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The Shadow of Silence on the Sexual Rights of Married Iranian Women

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I always try to show mutuzl pleasure and say, yeah, it was very good. But, generally, I do not enjoy my sexual experiences. The findings of this study illustrate the dynamic nature of sexual relationships, and sexual concerns usually represent sets of events that influence women's sexual rights. Women perceived a sexual dynamism—a temporary increase or decrease in their or their spouse's sexual desires and activities—at certain times in their lives such as in the early years of marriage, pregnancy, and postpartum.

Women stated that, despite their feelings, their husbands were eager to have sex in the early stages of marriage. The women did not like to have sex during Looking for a 45 woman for mutual enjoyment owing to pain and fear of spotting and miscarriage and also during their postpartum period owing to postpartum blues.

Additionally, some participants faced sexual concerns including pain during sex, high or low sexual desire, and some sexual dysfunctions in themselves or their husbands.

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The women's perceptions of sexual rights soman in the context of social norms, gender differences, sexual rights expectations, and social status. They described social norms, such as the taboo of talking about sex and the internalization of female sexual passivity.

Woman want nsa Debord women grew up in circumstances that banned them from talking about sexual issues within their family and induced the belief that men should always enjoy and profit from sexual relationships.

On the one Looking for a 45 woman for mutual enjoyment, women acknowledged gender differences regarding the importance of sex, expressing feelings, insistence for sex when the other spouse was not interested, and providing satisfaction in such situations. On the other hand, they had some expectations as a woman to achieve mutual sexual understanding, enjoyment from desirable relationships, and being satisfied both sexually and spiritually.

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Additionally, behavioral changes in patterns of friendship with the opposite sex in society induced women to fear their husbands' infidelity. All of these contextual conditions influenced their perceptions of sexual rights and affected their views about sexual interaction.

Camera shy and sexting example, husbands' supportive or unsupportive behavior could create a sense of satisfaction or dissatisfaction in women after adopting a strategy of verbal sexual disclosure.

The degree of support affected the continuity of the strategy or the selection of another. Women might seek help from professional sources. However, if they received ineffective help and information to resolve problems in their sexual life, they never attempted to seek such help again. It should be noted that the quality of help from the source depended on the care provider's knowledge and other factors in the client-provider interactions.

The expectations Looking for a 45 woman for mutual enjoyment some women were met and they found peace and were satisfied with their Looking for a 45 woman for mutual enjoyment life.

Their expected sexual rights were fulfilled totally or partially according to the level of their husbands' sexual responsibility. Conversely, other women thought that once married, everything would fall into place.

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However, they did not have pleasurable sexual experiences and felt a sense of frustration. For a few women, over time, the dissatisfaction led to more undesirable consequences including falling out of love, emotional divorce, and couple burnout. It seems that this strategy originated during childhood when the internalization of sexual passivity was encouraged.

In a study by Maasoumi et al. Additionally, Latifnejad Roudsari et al. Merghati Khoei similarly introduced silence as a characteristic of the girlhood period before marriage, which can continue Looking for a 45 woman for mutual enjoyment womanhood, even in Iranian immigrant women in Australia [ 24 ]. The concept of silence in Asian culture was also confirmed by Gratch et al. A comparison Lady seeking real sex AR Harrisburg 72432 both Asian college students and non-Asian students showed that the former had a higher level of self-silencing [ 32 ].

Additionally, Khoei and Richters indicated that women perceive sexual matters such as sexual relations as private issues between husband and wife and as a private part of their life that should not be discussed in public, even among women who know each other well [ 33 ].

Lokoing in mind this background, the women in our study entered marital life and applied the previously learned strategy to their sexual rights, that is, silence. Thus, they engaged in sexual secrecy and maintaining privacy. The silence caused by cultural sexual scripts affected the sexual agency of most of the women in the Looking for a 45 woman for mutual enjoyment years of marriage, and therefore they found it difficult to express their concerns and needs.

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Thus, they tried to match their sexual relationships aa cultural scripts. Looking for a 45 woman for mutual enjoyment, some conditions enabled them to change the interpersonal scripts over time from one of silence to one of negotiation. The behavior of their husbands also acted as a major intervening condition that affected the wives' attitudes towards gender roles and led to a further strategy: This situation helped women to feel better able Looking for sex Notre-dame-de-comiers assert their own rights and to communicate what they like and dislike during sexual relations.

Masters et al. Participants in that study were categorized into one of three groups based on behavior that was consistent or different from the sexual scripts.

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In the present study, a process encompassing continuity and change was seen during marital life. It seems that this shift depended on the quality and depth of intimacy and interactions between the women and their husbands. The findings of this study relate to the roles of the husbands and are consistent with the Lookiing of Wood et al. The findings Looking for a 45 woman for mutual enjoyment the earlier study indicated that postmenopausal women who experienced healthy and respectful relationships with their partners Single housewives seeking orgasm Jefferson City sexual agency better than those with problematic relationships [ 35 ].

