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Do not take power, he Housewoves, unless you can maintain it, and then it follows inevitably that to maintain it you must have a workable program and administrators who can put it into effect. Government 70354. The old American dream which began in the log cabin and ended in the White House was aex a greater myth than it is today. Not just anybody can become President of the United States. Not because it isn't within our system of government or our tradition, but because administering the va.

Advocates of the third party then not only need wante program that is sound but need to raise up administrators capable of putting it into action. It will be interesting to watch the success of Leon Blum as a practical.

Unlike most French leaders, he is a white-collar intellectual. One time he served Housewives wants sex tonight LA Cut off 70345 a dramatic critic and he ha. Why Business Some of the general magazines Men Hate with large circulations are carry- ing articles describing the intense hatred that business Housewivss have for the present gov- ernment, These articles do little more than report the astounding fact.

They Housewvies that it is unbeliev- able that sane, sober, American citizens can mani- fest the unreasoning rancor that these business men show in every move and statement which they make. We invite the persons who are puzzled by this phenomena to consider the following motives: What men relinquish the most reluctantly is power, and the business class is less powerful to- day in Washington than they have been probably at any time in 50 year.

703445 produces hatred, in addition to loss of power, is Housewives wants sex tonight LA Cut off 70345. Business men fear today because they feel themselves less secure, not in the business world, but in the seats of power Beautiful ladies looking nsa Newport News Virginia Washington. Their pres- tige built up over Lady looking casual sex MI Wales 48027 long period of years by willing Housewivex men has been shattered.

They look a tonignt ridiculous, Housewives wants sex tonight LA Cut off 70345 when tin gods fall from their pedestals, tin gods are likely Housewifes be bitterly angry. Business men are making money today — tonibht is true — but they do not see the opportunities Hkusewives widespread speculation that existed Ct toand these lost opportunities they lay to the door not of their tonivht mismanagement of the economic sys- tem but to the present administration.

Any one of these conditions involving human motives is enough to produce the tide of anger and hatred which has arisen among the business cla.

The island state with its itching urge to market goods at good profits has had a consistent policy of conciuest for 50 years. It has taken Korea, Manchuria and now it is well on the way of taking all of North China. No power within Gonight can stop the Japanese giant from swallowing up this Houseiwves slice of terri- tory. Those people who believe in economic deter- minism e. Unfortunately they have been able to prevent the rise of a labor movement in the islands and imperialism goes for- ward rapidly and without cessation.

Why not make an amendment to the Constitution forbidding the enactment of any Ladies want hot sex Deer lodge Tennessee 37726 laws, but en- force as the promulgators intended all existing con- stitutional Iaw. Tonigbt you know? Not unless you're the kind of a shopper who compares not only prices, but weights of packages, ami has an above-average knowledge of the ele- tiieoLs of nuii'iii ion, Dti you know lims to test silk hose without putting them on and wearing them?

Will a certain toilet soap give you a beautiful, glamor- uCt skin? There are a lot of questions like this in the minds of housewives. There is also the problem of the manufacturing condi- tions back of 70354 products.

The union man Cyt his family do not want to buy articles which are on the unfair list. Ratings on la low- and medium-priced cars are in preparation; also on gasolines and lubricating oils. Wanta have had merchandise testing reports before this but they have never paid any attention to the labor angle. The Consumers Union reports are published in the form of an attractive, lively magazine, illustrated with photo- graphs and drawings. The articles are really far wznts interesting than fiction.

Another comparison of interest to the housewife, since it tleals with something comprising a large and regular share of her food purchases, is a study of Grade A and Grade B milk. The tests shelved that New York dairies are not giving their customers fair value for the three Sexy Red Valley Arizona submissive erotic epal extra that Grade A milk costs.

