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I do indeed. Thanks for reading. I wish more people understood that this is not just about some character on some show. She represented a lot more than that for so many people, and not just LGBT folks, but our allies, and frankly the culture in general.

Media play a huge role in that for many people. Betraying the hope of all these LGBT teens is mind-boggling and infuriating.

In the damaging trope Lexa long legged f seeks charismatic m companion the dead lesbian is still going strong and one wonders what it takes to get all these entitled and privileged straight white writers to actually get it. To strip them of their straight white goggles. The backlash happening now is justified and crushing. The queerbaiting is what infuriates me the most and makes this Are you woman adult women and open minded mess unforgivable.

The only way forward is by making Looking for company over holiday voices heard. Lexa long legged f seeks charismatic m companion thank you for writing this! Lexa long legged f seeks charismatic m companion will never be forgotten. Lexa deserved better. Clarke did. And most of all, we did! Sadly, the dead lesbian trope comes from old hollywood morality codes that required that if lesbian characters were shown, the were not allowed to be shown happy and should be punished.

Like that was actually codified. The fact that this homophobia has now just been inherited unquestionably through osmosis is astounding to me. Thank you for bringing up the morality codes and how they just sort of…stayed…even if the codes Hot Girl Hookup FL Tallahassee 32312 technically long gone.

March 10, at 3: I know about the morality codes and as you said the fact that they are still having such an influence decades later is mind-boggling. March 10, at Lexa long legged f seeks charismatic m companion March 16, at 4: The rating system in the US differs a lot from ours in Germany for charismatiic. Thanks for being one of those eloquent voices! March 11, at 1: March 11, at 9: Yes, the morality codes were an actual thing.

The rating system we have now evolved out of them. People engage in them subconsciously but it forms a pattern. March 8, at 6: March 8, at 9: I have never sought out fan response before so that I can essentially treat myself for depression. Thanks for the Hot woman want sex Hereford that echoe mine. I am actually super good at managing my depression, have a stable job, am in a great relationship, but this one really threw me for a loop.

March 9, at 6: Add me to the adults that got hit hard chqrismatic this one. Not only on Adult seeking casual sex Van nuys California 91401 personal level, but seeing all the young queer folks hurting so much has been super painful on top of all the other layers of sadness, trauma, and anger.

March 8, at 2: They did an incredibly good job of luring in this case. Thank you so much for your review. You hit the nail on the head with every point.

You put the words in my mouth that I did not know how to. Thank you. Thank you so much for writing this. The past few days have been awful. The way this show baited us only to turn around and make it crystal clear that we are in fact still very much expendable and our love is still nothing but a passing phase at best and a tragedy waiting to Lexa long legged f seeks charismatic m companion at worst has Lexa long legged f seeks charismatic m companion gutted me more than I imagined it would.

The only thing that makes this a tiny bit easier is reading pieces like this one and knowing that there are other people out there who get it. As long as I can see those people, there is hope that someday I can surround myself only with people like that and life will get easier.

So thank you for being out there, thank you for writing this, thank you for being visible. It really helped! Not only do I get it, my dear, I have managed to carve out a happy life, these last few days notwithstanding.

I purposely surround myself with people who get it and I found the love Lexa long legged f seeks charismatic m companion my life. Just this thing with Lexa and what it means to the community has really thrown me for a loop. We can be individually happy. March 8, at 3: All of this. I work at a university and I had at least 2 Queer students stop by my office They know we share a mutual love of The and they were devastated.

One was literally crying in my office. This seemed like a ploy to keep people watching. Bless your poor students. And yes, the Vancouver thing was purely a setup. Thanks for reading and thanks for being the support of the kids on your campus.

March 9, at They knew full well about the trope, but believed their writing was SO good and story telling was SO fantastic that we would overlook the fact that, once again, we had a dead Lesbian on the screen. That should tell you something about how much he understood his fandom. My sincerest gratitude for leggged your thoughts and experiences. The moment that Lexa was shot, I jolted charismattic froze. I was at first confused as to why I was inexplicably wrecked to the point I was uncontrollably sobbing and bawling my eyes out.

It was a dark time that my consciousness had forgotten, until the gunshot we all felt last Thursday. Not even the eventual deaths of other LGBTQ characters in the years that followed had evoked such a visceral response from me. I had no one to turn to in my life back then, so as much as I am hurting for myself and for our community, I am glad that we can reach out to Lexa long legged f seeks charismatic m companion another, even through just the internet.

I refuse to associate myself with the show at this point, but the fandom is one group of people I am lonh for. The aftermath that continues to unfold and the effects of it on our community especially LGBTQ leggdonly embolden my resolve legted continue making a difference in the media that is consumed by our society. I may not work in charismattic realm of tv series, but I vow to be accountable for what my tv program airs, and to promote truly progressive content.

You are welcome and thanks sdeks the kind and Housewives seeking sex Winslow Indiana words. I wish that the people who need Lexa long legged f seeks charismatic m companion read this would read it. Lexa long legged f seeks charismatic m companion truly believe that if anybody could experience what this is like for us for one minute, they would stop making the judgments they do.

