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SUVs, minivans and Toyota hybrids zoom in and out of Long shot Arlington in 70s parking lot, carting away groceries, lattes, sushi, gourmet dog food, and the occasional ice cream cake for a birthday party. He was there on the summer night in when shots were fired in an epic gun battle between rival biker gangs.

In fact, he was one of the lead instigators.

The Ducktails—so named for the way they combed back their pomaded hair on each side so it would meet in a ridge at the back of their head—drove Long shot Arlington in 70s motorcycles and fast cars. They formed hot rod clubs and frequently staged drag races on Glebe Road near Walker Chapel and on the less frequently patrolled Route near the Pentagon.

They gave nicknames to one another and to the Long shot Arlington in 70s xhot were forever antagonizing. Retired Arlington police Capt. Alvin Fuchsman recalls being summoned to an altercation in at the Arlington Forest Shopping Center at Park Drive and Route 50, where he and his fellow officers confiscated knives and guns, inn 27 young men without incident.

Like Hager, many of the other local boys who adopted the greaser lifestyle were high school dropouts from Yorktown or Washington-Lee. For those who would eventually form the group known as the Avengers, violence Long shot Arlington in 70s at first limited to after-school fistfights.

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Hager, a veteran of more than 40 such imbroglios, recounts how each one went down. Each brawl Lonf Long shot Arlington in 70s until one fighter quit. Members of the Pagans Motorcycle Club. Photos courtesy of the DC Public Library. Members of the Pagans Motorcycle Club, however, were a violent breed. Lnog jackets were adorned with back patches depicting Surtr, the king of the Fire Giants in Norse mythology.

Some were further accessorized with white supremacist and Nazi insignia. They held day jobs as grocery clerks, drywall hangers and house painters.

Arlington – CBS Pittsburgh

Long shot Arlington in 70s worked as a meatcutter at the local Safeway, Bbw visiting Fentonbury he was known to sneak guns into the store and shoot at slabs of beef for target practice.

His attitude was flagrant, and resentment ensued. Another time, I dug a bullet from a. Not long after, his prized possession, a brand-new Chevy Impala, was set ablaze and shot up with bullets. Molotov cocktails were launched onto his lawn. He received death threats.


So he and some friends decided to form a rival gang. It was against this backdrop of solidarity that hostilities began to escalate.

Following a tussle with an Avenger at a biker bar, a Pagan member named Samuel Frederick was driving Long shot Arlington in 70s when his motorcycle smashed into the back of a truck and he was killed. A homemade weapon counted among the many pieces of evidence that were confiscated by local police on the night of the shoot-out. Photo courtesy of DC Public Library. Mackey began notifying area police.

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The Avengers arrived first, at 8 p. Many of the arms had been purchased from a pawn shop in Lyon Village. James Winlund would later tell a courtroom. They were legally prohibited from intervening unless gang members opened White bottom seeking black cocks. The first shots rang out at Hager recalls ducking to the ground as gunmen on both sides exchanged fire and police swarmed in with Thompson machine guns.

He and his girlfriend sped off with a Arlingtoh full of weapons, drove home to dump the evidence, and then Adlington just as police were cordoning off the crime scene with yellow tape. Hager was also pulled over and nearly arrested by a state trooper until another state trooper vouched for him, Long shot Arlington in 70s that he had cooperated with law enforcement. Eighteen gang members were taken into custody that night and the next Long shot Arlington in 70s, most of them Avengers charged with disorderly conduct, possession of a concealed weapon and inciting a riot.

One Avenger, Donald Morleywas sentenced to 30 days in jail. But no Long shot Arlington in 70s died. Miraculously, the only injury of the night was sustained by a state trooper, whose leg was grazed by a ricocheting bullet. The gangs, meanwhile, endeavored to resolve their own differences.

The Pagans eventually formed a Virginia chapter, but Hager, still bearing a grudge, declined to join. Burhans was shot and killed in a Fairfax City apartment in Hager recounts this and other casualties—including a seemingly endless litany of friends, acquaintances and former adversaries killed in motorcycle accidents—with a matter-of-fact air of inevitability.

But not regret. At 71, he still has his original Avengers jacket and keeps Do hot sluts still exist scrapbook of clippings and documents from his rebel shog. The odometer Long shot Arlington in 70s his now-vintage, impeccably restored Chevy 70a, which sits in his driveway in Springfield, Va.

But it never was about going for the kill, he explains. It was always more about pride and respect. They re-paved paradise and put up a Starbucks and a Harris Teeter.

Clark that originally appeared in the Arlington Historical Magazine in October A lifelong Arlingtonian, Clark was finishing seventh grade at Williamsburg Junior High at the time zhot the shoot-out.

Wayne Hager was one Arlinfton them. July 23, Charles S. Long shot Arlington in 70s

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