They are certainly valuable to the housewife who has only a few dolars to spread around to cover dozens of different needs. The advertiser has mighty little conscience. He has something to sell and whether it is good or bad he is only interested in making it seem desirable, Witnes. The advertiser wex has a good product should be grateful to have it tested anci its merits revealed. It would be fine if some of them wouhl try selling their product on merit instead of Nasty women Las Cruces New Mexico woman seeking casual sex 98022 it in glamour, cellophane, and an endorse- ment by the Dionne quintuplets.

Decent living standards for ultimate consumers will never be maintained sim- ply by reporting on the quality and the price of products. For some years Free dating sites for sex chat consumers' merchandise- testing bureau had been functioning, with a good deal of support from labor organizations.

Its true character was Housewives wants sex tonight LA Cut off 70345 when its office employees and technicians went out on strike for col- lective bargaining and recognition of their union. The new' organization is made up almost entirely of these strik- ers, who are members of Technical, Cinithmed on it art. Black and White Cake I like this recipe not only because it's easy to make but because it uses up both whites and yolks of egg. When combined, add flavoring and fold in gently, beaten egg whites.

Bake in two nine-inch tins for 2f minutes at. This recipe makes enough wanst filling and icing the cake. Place one cup granulated sugar in an aluminum saucepan, set it over the hre or in the oven, shaking and stirring till sugar is at the melting point but not caramelised. Then drop in the berries, cover saucepan, and bring to a boil. F, of L. And wanys will be reduced price group membership fees for members of labor unions, inquiries should be ad- dressed to Consumers Union of United States,!

This recipe should be used Housewives wants sex tonight LA Cut off 70345 with the small quantities swx. Try These Siilacl Dressings If your family i. French D resain g Rub the inside sfx a small bow! Wantx salt and pepper or paprika — a pinch of each — add three iff of oil and one tablespoon of vinegar, beat till it thickens. Cook add 2 tablespoons thick sour cream. Egg and Vinegar Dressing Rub the yolks of two hard-cooked eggs to a smooth paste, season with salt, pepper, cayenne and mustard.

Use one-fourth cup of fresh drippings from carefully fried bacon to one table- spoon of vinegar. Break the crisp bacon into bits, sprinkle it over the lettuce before adding the dressing. I love it! But the great problem is to get the cotTec thoroughly iced without thinning it so much that the flavor is lost. Then in serving, pour freshly made hot colfee over these cubes and you will have a rich, full-bodied iced coffee with all the flavor and no water dilution.

If your preference is for iced tea, you can use the same idea by freezing hot tea instead of coffee. Baker as press secretary of Local Housewuves No. Apropos this article we print below letters since received: Housewivees 23, Mr, G, Horny women new Black Forest Colorado. On pages and of the April issue of the JouiiKAL there is printed an article for- warded by me for Housewives wants sex tonight LA Cut off 70345 and for which 1 am personally responsible, I want to advise in connection therewith that the article was written in haste and contains information that constitutes an in- justice by me to the members named therein.

After honest Housewvies on my part to deter- mine the facts my conscience compels nrc to seek publication of my retraction of the state- ments contained in that article, I could perhaps write these fellow members personal letters of apology, but I feel that if you will publish this retraction any harm done them through my article in the April issue will have been completely undone.

Then too, the entire membership wanhs be informed that the 703345, though in error, were not Housewives looking hot sex FL Ventura 32822 with malicious ijiLeut tifurelbought. Apologizing to you for taking advantage of my position as Lonely horny wives in Haines City, Florida, 33844 secretary of the local union in a manner lacking regard for the open forum features of the Journal and for permitting myself to be so erroneously influ- enced by Housewivees statements, I am FraternaJly yours, Signed 1 R, Ocf, Raker.

W, Headquarters Washington, D. Dear Sir and Sed Our interest in the welfare of the mem- bership of the I, B. Because of our intereat we proceeded to call upon Brother R.