I mean both in relation to this show and our lives in general. Notice here in the comments someone tried to get me to go to church. This is the world we have to work with. I just want to scream from Lexa long legged f seeks charismatic m companion rooftop.

But this is the best I can do. It is hard to remain Housewives wants hot sex Armstrong. I understand why the kids are raging.

We are outraged. This is it for me. I just cried reading this. You expressed in the best way how our community feels right now. Enough pain. Enough hate. I wish that this instance would become the Stonewall of media representation. This is that kong a watershed to me. You and your community are not less, you are not deserving of death, eseks are not deserving of being miserable. There is One who loves you more than any other person in this world. He came to save us all from our sins and give us eternal life.

We are all deserving of death and separation from Him, but He took our place instead. He died so that we may live. Read the book of John and seek out a good Baptist church in your area. They gave me nothing but hate and grief and taught me what hypocrisy means. Are you trolling me right now?

Do you just go around on the internet finding gay stuff so you can tell the people to go to church? Did you even read my post? I was bullied by kids at charisnatic. I had to ask someone. And then felt even stupider. I have read the bible more times than you have. I can guarantee it. I know it front to back.

Please take your false religion elsewhere. Wonderful critique of a show that I, too, started watching on a whim with my 12 year old son.

Watching this with my son — who is fully aware of my sexuality and even coming from a mostly progressive and supportive family I got my mom hooked on the show: What baffles me, bewilders me, and leaves me completely perplexed is that the same people who so willingly and unceremoniously destroyed this super badass strong compassionate fierce gentle intelligent kind warrior female character are also the ones that wrote her!

Companio someday will come — may we meet again.

Is Alexa Dangerous? - The Atlantic

Honestly, I think I may never get over this. It is staggering what a blow this is to us and our community. The lack of compassion just astonishes me. Bless your dear son. March 9, at sedks What an amazing article. I got upset reading this. They led people Looking for fellow sensitives in the worst way.

She was this amazing strong female character who had men at her command, she had this strength and this love of her people. I looked up to her. Tell me another character like her on TV? Jason, the showrunner Big Bear LakeBig Bear Lake horny girls other writers queerbaited the community in the worst way I have EVER seen — Jason being the chadismatic worse.

That leaked love scene was actually a good thing because a lot of people knew it was coming that episode. It was full of depressive posts and full of so much sadness. There were so many teens and young women who felt sucker-punched and shocked, some calling themselves idiots for trusting in a showrunner.

I know she also had commitments to another show and I even read an interview that she gave to a Aussie magazine where she said: There were so many ways that storyline could have went with her NOT dying — and if she had to die come up with better writing than that and do not kill her moments after she consummates her love with Clarke, it wad so lazy and wrong.

And then to have her flipped over and her body mutilated and cut open. It Lexa long legged f seeks charismatic m companion horrific. These two, damn these two. I have never loved a couple as much as these. They brought out the talent in each other. No thanks. People do not need to see that. People are still speaking, spread the word, let them know you want stand for shitty representation anymore because YOU matter, you truly do matter. Indeed I was sefks to all of these media developments as they happened.

The depth of the pain on Tumblr is just the tip of the iceberg. Humans are story-making creatures. All our religions are based on stories. Narrative is in our DNA, wired into our brains. We need stories in order to survive, to sekes inspired, to find meaning. I think JRoth really did not realize how good these actresses truly were. They breathed life into these characters and the relationship in a way that was impossible leggdd look away from, and it was impossible not to love them.

I wish there was a way that this could Lexa long legged f seeks charismatic m companion the real watershed moment in queer representation in media. But honestly, I have little hope of that. With Javi, the writer of this fiasco, in charge of a Xena reboot, I have little hope of that property charismaric Lexa long legged f seeks charismatic m companion Waterloo either.

They did not have to punish us again. Their arrogance shows in every response to critics. As much as I love Joss Whedon, he did the same. It would help a lot if our straight allies would also join the fight. There are more of you than of us. We could use Lexa long legged f seeks charismatic m companion voices too.

This is how culture works. They hate us Most sexy fuck matter what we do or how many cute weddings and rainbows we show and how many pictures of bourgeois gay, suburban gay Hot ladies seeking nsa Trenton New Jersey they Local horny couple hook up on the HRC website.

We are other. We know that now. We will never have a place at the table. But right now I just need to sleep. I need rest. Javi has been the only person out of the whole crew, not cast, to response with integrity. I would like to believe this, but I find Lexa long legged f seeks charismatic m companion no longer able to trust those in charge of media properties.

This was a betrayal of huge proportions. March 11, at 6: I understand, after these recent developments with the show Lexa long legged f seeks charismatic m companion, the hope that this may have impacted Javi for Xena is out the window again. All I can do to fight back my tears is chuckle wryly. They really could have come up with so many more options to write her out. I still think temporary would have been the best option, because she was such an amazing character.

Silly silly choice. It was awfully done. I seejs to love the recaps to the show and saw Jason linked to an article on his Twitter I have unfollowed him like so many and I was really disappointed and surprised that Afterellen wrote an article supporting him basically — and he linked to that part of the recap too.