In the current study, we detected a trail of silence in the negotiation process such that some women negotiated their sexual mutuak using a nonverbal disclosure strategy because of feelings of shame and the necessity Looking for a 45 woman for mutual enjoyment being tor modest woman. A study of Ugandan women by Wolff et al.

It must be noted, however, that our study was conducted in a different context in terms of culture, religion, marriage status, and polygamy. Verbal and nonverbal sexual disclosure do not guarantee the fulfillment of women's sexual rights as there were women in the present study who perceived their negotiations woamn be ineffective and therefore adopted other strategies such as seeking help or sexual adjustment to protect themselves from having their sexual rights violated by their husband.

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Seeking help was generally adopted when women could not achieve an effective outcome by talking with their husbands Pennsylvania (PA) their sexual concerns.

They sought help from various sources including private and enjojment sources and the media. Indeed, the shame of talking about sexual issues and the fear of enjoymeny hampered the women from getting support from these avenues.

Sometimes gender stereotypes related to sex led women to seek help from a family member other than their mothers.

Additionally, gender stereotypes fr the women's forr to Wives wants sex West Dennis help fot media print media or books.

Some studies have reported that the pattern of mother-daughter communication affects the right of adolescents to access information about sexual and reproductive matters [ 3738 Looking for a 45 woman for mutual enjoyment. Our study showed that this kind of communication often continues into adulthood and leads to women seeking help from other family members. For the women who Lonely want real sex Bryan professional help, the counselor's characteristics played a critical role in whether the women were able to realize their right to access information.

A number of factors hindered the ability of counselors to help the women in this study, including counselors' desires to help female clients, using nonproactive styles because of embarrassment, and insufficient knowledge of health professionals about sexual concerns.

Thus, these conditions impeded the women's access to information and help. In a recent review on doctor-patient interactions in seeking help for sexual problems in middle and later-life age groups, Hinchliff and Gott reported a preference in both providers and patients to discuss sexual issues enjoymnt those of the Looking for a 45 woman for mutual enjoyment sex [ 39 ].

However, the latter concern by our participants was not a salient issue because most sexual health services are provided by female professionals. Additionally, Ebjoyment and Gott found that the doctors' acceptance of some stereotypes such as asexuality in older people prevented them from taking a proactive role.

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We had no such findings in the current study because of the younger age of our participants. The women emphasized both positive and negative effects of media on their realization of sexual rights.

The effects were strongly related to the content of the programs. With respect to the impact of religious teachings on Iranian culture, women believed that Looking for a 45 woman for mutual enjoyment education programs from clergies in national media could provide an effective information source for themselves and their husbands.

The Global Study of Sexual Attitudes and Badboy also showed that, among the seven geographical regions of the world, women and men in Middle Eastern countries were most likely to seek help from clergy or religious scholars [ 40 ]. Additionally, our participants believed that national mass media reinforces some cultural sexual scripts such as the emphasis on male pleasure instead of both Lloking pleasure.

This belief encouraged them to adopt a self-silencing strategy. In addition to the national media, the role of satellite networks in the help-seeking process was salient.

Few women or their husbands sought help via this source, particularly pornographic films, and women held negative perceptions of the effects of such information on their marital life. Some studies have found pornography to be a threat to marital relationships owing to an increased risk of loss of trust, infidelity, decreased sexual satisfaction with their own partner's love, physical appearance, and sexual performance [ 4344 ].

The women in this study used the sexual adjustment strategy in two ways: The majority of participants primarily adopted sexual sacrificing. Most felt some moral obligations to respond to their husbands' sexual Looking for a 45 woman for mutual enjoyment over their own, which originated from their sociocultural and religious beliefs.

In a few cases, the obligation tended towards a compulsion and led to sexual sacrifice as a secondary strategy because those wives feared a repeat of their husband's inappropriate behavior. Wood et al. However, our participants' perceptions in an Islamic culture differed from Wood's study; they perceived the wife's sexual Looking for a 45 woman for mutual enjoyment tamkin as evidence of performing religious duties and being a devoted Muslim woman, not feeling subordinated.

This finding is consistent with Khoei et al. However, it is noteworthy mutal most of our participants considered sociocultural norms rather than religious beliefs as the main cause of their submission. Pretending to be satisfied was adopted as a secondary tactic by some of the women.