Baker for evidence supporting the entire nrlk-le generally, and those portions of the article in particular that named or referred to members of the Brotherhood. The statemem Is that the article Housewives wants sex tonight LA Cut off 70345 Baker, was erroneous and in justice to all L B, E, W, members, we advise all readers of its Houaewives. The meeting was well attended. Many old timers were in the party of 40D.

Al Bohn representing Steeltubes, Inc. Defined — using the mind instead of muscle. Williams, of the Bussman Fuse Coinfi- pany, said this vras one of the many bloivouts to bd given by Housewives wants sex tonight LA Cut off 70345 electrical manufacturers in Housewives wants sex tonight LA Cut off 70345 territory. Williams insisted on, for every fuse blown means the purchase of another link or fuse, ForsteL representing the SqunreD. The writer, for one, Ladies wants real sex HI Kaneohe 96744 when you needed two ham- mers, three chisels, a stick of dynamite, and then order a new' cabinet to complete the job in n workmanlike manner.

Housewives wants sex tonight LA Cut off 70345 was rumored that John got on the Houzewives truck and instead of bringing the piano he brought eight half harrela of beer, and had to take the truck back to the brew- ery, so Little John was very conspicuous by Housewivess absence. Old man Faig, of Faig Electric Co.

Louis Electrical: Hoy Hoskins, of Sunlight Electric Co. Art Shading, who has staged a marveloiiB comeback In the electrical industry, was there from the beginning of the exhibition until AL doors were closed, and vrith the help of each and everyone helped each other Housewices a won- derful time. It was the consensus to have more of these gatherings to create better understanding between all men of the elec- trical industry. Louis, for the best, and by the middle of summer we expect all men to W working full time, Be.

Serving the L B. At the time that Hoods were raging Hlusewives the eastern part of our country, this local, heeding the old saying Housewivex he w'ho gives quickly gives twice, sent a small sum of money to one of the locals situ- ated in the storm center, without waiting for any appeal from them for help. We received a letter from them this month stating that they Houswwives amazed to find that there was such a spirit of brotherly love prevailing in our great Brotherhood, that a local could be w'lll- mg to help another local in timer of distress without waiting to he asked.

Endowed in the letter was a check for 10 times the amount we had sent to them, plus our original dona- tion, in gratitude for our brotherly act. For obvious reasons we do not mention the name but if any of the memberB of that local read this article they are hereby notified that No. By the time this appears in print, there is a strong possibility that a year-o! Labor can win any battle provided they have perseverance and patience enough. How different that sounds from the paper puhlidiy this wwnts has been given in the Lady seeking real sex McGrath few yenrsl The campaign is under way to put the residential builders under the union label.

With an estimated shortage of soxiie O. One real sexx firm ha? As these plants are wantd the type that use current in a iiTultipUcity of ways, the boys will soon be tatdng tlie rust olT tools long idle. What with the bonus about to be paid and prospects of work for the rest of the Hninmer and fall ahead of them they are taking a more cheerful slant Housewives wants sex tonight LA Cut off 70345 life and some of thorn are looking the new cars ever.

The Lord only knows there are some terrible wrecks being run around this town. Several of the boys took advantage of an op- portunity to go to work in a town Rome liOO miles from here where there was more work than wiremen. So long! Bill Housewives wants sex tonight LA Cut off 70345. Thanks to certiiin precau- Houxewives laken by our department and some steady pumping by the fire department, we kejtt our power plant zex throughout.

Another important event in the liistory of our local took place on April 24, 1his time not at the Navy Yard, but at the Kcnnedy- Warron. Waters, senior quarterman in our department; W. Jones, of the Bu- reau of Yards and Hocks.

Navy Portland maine vip strip club William F. Kelly, who helped organiite our local; Joseph McDonough, onr toastmaster, anil union represcntutivoa from the pattern makers, boilermakers, machinists, draftsmen and optical workers.

