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According to city statisticians, the block of Hyde Cokpany, a span about the length of a football field in the heart of the Tenderloin neighborhood, received 2, complaints about street and sidewalk cleanliness over the last decade, more than any other.

The San Francisco bureau photographer, Jim Wilson, and I set out to measure the depth of deprivation on a single block. We returned a number of times, including a hour visit, from 2 p. Human waste has become such a widespread problem in San Francisco that the city in September established a unit dedicated to removing it from the sidewalks.

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The sidewalk in front of her office was stained with Lxdy. The street smelled like a latrine. Warren said. As she does every morning, she hosed down the urine outside her office.

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The city has installed five portable bathrooms for the hundreds of unsheltered people in the Tenderloin, but Forney-TX sex partners has not stopped people from urinating and defecating in the streets. Over the last five years the number of unsheltered homeless people in San Francisco has remained relatively steady — around 4, — and the sidewalks of the Tenderloin have come to resemble a refugee camp.

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The city has replaced more than lampposts corroded by dog and human urine over the last three years, according to the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission. Replacing the poles became more urgent after a lamppost collapsed incrushing a car.

Young Women's Freedom Center

A more common danger are the thousands of heroin needles discarded by users. The Franfisco Works Department and a nonprofit organization in the Tenderloin picked upneedles from the streets over the last year. The Public Health Department, which has its own needle recovery program, has a more alarming figure: It retrievedneedles in August alone, both through a disposal program and through street cleanups.

Larry Gothberg, a building manager who has lived on Hyde Street sincekeeps a photographic record of the heroin users he sees shooting up on the streets.

He swiped through a number of pictures on his phone showing users in a motionless stupor. Gothberg said.

Hyde Street is in the heart of the Tenderloin, a neighborhood of aging, subsidized single-occupancy apartment buildings, Vietnamese and Thai restaurants, coin laundromats and organizations dedicated to helping the indigent. Disputes among the street population are common and sometimes result in violence. At night bodies line the sidewalks. We met Mr.

*We all have the right for our gender to be respected and the right to be free from limiting conceptions of masculinity and femininity. At Young Women's Freedom. We partner with tech companies to offer tech apprenticeships with living and childcare stipends and job We offer six months of free, full-time tech training with living stipends and laptops to Bay Area women and non-binary adults with low Street, sidewalks, and building in the Tenderloin neighborhood of San Francisco. Women Organized to Make Abuse Nonexistent, Inc. (W.O.M.A.N., Inc.) has operated since as a "W.O.M.A.N., Inc. is a vital San Francisco-based charity.

Leising late one evening after he had finished a shift as a server at a restaurant. As we toured the neighborhood, past a man crumpled on the ground next to empty beer bottles and trash, Mr. Leising told us that the daily glimpses Frse desperation brought him to the brink of depression. Leising said.

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But many feel they do not do enough. Newsom said. Mayor London Breed, who was elected in June, campaigned to clean up Lady Like Company to San Francisco Free. Breed has announced plans to provide an additional 1, beds for the homeless over the next two years, but she is also targeting a relatively small group of people living on the streets who she says are beyond the point of assisting themselves.

The concept of this involuntary removal is known as conservatorship.

Breed said in an interview. According to Ms. The majority of these heavy users have medical, psychiatric and substance use issues, according to the department.

Breed has made unannounced inspections of neighborhoods, sometimes carrying a broom. On a Saturday morning in September she walked past a woman on Hyde Street slouched on the pavement and preparing to plunge a syringe into her hand.

Lady Like Company to San Francisco Free

Since opening on Hyde Street he has Compwny engaged in a battle with drug users in the neighborhood, who break the branches Lady Like Company to San Francisco Free a London plane tree in front of his shop and use the sticks to clean their crack pipes. This harvesting of twigs has killed the previous four trees, Mr. Gustafik said. At Mr. Toward dusk and into Beautiful couples searching sex Huntington night the block of Hyde becomes an impromptu food and flea market.

Many items for sale were incongruous: A man hawked six shrink-wrapped packets of raw steaks that he cradled precariously as he called out for buyers.

No one asked where he got them. At dawn, crews from the city and private organizations arrive to pick up needles and trash.

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But the sidewalks soon become crowded again and the litter accumulates. Mario Montoya Jr. Standing on a street corner as another city employee power-washed the sidewalk, Mr.

Montoya described a Sisyphean cycle of cleanup and filth. Montoya said. Life on the Dirtiest Block in San Francisco.

The Franvisco tree On a recent afternoon we dropped by a barbershop on Hyde Street. A Sisyphean clean up. A version of this article appears in print onon Page A11 of the New York edition with the headline: The Vile Side: Open in the app.