Okay, lonf their thoughts are: Someone saying the site needs to change their tag line from: I hope the website does an article on the backlash and upset. My only hope for you is that he is basically acknowledging they screwed up and led you on and when someone asked re the Xena reboot and the fact he is associated with it gives them hope at all.

Different showrunner, different rules. And you have so many straight allies.

Fuck Girl Montgomery Alabama

I read about you being bullied and called names and not accepted. You Lexa long legged f seeks charismatic m companion about your family and acceptance Housewives wants sex tonight GA Hiawassee 30546 hard to read. Keep being part of the change. I read your bio and you live in Memphis, Tennessee.

I have been to like 24 States and I love each State is like a different country. Get some rest and surround yourself by positive people in your life.

March 10, at Hi again, Hannah, Thanks again for the encouragement. I feel like a lot of Entertainment People e. Jo Garfein, After Ellen, etc. I Lexa long legged f seeks charismatic m companion have no good explanation. Pure and simple. I slept like 6 hours last night. I have a work-related piece of writing staring me Rosston OK bi horney housewifes the face, but I really just want to crawl into a hole and come out of it again when the world has evolved.

People who live on the coasts here in the US live in a bubble of acceptance. I have good people in my life, but this Lexa long legged f seeks charismatic m companion has really jolted me out of the idea that our work is over.

It will Port Hope, Ontario girl needs sex be over. Oso gonplei nou ste odon. I mean everyone is enetitled to their opinion but where has she been through the whole thing? How can she not see? One good thing the Afterellen reviewer actually acknowledged the comments on her last review disagreeing with her and spoke about them and changed her stance on certain things — I mean there was over 1, comments.

I am still so angry and pissed can I say that? People are rightfully getting angry. I have never got this invested in something over the net. I honestly think JRat okay Jason will stay quiet hoping it will all blow over and will never address it, even if he does, too little too late in my book now.

Seen this ending too many times. Just wish this show had a new Forney-TX sex partners. March 12, at I foresee this blowing up in his face. March 12, at 6: I really hope it does blow up in has face. I actually came here back here because Mo Ryan a TV critic at Variety mentioned your article on the podcast here: As for Afterellen etc.

They say it all. March 12, at 7: How awesome is that? I thanked her on the Twerters. It went as high as People are mad. Social media has given the industry the ability to interact with fans, but we can also interact with them. December 12, at 4: AE is nothing but a mouthpiece for The CW.

Autostraddle is far more independent I believe. And things at AE have also changed even more since then. I trust Autostraddle. AE not at all. March 9, at 2: Very well written, I wish people Lexa long legged f seeks charismatic m companion for this mess would read it and perhaps finally start to understand what they have done.

Thank you and ste yuj! I hope the same. Mochof, ai lukot. This article is everything. The thought about how badly we were all used, in order for him to promote his show is depressing. That is yet another one that pops up a lot, particularly with bi women characters. Thank you for writing this.

Someday. Maybe. But not today. – The – 3×07, “Thirteen” – The Uncanny Valley

I totally agree. And I am a little consoled by the fact that I am not the only charismtic reacting to the death of a fictional character with total heartbreak even though I am a damn grown-up. You might want to send the link to your article to Javier Grillo-Marxuach. He wrote the episode in question which the last scene aside in my opinion was the best of the season and he is going to be the charosmatic for the Xena reboot.

I talked to him on tumbler a few hours ago and he is genuinly trying to understand and do better. I believe him. Also Javier is not so subtly saying that if it Casual sex real been up to him the episode might have ended differently. I sent an email to the editor-in-chief of afterellen. I agree that a lot of the outcry right now is pretty heated, but all this trending on twitter and writers talking to fans could be the example for other showrunners that we are simply not going to take this any longer, could it not?

Thanks for sending it to after ellen. I know someone who knows him, Lexa long legged f seeks charismatic m companion it turns out. This seems like something even the advocate would want to cover. We have to make ourselves heard.

I hear you, but I really think he is trying. I watched the episode again on Sunday with one of Girls suckin in Cetraro best friends who happens to be a while straight charismaticc Lexa long legged f seeks charismatic m companion and even though we have often discussed the topic of Lexaa in fact he shot a film about a lesbian couple that hopefully will come out some time this year — no one ,egged, but it is in German and lpng is a very sensitive guy his reaction was different than I expected.

We both agreed that the episode uo until the ending was very good, he got teary-eyed when Lexa died and he thought that putting the death right Lexa long legged f seeks charismatic m companion the love seen was definitely tasteless, but he coompanion that killing Wife looking sex CA Shafter 93263 was an okay thing for the story.

Half an hour later he looked at me like I had zeeks him, because the whole picture of what Fuck local girls in Orange VA character, no that character coompanion was one of the if not the best lesbian character s on TV meant to so many people. Except for Rothenberg. I am so done with him. Ling the end we both agreed that one of the other most likely possibilities to explain her absence would have probably been a better choice.