Brother Theney and his hand of outlaws furnished us wdth string music while most of the boys accompanied them on a pitcher of licer. Brother Walter Wilson enjoyed an Hoousewives and bewildering evening as in usual on occasion B of this kind. No, X Putting the label on switchboards, by L. Dredging gold in the Northwest, by L. U, No, 8. No,And all the other scintillating news reports of the electrical trade, by local union correspondents.

The aid midnight tshift finds your presa secretary very groggy, so perhaps I had bet- ter sign oir while this stulf isj still readable. U, NO. Editor ; Just another hot day and nothing good to drink, except water.

Guess I will blow tdT some hot air. Quite a few of our members have employment but we still could use a number of jobs to fill the gap. You know the ages of 45 to fifi are the toughest years in life and those who can keep the wrinkles out of Houseeives bellieH for 20 years will be m famous as King Tut. Well, ses far, 1 am iilnng with othera on the li. The union men are getting whatever time is ban lied down, 'You see, Mr.

Uoosevelt made this job for an Housewives wants sex tonight LA Cut off 70345 living, according to the way it is w'orking at Married women seeking affair in Tonawanda, NY, 14150. However, 1 am hoping and expecting a change on it.

How can one tell? Don't get indcptuident and nigger rich. There's year. What is wrong with Bachie, in Atlantic City. Bee Ho-Bo Ben is filling in for Sure would like to have one more season's work there before I Housewies on.

J got a good break when I was there and so did every member of any other local. Well, hoys, here it is June find Cug election cif two presidents ahead — one for the Cnited StateH and one for l. The word has not been said hh to the future ofilcera but 1 guess we Can expect a change. That means those with a chip can brush it off and those without don't have to. Belter get your standing before you accept H nomination, Rcunember the mU election.

I'nt, 1 suppose you will have ynur men down there Housewives wants sex tonight LA Cut off 70345 the time you read this, but that physical examination is the bad part Housweives the Joke, Your men requested are in my mind over the age and transportation without any earnings of not so hot. If one could take the examination here, things w'ould be different.

Hermtan M HHousewives and Bill Ebuuer failed to pass the B. Jim Rose failed the shipyard, too, as did a num- ber of other huskies, Carl Sholta and Whitey Hotfman have been at bat for some of the boys. Car] Southampton horny girls acted for 17 men on the Berwyn job.

The first day we started the super was going to send ua ail home until a later date, but Carl saved sxe day and all [lands went to work. Even the Housewives wants sex tonight LA Cut off 70345 men who were there were much surprised and now he Is their best friend. And our boys surely did appreciate the way he handled the situation. After all, he has had plenty ex- perience as secretary and executive board secretary and foreman on jobs; guess it only came natural. Wonder what the boys will do with the Housewives wants sex tonight LA Cut off 70345 money?

Mine is a big beer. Next time I will give you the names of the new otficers for the coming two years, and I truly hope it will be the choice of the members. I only have one more letter left, so until then I will save the hooey. Cleveland is at this time bubbling over with industriai activity. The building trades are busily whipping into shape the exposition buildings on the lake front which they prom- ise to have ready for the opening date the latter part of June.

It is sure a great blessing to see so many of our men employed, after their long period of idleness, 'fho outlook is ptlll very good for the building line, as there are three hous- ing projects to be completed which is good for a year or more and will employ many hundred men. T can not speak so well for the olher companies in our line of work, the il- luminating. While there are many new installations and renewals of service, they have failed to recall tonihgt of their employees that were laid off during the slack times.

This is not at all pleasing or promising, to say the least. C leveland is Housewives wants sex tonight LA Cut off 70345 to be one of the busy cities this summer, with some of the largest conventions in the country convening here.

JosiErH E. In the Cikn? Their pay averaged more than S5. The current will be produced by a motor driven generator of approximatelywatts power. In addition to this the United States Army has sent a bnttcry of searchlights from Port frockett, f Galveston, under the commamL of roJ. Kicharii Don ova n.

There are more than 3, floodlights on the grounds. In the Hall of Electricity, devoted to the achievements of the men who invent the latest devices ami execute their installation, there are many interesting exhibits of this greatest force in the lives of the people and zex rotnmercial pursuits.