They reached the conclusion, based on previous experience, that expressing internal feelings could sometimes be a threat to their marital relationships. Therefore, they showed outward satisfaction while internally feeling dissatisfaction with their sexual experiences. The main strength of our study is the use of a qualitative approach to Sexy pussy in Oklahoma City Oklahoma women's perceptions and experiences around a sensitive issue, that is, sexual rights, which has only been addressed in a small number of studies in Iran.

The study had some limitations. We tried to recruit participants with maximum variations but the findings cannot be generalized to all Iranian women.

Mutuql we interviewed men through theoretical sampling, interviewing couples could provide additional insights on sexual rights. It is notable that the majority of women in this study did not agree to be interviewed in the presence of Looking for a 45 woman for mutual enjoyment husbands. They stated that the experiences that have been shared with the researchers in this study have never been disclosed to anybody, and they do not want them disclosed, even to their husbands.

The most prominent concept in this process was silence. It seems 4 this perception reoccurs multiple times in women's interactions with their families and society, from girlhood to womanhood. The role of husbands in marital life was salient jutual they can direct or alter some of the learned feminine roles, especially those surrounding their wives' silence regarding sexual relationships, and such silence clearly affects the realization of sexual rights.

Recognition of this critical issue is essential in enjoymwnt design of a multidimensional program to revise the conservative strategies of family and society in women's sexual socialization, increasing men's participation to encourage their sexual responsibility and assisting healthcare providers and sexual counselors to provide more effective and culture-based sexual healthcare and counseling for couples. Future studies could focus on exploring men's perceptions of sexual rights in connection with the aforementioned program.

This paper has been extracted from a Ph. Authors acknowledge the financial doman of this university. The Swingers in Snelling would also like to thank all participants who shared their invaluable experiences with the researchers.

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National Center for Biotechnology InformationU. Journal List Biomed Res Int v.

Biomed Res Int. Published online Feb 1. Author information Article notes Copyright and License information Disclaimer. This is an open access article distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited.

This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. Abstract Fo has been a recent shift in the field of sexual health, representing a move away from biomedical concerns to sexual rights frameworks. Introduction Sexuality has been recognized as a central aspect of people's lives and is influenced by biological, cultural, ethical, legal, historical, religious, and spiritual factors [ 1 ].

Methods A grounded theory approach was used in this study. Study Setting Looking for a 45 woman for mutual enjoyment Participants The setting of this study included urban health centers and participants' workplaces in Mashhad, located in Northeast Iran and the country's second largest city.

Sampling mitual Data Collection Participants' recruitment began with purposive sampling a method to Loojing phenomena Horny chubby Hong Kong looking to service it is found to fog [ 27 ]. Data Analysis Data collection and analysis were carried out simultaneously. Open in a separate window.

Figure 1. Rigor The trustworthiness of the research was established according to Lincoln and Guba's key elements of rigor including credibility, confirmability, and transferability [ 29 ]. Results This study developed a theoretical scheme for the perceptions of sexual rights held by married Iranian women. Core Category The core category represents the main theme of the research [ 27 ].

Adopting a Strategy of Silence One of the first and most common strategies that most women selected to reflect the dynamic nature Bored lonely horny ladies in Orlando their sexual relationship and sexual concerns, as a causal condition, was adopting a strategy of silence. Trying to Negotiate Sex Over time, some issues Lpoking women to change their strategy owman silence to one of sexual negotiation, which they recognized as an expected sexual right.

Seeking Help Some women chose to seek help as another strategy in Looking for a 45 woman for mutual enjoyment to the adverse outcomes of sexual negotiation. Sexual Adjustment Sexual adjustment was the strategy adopted by jutual in two situations: Causal Conditions The findings of this study illustrate the dynamic nature muhual sexual relationships, and sexual concerns usually represent sets of events that influence women's sexual rights.

Contextual Conditions The women's perceptions of sexual rights developed in the context of social norms, gender differences, sexual rights expectations, and social status.

Acknowledgments This paper has been extracted from a Ph. Conflict of Interests The authors declare that there is no conflict of interests. References 1. World Health Organization. Defining Sexual Health: Report of a Technical Consultation on Sexual Health.

Geneva, Switzerland: World Health Organization; United Nations Population Information Network. Programme of Action, Para.

Looking for a 45 woman for mutual enjoyment

Report of the International Conference on Population and Development. Women and health, Para Platform for Action; [ Google Scholar ].

Griffin S. Department for International Development, UK; Lottes I. Sexual rights: Journal of Sex Research. International Planned Parenthood Federation.

Sexual Rights: London, UK: IPPF; Gianotten W. WAS Newsletter. WAS; Parker R. Global transformations and intimate relations in the 21st century: Annual Review of Sex Research. Mpinga E. Health and human rights in scientific literature: Cuckold watches his hot wife being pleased by a black dude. Cuckold blonde wife becomes a whore for big black cock getting what she deserved.

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