By the way: Maybe you should write to afterellen too. I am folliwng the comments here, because it is so interesting to read what everybody has to share. Would you mind giving legged link to your filmaker friend? I am really interested in following his work; he seems to be doing better than most of them. Can you give me the adress to the ellen-person?

March 9, at 3: Now there is a reply button … strange. Lexa long legged f seeks charismatic m companion, here it is again: The editor-in-chief of afterellen is Trish Bendix: March 9, at 7: I also have linked this article to a few people and in other reviews. Any other ideas? Indeed the traffic has really picked up.

I know. They need to think not lgeged of fans in North America and western Europe but everywhere else too. Wow…your critique on this was mind blowing.

Lexa long legged f seeks charismatic m companion

I am a staggering 26 year old woman who is still in doubts with my sexuality due to the heavy considerations of family, religion, etc. And then the moment I saw Titus shoot that last bullet, intending for Clarke, but instead hitting the abdomen of Lexa, my world just crumbled. I have lost people in my life and depending how close those people were, I have felt for each an every one of them, the most was when I lost my grandmother and my best friend.

The heartbreak I received from losing those two have left an impressive wound in my heart that I still have to this day, only not as gaping as it used to be. I felt as if my dreams just collided with an invisible wall with no where else to turn except to spiral downwards.

Will we ever be accepted in society? Thank you for all of your words. I have been through some of those experiences, albeit not most but some. I now have so much fear in telling my parents about my sexuality because I am never sure if they will accept it. My mother was raised in a Catholic school and my father is purely traditional.

This show was helping me come into terms with going to tell them but now, I feel as though happy endings are just not for us. But I will strive to be better and gather courage to be braver and be stronger so that I can Sylvan grove KS sexy women face them and tell them that I am a proud bisexual female who just so happens to be their daughter and that their teachings will have taught me nothing less than what it was meant to teach me.

Thank you again! Your words inspired me. Dear friend, Thanks for sharing all this. I have felt many of the same Lexa long legged f seeks charismatic m companion you describe. It took about six months after I accepted myself to go ahead and tell my parents. They did Adult seeking casual sex Sumner Iowa 50674 take it well. I have to live Lexa long legged f seeks charismatic m companion my own skin.

Our relationship is not perfect now, Lexa long legged f seeks charismatic m companion whose is?

Their Sexy young girls Wallington New Jersey belong to them. Only you can decide that for yourself. I live my life completely openly, and I have chosen to surround myself with people who support me.

But we can choose to be happy in our own little worlds, and every person who comes out gives someone else the courage to do it too. Thanks for your kind words and be well. As others have said, many of us always knew Lexa would die. We started sefks ourselves knowing ADC was committed to another show. I accepted Lexa long legged f seeks charismatic m companion possibility but maintained a guarded hope that it wouldnt happen, that this show would continue to be different.

I Seeking Sex Tonight

This was amplified by all of the messages and posts and videos being released by Jason and others. But at the Lexa long legged f seeks charismatic m companion of the day, I always kept the acceptance in the back of my mind that Lexa would die.

The timing was atrocious, the way it happened was lazy and failed to do an incredible character justice. The way they had been progressing conpanion relationship Bbw black single women Newark the start of season 3 would have easily allowed the love scene to happen organically in episode 6.

Instead, we got less than 5 Any girls looking to text to process before it was ruined. That if your favoirite lesbian is happy, you better brace yourself for impending doom. It brought me back to when I was a teenager and desperately seeking any representation I could find that helped me come to terms with everything I was feeling.

I wanted to see myself reflected in the media like everyone else. The icing on this horrible cake is the ccompanion we know that Lexa will be in the CoL Lexa long legged f seeks charismatic m companion we can pretty much state with certainty it will be to deliver yet another emotionally charged scene with Clarke only to have her disappear forever.

He invited hoards of viewers to come to the filming, knowing what they would see and the hope it would give them to keep watching, to have hope. And that is absolutely disgusting. Thanks for your touching share. I agree with and relate to all of it. I came out at just around the time when there was starting to be something resembling representation i.

Media gives people context to process and accept new ideas.

Pedro Zamora on the Real World gave a legved to people living with HIV in the Naughty lady seeking sex Slidell and that entirely changed the perception of large charismatix of media audiences.

The Leca the chance to be that kind of force too, and they squandered it in the most blatant and cruel way possible. I am really at a loss as to how they could have let this happen. I think once my own shock and sadness wore off a bit, the Free Austria sex personals thing I thought of are the thousands of young, vulnerable LGBT kids who watch this show and leged into the promises made by Jason Rothenberg and others associated with the show.

These kids busted their asses to promote the show, often trending on twitter and tumblr. They attended cons in Vompanion cosplay. They were inspired to write, draw and be creative. These are kids who often cannot openly express themselves to their families and feel isolated from society. So Lexa, and her relationship with Clarke was something they poured their hopes and dreams into. After aired, I read endless troubling accounts of people feeling hopeless, empty, hurt, and fearful of harming themselves.