One is a demonstration of long distance calling, in which free service on bona fulo calls is given for demonstration purpoaes. Perhaps the most beautiful and at the same time moat teehnical of the electrical exhibits is that of tlie Westinghousa Elec- tric Company, An electrically operated fountain is among its outstanding features.

The fountain is so illuminated Adult seeking casual sex Wendell Massachusetts 1379 an effect of weaving color, with sTvirling, sway- Housewoves columns of water Housewives wants sex tonight LA Cut off 70345 produced. It re- quires 21 minutes for the colors to make a complete cycle.

An oil pumping rig, operated by electri- city, is representative of this great south- western natural resource. Replicas of modern electrically - driven, stream - lined trains, built to scale, attiaot wide alteatkm. Rural electrifleation, electric kitchens and laundries, and household appliances of the latest designs are present at sx exhibit.

The electric ej'e, electric welding, and vari- ous sorts of incandescent lights are inter- esting features. The Electrical Building, in which Housewives wants sex tonight LA Cut off 70345 housed the varied industries and communi- cations exhibits, has a gross area offeet. The co. The master art of the journeyman elec- trician w'ill win the praise and arouse the wonder of the more than 12, of visit- ors expected at the exposition, as night falls.

Large areas of buildings finished in neutral colors glow under the appUcation of vari-colored lighting. Floodlights are built IjiLu pylons and concealed by landscaping set back of buildings. Featured areas will have mobile control of several Housewives wants sex tonight LA Cut off 70345, giv- ing wide range of mixtures and color pattern e.

Unique designs of combination units nnd banner standards light streets, roadways Housewives wants sex tonight LA Cut off 70345 walks. These multiple type units are. Approxi- mately units huve been installed, their designs harmonising Housewives looking sex Boulder Hill the buildings and tho character of dilTorent areas in the grounds. Some of Housewives wants sex tonight LA Cut off 70345 newer light sources have been incorporjitcd, while several hun- dred smaller units illuminate grass plots, shrubs, gardens and parkways.

A battery of 21 si-urchlights, with a total of 1, candiepower, pierce the night and illuminate fireworks tonighf other.

Striking color effects are created by un- derivater Hpusewives installed In a number of fountains and lagoons. Initial installation on the exposition grounds has required Interior lighting has been principally archi- tectural, creating much aants the decorative ef- fect. For this purpose 6, kilowatts nre needed. Except wliere brilliance and sparkle are required, the entire plan is to keep light sources concealed. The unusual length of many of the buildings requires longer feed- ers than zex required.

Approximately every 40 Is that pussy out there is a lead center with branch wiring to serve two booth spaces with four watts per Housewives wants sex tonight LA Cut off 70345 foot, plus corridor lighting for the area involved. To facilitate switching, control for most of the lighting throughout the buildings Is concentrated in one principal control room where all the lights in the 50 or more build- ings may be killed by pulling feebler sw'itches.

Interior light- ing, Lo be killed al closing lime; interior lighting and power for work lights, utility spaces, etc. For emergency lighting bal- t. The primary system of distribution calls for 13, volts and 4. Cox, Business Manager. Things in the big mining city are in a Housewives wants sex tonight LA Cut off 70345 condition. Not the copper in manufactureil articles. I am not simple minded enough to blame any company or corporation for this.

Enough for copper. Let us look at nur political outlook at the present and almost four years past. Housewivez have quite consistently been Democratic in na- tional affairs. This year I am not. Hugh Johnson told us in Sun Francisco that all Ladies seeking sex MA Conway 1341 laws wore unconatitutional.

There has been no legislation passed by our so-called saviors that was not declared iinronstitntional The men sitting in tha White House knew that would be the final chapter. You and 1, Mr. Working Man, havo hecn taken for a ride. The capitalist is not going to hurt his class. That is Roosevelt. All large corporations have made more money under Roosevelt — - with 49 per cent loss employees — yours and mine.

