and related to nutritional needs, food intake, cravings, and aversions? Are the fluctuations in olfactory sensitivity noted across the reproductive cycle closely coupled with fluctuations in other sensory systems?

If so, which ones? Are fluctuations in olfactory sensitivity present in prepubescent girls whose brains have not yet experienced cyclic changes Naked women around Bad Sachsa ns levels of reproductive hormones from the ovary? Are sex differences or endocrine-related changes in olfactory sensitivity specific to only some types of odors? If so, what Nude women Chicago the physiochemical parameters most closely related to these changes?

In a double-blind situation, what influences, if any, do exogenously administered hormones have on olfactory function? If injections of reproductive hormones influence olfactory sensitivity, by what means do they exert their influence? An important question yet to be addressed is whether the olfactory sex differences observed in humans serve any biological role.

This would Naked women around Bad Sachsa ns to be the case, if it is assumed that such differences are specific to context, bodily states, and emotional factors. Along these lines, it is noteworthy that women are generally much more selective in food choices than men, although cognitive and societal factors, such as weight consciousness, likely play a role in such choices.

Examples of foods reportedly disliked more by women than by men are brains, kidneys, butter milk, beer, and potato soup [ ]. More Naked women around Bad Sachsa ns with animal studies, sex differences in the perception of odors may also play a significant role in mate selection and sexual relationships. Despite lacking a functioning vomeronasal system a system critical for the social and sexual behaviors of many mammalswomen are much more smell-oriented than men in a variety of social and sexual contexts.

For example, when asked about factors critical for choosing someone as a potential lover, women are more concerned about smells Ladies want hot sex Deer lodge Tennessee 37726 about looks, whereas the opposite is true of men [ ]. That being said, one can still question whether many of the sex differences observed on olfactory tests are, in fact, epiphenomena not directly associated with any specific biologic function.

Publisher's Disclaimer: This is Naked women around Bad Sachsa ns PDF file of an unedited manuscript that has been accepted for publication. As a service to our customers we are providing this early version of the manuscript. The manuscript will undergo copyediting, typesetting, and review of the resulting proof before it is published in its final citable form.

Please note that during the production process errors may be discovered which could affect the content, and all legal disclaimers that apply to the journal pertain. Richard L. National Center for Biotechnology InformationU. Physiol Behav. Author manuscript; available in PMC May Doty and E. Leslie Cameron. Author information Copyright and License information Disclaimer. Correspondence to: Doty, Ph. Copyright notice.

The publisher's final edited version of this article is available at Physiol Behav. See other articles in PMC that cite the published article.

Abstract The question of whether men and women differ in their ability to smell has been the topic of scientific investigation for over a hundred years. Odor Identification Many studies report superior female performance on tests of odor identification [ 35 aNked 57 ; 67 — 72 ]. Open in a separate window. Figure 1. Figure 2. Figure 3. Odor Memory Assessing odor memory is not straight-forward for reviews, see [ 82 ; 83 ]. Figure 4. Electrophysiological Measures Odor-induced electrical potentials can be measured from electrodes placed on the surface of the human olfactory epithelium the so-called electro-olfactogramas well as from the scalp odor event-related potentials or OERPs.

Functional Imaging Sex differences in odor-induced brain activation have been reported, as measured by functional imaging. Figure 5. Figure 6. Figure 7. Figure 8. Figure 9. Figure Olfactory Naked women around Bad Sachsa ns Some of the earliest studies, which assessed recognition thresholds, reported decreased odor sensitivity in late pregnancy.

Odor Identification No study has found pregnancy related general enhancement in the ability to identify odors. Hedonics It has been consistently reported that pregnancy affects hedonic ratings, primarily by decreasing the Naked women around Bad Sachsa ns of odors.

Olfaction and Nausea The idea of a causal link between enhanced olfactory sensitivity during pregnancy and nausea and vomiting is compelling. Sex Differences Many sex differences arise from the influence of gonadal hormones on Naked women around Bad Sachsa ns central nervous system during early, largely arounc, periods of brain development. Sexually dimorphic behavioral traits can generally woken classified into three types [ ; ]: Menstrual Cycle Although the olfactory sensitivity fluctuations observed in normally cycling women may well reflect fluctuations in ovarian steroids, the finding that such fluctuations continue to occur in women taking oral contraceptives opens Horny girls want to fuck Dorval door to the possibility that ovarian hormones may not aroumd the primary cause for the cyclic changes in Naked women around Bad Sachsa ns sensitivity.

Pregnancy As with sex differences and menstrual cycle-related fluctuations, the basis for changes reported in chemosensory function during pregnancy are poorly understood and no physiological basis for such changes has been convincingly demonstrated.

Injection or Oral Administration of Reproductive Hormones A detailed discussion of mechanisms responsible for changes in human olfactory sensitivity or function brought about by the administration of hormones is difficult in light of the paucity of data and the complexity of this topic.

Footnotes Publisher's Disclaimer: Contributor Information Richard L. References 1. Mobius PJ. The physiological mental weakness of women. Alien Neurol. Romanes RG.

Mental differences between men and women. Nineteenth Century. Kimura D.

Naked women around Bad Sachsa ns Sex and cognition. Halpern DF. Sex Differences in Cognitive Abilities. New York: Lawrence Erlbaum; McGuinness D. Sex differences in the organization of perception and cognition.

Lloyd B, Archer J, editors. Exploring Sex Differences. Academic Press; The Psychology of Sex Differences. Palo Alto: Stanford University Press; Hormones and the auditory womenn Estrogen and hearing: Acta Otolaryngol Stockh ; Changes in pure-tone thresholds and temporary threshold shifts as a function of menstrual cycle and oral contraceptives.

J Speech Hear Res. Burg A, Hulbert Housewives wants real sex Milesville SouthDakota 57553. Dynamic visual acuity as related to age, sex, and static acuity. J Appl Psychol. Sex-related differences in chromatic sensitivity. Vis Neurosci. Sex hormone receptors in the human eye. Surv Ophthalmol. Visual sensitivity and sexual arousal levels during the menstrual cycle.

J Naked women around Bad Sachsa ns Ment Dis. Changes in colour discrimination during the menstrual cycle. Doty RL. Gender and reproductive state correlates of taste perception in humans. Sex and Behavior: Status and Prospectus. Plenum Press; Sensitivity of three loci on the tongue and soft palate to four basic tastes in smokers and non-smokers. Menstrual cycle and sex differences influence salt preference. Gustatory changes associated with the menstrual cycle.

Sucrose threshold variation during the menstrual cycle. Changes in breast sensitivity aroubd puberty, during menstrual cycl, and at parturition.

Brit Med J. Sex womenn in response to cutaneous anesthesia: Effects of the Menstrual-Cycle aorund Vibrotactile Sensitivity. Sachea

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Percept Psychophys. Gandelman R. Gonadal hormones and sensory function. Neurosci Biobehav Rev. Dorries KM. Sex differences in olfaction in mammals. Science of Olfaction.

Springer-Verlag; Breipohl W. Olfaction and Endocrine Regulation. IRL; Mammalian Olfaction, Reproductive Processes and Behavior.

Olfaction and reproduction in ungulates. Oxf Rev Reprod Biol. Mammalian social odours: Philos Trans Roy Soc. Brown R, Macdonald D. Social Odours in Mammals. Clarendon Press; Guillamon A, Segovia S. Sex differences in the vomeronasal system. Brain Res Bull. Nns S, Guillamon A.

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