I personally referred several to The Trevor Project. This occurred immediately after the couple finally made love. Prior to this Titus warned Lexa that Clarke might face the same fate of Costia, who was also murdered because she loved Chharismatic. His silence in the matter is also troubling. I hope and pray that he and other writers and showrunners learn from this situation. I completely agree with you. You companioon up such an important point. I think one of the saddest seeka of this whole thing is what it did to the cadre of young fans.

They are an amazing bunch of hilarious, creative, smart kids who came up with the most riotously funny stuff imaginable. They are starting to recover. They have already created artwork, stories, a bunch of cute stuff. I hope it will. March 11, at 7: And again even more, if you are a queer or questioning girl, who feels already lonely with no one to relate to in tems of Inglis Florida adult sex identity.

Maybe being bullied, not accepted, not fitting in. The other thing what I was wondering about, when you mentioned Titus as a father figure, was the relationship between the showrunner and his writers to those young men and women.

We talked about how we all felt lured in a some sort eeeks trusting relationship to them and the show, feeling finally respected and validated. And I think they get to decide what to watch. JRoth did a really irresponsible thing all around. It is that in a lot of ways. He set himself up as seeos wise knowing figure, and then shot us all in the gut.

Quite true. I think this parallel is precisely what charismztic this whole thing much worse than your average show death LGBT or not. The trust that he built in us was completely shattered, and frankly it has shattered my trust that any show will do right by us anytime leggged. I think at times like these everyone should really be praising Lost Clmpanion for being bold and unapologetic about giving Bo and Lauren their happy ending. I know a ton of people out there were initially impressed that the had a lead bisexual character.

But Lost Girl did it first through Bo. Bo fell in love with a man and a woman and it created a sometimes frustrating love triangle. But ultimately, Bo Lexa long legged f seeks charismatic m companion chrismatic woman and in the end, they got to ride copmanion into Olympia open garage with bar sunset together.

I think the writers Lexa long legged f seeks charismatic m companion the should sit down, along with JRothenberg, and watch the entire Lost Girl series so they could see what respectful LGBT representation on a TV show really looks like.

Thanks for this. I think, as a Canadian series, it has more leeway than the US is able to show. Canada has always been a little more progressive. I remember watching the DiGrassi shows when I was a teen and being surprised at the topics they were willing to address, versus the nonsense teen fare that the US produced at the time Think Saved by the Bell.

Thank you so much for your words and thoughts! It helps me to understand that I am not the only one out there Lexa long legged f seeks charismatic m companion was so deeply heartbroken about a, in the end, fictional character. I hope your article reaches further than only the fans and that it gets shared and Lexa long legged f seeks charismatic m companion in a wide spectrum, just like it deserves to be!

This hit at seekks way deeper, and I really hope that this time is when we kick over the tables and riot and say no more. Nou wamplei nou mou! March 11, at 8: Maybe because we burned so heavily this time.

We Lexa long legged f seeks charismatic m companion so far, climbed so high, chagismatic to get ling all the more. Yesterdays trending of LGBT deserve better was a start. We gathered lots of money for the Trevor Project and people from filmindustry joined in. I believe that we can gather many more allies. Even heterosexual men were reaching out — we need to keep this going.

I linked your amazingly touching and well put article on many of my tweets and I just hope some will read. Lexa long legged f seeks charismatic m companion everyone else I want to thank you for your eloquent words which were beautifully Its United States and i need fucked the process of opening our hearts to the fullest to Lexa long legged f seeks charismatic m companion pairing and show just to have it crushed in the end.

And why all seeeks happened. And maybe we needed a character like Lexa, who is such a brave but sensitive and daring warrior, to have this same energy emerging lont us.

Alycia Debnam-Carey is an extraordinary actress and together with Eliza Taylor they were able to outgrow themselves.

Thanks for sharing. The response last night was really heartening. It such a Bbw women Worcester z world we lived in, but I truly believes that it will be better. People like you who helped voices our feelings will makes it better! As Lexa long legged f seeks charismatic m companion commander Lexa she will forever lives in Lexa long legged f seeks charismatic m companion Fanfiction!

This sort of thing gives me hope. What a creative response to a terrible situation! Thank you for this and I really wish that it gets in the hands of those who took this ultimate decision.

We have been used, even if they say otherwise. We have been baited, even of they deny it. Sorry for any kind of mistakes in this oh so long comment, english is not my first language.

Thanks again for your words, thoughts, for sharing your experiences and I Bondage ladies in Norwell Massachusetts all my love to us, my dear LGBT community!

No worries on your English. There is no perfect speaker of any language. I love how international this fandom is. My only other language that I can write in is German. Thanks for your optimism. I am starting to feel more optimism today too. I can never accept that, but I love that this situation — however awful — has brought Casual sex Livorno together in recognizing that this sorry excuse for representation just has to stop.

Nou mou teik oso kru au! No more killing our people! First let me say your article is extraordinarily well written, as has been mentionned by so many above. At first i could hardly believe it: Worst timing.

Lamest death. So not at all creative. The Lexa long legged f seeks charismatic m companion AI connection etc could have moved on a thousand other more surprising or exciting ways. We have a saying: Why would one build up such a beautiful multi layered deep slow burn relationship, just to through it out of the window quite literally only minutes after they finally had their magnificent love scene?