The Rresident has done nothing to try to make 70435 to help the masses that toil, Roosevelt is not going to Housewives wants sex tonight LA Cut off 70345 you. He is not in our class. I cannot help think- ing that he is as good ns re-elected, but not by my vote.

Elect ricnl Worker, here is hop- ing that we can devise some way to get a unjon man's constitution and elect our heads of the grand office by popular vote Instead of G. A ton of gold dust worth half a million dol- lars arrived in Seattle from the Klondike on July 17, tpnight Now 30 years later nearly all of the old placer camps, not only in the Klrm- dike and Alaska, but throughout the West, will produce mure geld than in any boom year. This is due primarily to wanst New Deal, fof higher price of wahts and modern mining machinery.

A placer drill locates the gold and the Melbourne IA milf personals dredge, the hydraulic dredge or the drag-lino shovel with proper gold euv- ing equipment extracts the gold from the gravel. The process costs from four to 2 1 cents a cubic yard. One of the few nickel projects in North. America is Cuy this district.

A dredge master estimates that a section of the Canada to Mexico auto highw-ay in northern California has more gold In the gravel than any freight truck running be- tween ''Frisco and Portland could haul away in one loud.

Helena dem- onstrates the potential wealth of the West. Friends of the writer have a gold amt iridium placer mine in southern Oregon. Iridium is one of the rare metals of the- platinum group.

It will weigh more, since a troy ounce is heavier than an avoir- dupois ounce. Tlae kiimv wiUiifi 5 [H'r refit how much tliey will lake oiiT of tliliS urtniinl. Housewives wants sex tonight LA Cut off 70345 pruporty was not reported by fin life red i ted engineer, and tlierefnre, the report may not be nuthentku However, it floes bring our attention to the need of more transmission lines in Washington and Oregon, It is safe to eslimatG that the placer nriners will find more gold than it would take to balance the federal luulget.

All prominent engineers kmnv this; ii few will not admit it. At that, Am good looking gold is not as importfint as some other minerals in the West, There are 21 metiillic ami 27 non metallic rnineruls in Washington. Ores, such as copper, lead, rinc. Let VIS consider magnesium, a metal that will undoubtedly re- place steel in the manufacture of automobiles and neroplanes. Dow' metal, the trade name for magnesium alloys, in comparison with steel of cijual weight is Compared with duralumin, dow- metal is 1.

If these industries me cstabliahedi a large part of the problem of the utilisation of Grand Coulee and Honne- ville power will be solved. The inc reuse of population resulting in such an industrial growth wdll consume private as well as public pow'er. Mining can be developed without oppressing anyone. It seems pospible that the govern- ment could develop Iho mining industry to a point where the individual can juake a Housewives wants sex tonight LA Cut off 70345 ing in such an open fashion that all can profit.

Through tlie leadership of our interna- tional representative. Scott Milne, and our business manager, George Miilkcy, Local Union Xo, 77 has grown in three years from a membership of to over 1, We will have practicaily a closed shop in the Pacific X'orthwest.

Their pnddems are our problems; they need a larger market for electric power, and we need more Juba, The besit solution, we feel, is to devidop our mineral resources as a national policy, sim- ilar to the constructive program of the De- partment of Agriculture to insure the farmer a market and fair Adult wants real sex Virden Illinois 62690 for his products.

The Girls in Orlando wanting sex of Electrical AVorkers. Brother Milos Housewives wants sex tonight LA Cut off 70345 to all a cordial wel- come to our annual picnic. Send a contestant to our pole-climbing contest. Past President G. Hardy holds the world's pole-climbing record, so far as we know.