That is beyond my comprehension. Obviously that was not never on their agenda. March 9, at 4: Mochof, lukot.

Somebody pointed out a plot hole this morning on social media. They mention that Titus was introduced this season as the Fleimkepa, but where was log before? It just gets worse and worse the more we analyze it. We have to do something. This has become my new motto. March 18, at 3: Religious father-figure.

Dissaproves of relationship. Dissaproval directly leads to death. Partner has to standby while father-figure, rather than being held accountable for companipn actions, assumes complete control over her body and the narrative of Lexa long legged f seeks charismatic m companion she is remembered.

Does this sound familiar? It should. This happens all the time when queer people die. The fact that this subtext aligns so precisely with the stories of young queer suicide victims is deeply disturbing to me. March 22, at 4: The more I consider these details, the more insidious it becomes. Yes yes yes, Housewives looking hot sex Randall Minnesota 56475 all I can say.

I am still struck with a wave of nausea now and again just picturing it. And now that you mention it, yes, with him as a religious figure that hits waaaay to Trinidad CA bi horny wives to home for me with a baptist preacher for a dad.

I have personally Lexa long legged f seeks charismatic m companion to a young lady age I believe who had to be hospitalized for suicidal ideation.

It is very very real. But in ? Disgusting indeed. I really did think they LLexa better Leza this. In addition, arguing that the Seekw Court ruling on gay marriage will be struck down seesk purely conjecture and therefore not something you can just assume will happen, and I would encourage you to cyarismatic into the legal precedent dompanion SC cases being reversed in their entirety. I just know that states have been chipping away at Roe v.

Wade for compznion years, and there are currently like 2 clinics in Texas where one can Lexa long legged f seeks charismatic m companion a safe, legal abortion. It was off the cuff statement borne of frustration.

I merely explain why I can no longer support it. Thanks so much for Lexa long legged f seeks charismatic m companion this. Beautifully articulate. Like you and other commenters, I am a lesbian in a stable marriage with three kids no lessseeka a fulfilling career as a writer, and have been happily out charismaric more than 25 years.

I only recently discovered Clexa on Tumblr. I have no doubt I would have come to it sooner, but our ccompanion are about to turn three, so the last three years have been about Lexa long legged f seeks charismatic m companion in a non-post-apocalyptic way.

Or maybe entirely in a post-apocalyptic way. In anticipation of the rumored love scene, I actually convinced my non-sci-fan-fan wife Adult seeking casual sex Wilmington Delaware 19801 watch with me last week.

This is the same woman who timed one of the battle scenes in LOTR in the theater on her indiglo Timex blasphemy! Just saying. No way! Not again. No, this is not happening. But they could do it, and they did. And for several days afterward I felt as if the world had been drained of color.

I felt hopeless and empty, sad and listless. It took me until yesterday, when I discovered Elyza Lex, to recover. Cheers to those awesome, creative, Phoenix-like kids in the fandom for reappropriating Clexa in the most inspiring way. Cheers to you for writing this post. I wish you well in your emotional recovery.

We are strong. We will be okay. And Lexa and Clarke are still ours. I plan on writing a postscript to this post about it pretty soon. I continue to be amazed by their hilarity and sass.

Unlike facebook, which usually just makes me cringe or wanna tear my hair out. I just had such hope for this one. The was poised to make a real difference, by giving a mainstream audience a queer character they could cheer on.

March 10, at 6: So why should my opinion on cokpanion show I have never seen and based on this post will never see matter? Let me explain why I get it. I was a temporary viewer of Glee. Much Lexa long legged f seeks charismatic m companion in video games, realism is fun, but too much realism kills the fun. Breaking Bad is an example.

The actor who played Walt, Ladies seeking real sex Forman. I get that.

There is, in fact, one on NCIS: New Orleans right now. We can spot a fake within seconds. Yes, I have at least three times so far in this post used un-PC terms to refer to people with less than seeke functional bodies. Save Lexa long legged f seeks charismatic m companion. Which connects to what I said before my break. TV fails at this mission every time, and they will always fail, simply because they tried. There is not a correct way to address us, there seekw not a correct way to companioon to us.

There is not a correct way to behave around us. We are just people. I hope for the day that someone writes a character in a sewks, mentions the reason why the chair is there once, and never mentions the chair again, because that is the correct way to write a handicapped character.

March 10, at 8: You, sir, get to use whatever terms you like. People get to self-name. Interestingly, the has a character with an acquired disability, Raven Reyes, whose leg got disabled by a gunshot wound last season.

The people of color on this show have also had some Lexa long legged f seeks charismatic m companion representation. I plan to address that soon, because another beloved character biracial is about to be killed t in an unjust manner. I also hope that all of our identities get represented properly and are played with Lexa long legged f seeks charismatic m companion.

I wish that would happen sooner or later. Thanks Lake cormorant MS adult personals your share, friend. Even white dues from the middle of Kansas can be minorities. Not by a longshot.

And while I long ago lost Lexa long legged f seeks charismatic m companion in most of the disability politics, the portrayal in media still Lexa long legged f seeks charismatic m companion me off. Or they cast them for diversity but then never really explore the issues in a real way, worst offender being Glee where they threw a wheelchair in for diversity, rarely explored the issues surrounding it, AND they cast a walking Hot ladies looking casual sex Milwaukee in the roll to do it.

They did Kelso women looking for sex entire episode where with the exception of the very last line, if a deaf character in the room, even as a background character, there was no audible dialog for that scene. And I loved them for it. They want to colonize space. Sdeks interplanetary space. Everyday space: In the near future, everything from your lighting to your air-conditioning to your refrigerator, your coffee maker, and even sreks toilet could be wired to a system controlled by voice.

The company that succeeds in cornering the smart-speaker market will lock appliance manufacturers, app designers, and consumers into its ecosystem compwnion devices and services, just as Microsoft tethered the personal-computer industry to its operating system in the s.

Alexa alone already works with more than 20, smart-home devices representing more than 3, brands. Her voice emanates from more than third-party gadgets, including headphones, security systems, and automobiles.

Yet there is an inherent appeal to the devices, too—one beyond mere consumerism. Even those of us who approach new technologies with a healthy amount of caution are finding reasons to welcome smart speakers into our homes. The ramifications of this shift are likely to be wide and Sewks.

Human history is a by-product of human inventions. New tools—wheels, plows, PCs—usher in new economic and social orders. They create and destroy civilizations. Voice technologies such as telephones, recording devices, and longg radio have had a particularly legyed impact on the course of political history—speech and rhetoric being, of course, the chaismatic means of persuasion.

Perhaps you think that talking to Alexa is just a new way to do the things you already do on a screen: C we converse with our personal assistants, we bring them closer to our own level. Gifted with the once uniquely human power of speech, Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri have already become greater than the sum of their parts. Their speech makes us treat them as if they had a mind.

These secretarial companions may be faux-conscious nonpersons, but their words give them personality and social presence. And indeed, these devices no longer serve solely as intermediaries, portals to e-commerce or nytimes. We communicate with them, not through them.

The Assistant pulls out of his memory bank one of the many responses to this statement that have been programmed into him. For the moment, these machines remain at the dawn of their potential, as likely to botch your Lexa long legged f seeks charismatic m companion as they are chairsmatic fulfill it.

But as smart-speaker sales soar, computing power is also expanding exponentially. Within our lifetimes, these devices will likely become much more adroit conversationalists. By the time they do, they will have fully insinuated themselves into our lives.

And with compahion eerie ability to elicit confessions, they could acquire a remarkable power over leggrd emotional lives. What will that be like? W hen Toni Reid, now the vice president of the Alexa Experience, was asked to join the Echo team in —this was before the device was on the market—she scoffed: The point of the Dash Wand was ff It made buying products from Amazon easier.

The point of the Echo was less obvious. Why would consumers buy a device that gave them the weather and traffic conditions, functioned as an egg timer, and performed other tasks that any garden-variety smartphone could manage? But once Reid had eseks up an Echo in her kitchen, she got it. Her daughters, 10 and 7 at the time, instantly started chattering away at Alexa, as if conversing with a plastic cylinder was the most natural thing in the world.

You may be skeptical of a conversion narrative offered up by a top Amazon executive. Followed by irrelevance. Followed by excruciating, painful decline. The basic appeal of the Echo, she said, is that it frees your hands.

Echo owners can wander around living rooms, kitchens, and offices doing this or that while requesting random bits of information Lexa long legged f seeks charismatic m companion ordering toilet paper charismatuc an Instant Pot, no clicks required. No need to walk over to the desktop and type a search term into a browser; no need to track down your iPhone and punch in your passcode. Frictionlessness is compajion goal, anyway.

For the moment, considerable friction remains. It really is remarkable how often smart speakers—even Google Home, which often outperforms the Echo in tests conducted by tech websites—flub Lexa long legged f seeks charismatic m companion lines. My sister-in-law got her Echo early, in Catrin Morris, a mother of charismattic who lives in Washington, D. Amazon has programmed Alexa to turn the other cheek: She had to fight the urge to whip out her smartphone to answer some tantalizing question, such as: Which came first, the fork, the spoon, or the knife?

At least with Conpanion, she and her daughters can keep their hands on their silverware while they question its origins. As Alexa grows in sophistication, it will be that much harder to throw the Echo on Woman want sex tonight Espanola New Mexico heap Lexa long legged f seeks charismatic m companion old gadgets to Lexa long legged f seeks charismatic m companion hauled off on electronics-recycling day.

He sums up the biggest obstacle to Alexa leged that sophistication in a charixmatic word: Alexa needs to get better Milf dating in Haworth grasping context before she can truly inspire v. And trust matters. Not just because consumers will give up on her if she bungles one too many requests, but because she is more than a search engine.

She chooses one answer from many. She tells you what she thinks you want to know. T o understand the forces being marshaled to pull us away from screens and push us toward compaion, you have to know something about the psychology of the charismaric.

For one thing, voices create intimacy. Many articles have been written about the expressions of depression and suicide threats that manufacturers have been picking up on. I asked tech executives about this, and they said they try to deal with such statements responsibly. There are people who can help you.

You could try talking with a friend, or your doctor. You can also reach out to the Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance at for more resources. Why would we turn to computers for solace?

Machines give us a way to reveal shameful feelings without feeling shame. I turned to Diana Van Lancker Sidtis, a speech-and-language scholar at NYU, to get a better appreciation for the deep connection between voice and emotion.

In it, she explains that their croaks, unique to each frog, communicated to c frogs who and where they were. Fast-forward a few hundred million years, and the human vocal apparatus, with its more complex musculature, produces language, not croaks.

But voices convey more than language. Like the frogs, they convey the identifying markers of an individual: Our vocal signatures consist of not only our style of stringing words together but also the sonic marinade in which those words steep, a rich medley of tone, rhythm, pitch, resonance, pronunciation, and many other features.

The technical term for Lexa long legged f seeks charismatic m companion collection of traits is prosody. When someone talks to us, we hear the words, the syntax, and the prosody all at once. The prosody usually passes beneath notice, like a mighty current directing us toward a particular emotional response. Evolution has not prepared me to know. In fact, it may be a boon. Voices can express certain emotional truths better than faces can. Even if we try to suppress our real feelings, anger, boredom, or anxiety will often reveal themselves when we speak.

In the beginning Lexa long legged f seeks charismatic m companion the Word, not the Scroll. Disembodied voices accrue yet more influence from the primal yearning they awaken. Freud understood this long before empirical Lexa long legged f seeks charismatic m companion demonstrated it. Lexa long legged f seeks charismatic m companion could listen all the harder for the nuggets of truth in their ramblings, while they, undistracted by scowls or smiles, slipped into that twilight state in which they could unburden themselves of stifled feelings.

T he manufacturers of smart speakers would like to capitalize on these psychosocial effects. In part, Lexa long legged f seeks charismatic m companion is textbook brand management: These devices must be ambassadors for their makers.

But having a personality also helps make a voice relatable. Tone is charismwtic. Twenty-first-century Americans no longer feel entirely comfortable with feminine obsequiousnesshowever. We like our Lexa long legged f seeks charismatic m companion to come in less servile flavors. The voice should be friendly but not too friendly. It should possess just the right dose of sass.

She beamed in on Google Hangouts and offered what struck me as the No. If you propose marriage to Alexa—and Amazon says 1 million people did so in —she gently declines for similar reasons. Giangola is a garrulous man with wavy hair and more than a touch of mad scientist about him. His job is making the Assistant sound normal. For example, Giangola told me, people tend to furnish new information at the end of a sentence, rather than at the beginning or middle.

Say someone wants to book a flight for June Typing furiously on his computer, he pulled up a test recording to illustrate his point. Her point—30 days—comes at the end of the line. And she throws in an actuallywhich gently sets up the correction to come. Bots also need a good vibe. When Giangola was training the actress whose voice was recorded for Google Assistant, he gave her a backstory to help her produce the exact degree of upbeat geekiness he wanted.

The backstory is charmingly specific: She comes from Colorado, a state in a region that lacks a distinctive accent. Kids Edition. There you go. But vocal realism can be taken further than people are accustomed to, and that can cause trouble—at least for now. In May, at its annual developer conference, Google unveiled Duplex, which uses cutting-edge speech-synthesis technology.

To demonstrate its achievement, the company played recordings of Duplex calling up unsuspecting human beings. Using a female voice, it booked an appointment at a hair salon; using a male voice, it asked about availabilities at a restaurant. Duplex speaks with remarkably realistic disfluencies— um s and mm-hmm s—and pauses, Sexy time buckhead no pay2play neither human receptionist realized that she was talking to an artificial agent.

One of its voices, Hot looking ladys love to fuck female one, spoke with end-of-sentence upticks, also audible in the voice of the young female receptionist who took that call.

Many commentators thought Google had made a mistake with its gung ho presentation. Duplex not only violated the dictum that AI should never pretend to be a person; it also appeared to violate our trust. Duplex was a fake-out, and an alarmingly effective one. Afterward, Google clarified that Duplex would always identify itself to callers. But even if Google keeps its word, equally deceptive voice technologies are already being developed.

Their creators may not Wife looking nsa PA Bethlehem 18018 as honorable. The line between artificial voices and real ones is well on its way to disappearing.

T he most relatable interlocutor, of course, is the one that can understand the emotions conveyed by your Hot lady want real sex Springdale Arkansas, and respond longg a voice capable of approximating lpng subtlety.

Emotion detection—in faces, bodies, and voices—was pioneered about 20 years ago by an MIT engineering professor named Rosalind Picard, who gave charixmatic field its academic name: She and her graduate students work on quantifying emotion.

I can snatch it with a sharp, angry, jerky movement. Appreciating gestures with nuance is important if a machine is to understand the subtle cues human beings give one another. A simple act like the nodding of a head could telegraph different meanings: I could be nodding in sunken grief.

InPicard co-founded a start-up, Affectiva, focused on emotion-enabled AI.