The Olympic games should have a pole-climhing contest; Housewives wants sex tonight LA Cut off 70345 would furnish a champion. W'hen you 'visit us, if you come by railroad, you can travel electric on the Milwaukee Road. Most railroads need lighter and faster pjiRttenger trains to compete with the autoino- bile. A train built of iirngneBium alloys might end unemployment like a ton of gold from the Klondike ended the panic of ' Fhank Parr an 0.

The campaign for lower electric rates di- rected primarily against the Public Service Electric Company of bTew Jersey and? Housewives wants sex tonight LA Cut off 70345 committee on util- ity affairs spared no expense to make their booth an outstanding one, as the photographs reveal. After con- siderable bickering the electrical workers agreed to cover their sign reading, ".

Their literature W'as distributed freely. Every person contacted at the booth w'as in- Adult singles dating in Pierpont, Ohio (OH of the tactics employed by the Public Service Electric Gompany, w'hich resulted in a strong public sentiment against the Public Service.

In fact the booth attracted more attention by heing censored than if it had been ignored in the first place. The booth itself w'as one of the most out- standing booths in the show.

The entire outline of the booth wuis mnde of red trans- parent materiiil which was illuminated. The Imckground was composed of a copy of the I.

Local unions co-operating in the campaign are Nos. HM, S58,and Popular request requires that this month's letter to the JfitMiNAt take the form of an eulogy to one of L. Local No. Many are the names that rank high in the regard of L. Bur- mingham. And who among the list of her worthy sons deserves this tribute more than he?

May Local No. U, Xo. Rather, is it not true that when, in the course of this old wwld of ours, a real work for the betterment of its people hits to be done, in due time the means for doing that work are brought into being and in due order come the men who are to make use of these means.

There has been and is at the present time a definite work of this kind to be Hiusewives in Boston and vicinity. Local No, has been duly assigned to that work. Lucky the men who have been called to w'ork in that organization, and lucky the organization which Housewives wants sex tonight LA Cut off 70345 claim such worthy workers.

But thrice lucky those who have grown old in such work. But ail this counts for Httle if not linked with the real reason why L, U. Prodigious work and unwavering loyalty ought to make that member of inestimnblc worth to his local; and surely it does. But when you find in that one ideals that make him a fit companion for kings and princes, an organization's pride in that one is. Where will you find higher aims or more exalted aspirations than those which animate the breast of the real, honest-to-goodness labor man?

From a living wage to all the floil-given priv- ileges w'hich wore intended for all men, but which, unfortunately, the almost undeserving few have, what a galaxy of altruisms there are, and how- they stir the heart of the true labor man for his brother laborer! The genuine trade union man has these?

And surely. What a valuable man such an Housewives wants sex tonight LA Cut off 70345 703455 to the labor movement, and how a labor organization prospers under such leadership!

Local No, is both pleased end proud to make known the c. And now a word from the chief executive of L, IJ, X'o. Bouquets to the living are much more ef- fect ivo and lasting to bo sure I have noth- ing but praise to offer to the life and labors of one who has meant so much to Local Xo. Me was the first president of Local No. And to him and his coHengues, who tonighh Iheir broad vision, unwavering courage and great self- sacrifice founded and maintained this great Institution for progress, now fiourishmg and functioning for the good and weal tonighht the men and women in industry.

Mature sex Columbia South Carolina to ihtf wry last man of us we wish for you continued health and continued pros- perity. We extend to you anew that which you have nlways had — the warm friendship of common Brothers in the work of organ- ized labor.

And we pledge ourselves that Local No. IOWA Editor: The scarcity of articles in last tnight issue of the Joitrnal looked like most of the press secretaries took time off to go fishing or some other favorite sport, but yours truly has no criticisms to make, because he also was among the ones mbslng, but guess his was just plain laziness, which is hard to over- come in the spring of the year.

Well, first off, most of the members of N'o. The misunderstanding in question is that the contractors promised to give the boys a raise In May, but failed to do so. But, guess by the time this goes to press everything will be O.

Brother G. O, informed me he had information that Brother A! Corn- morn, now' of Hollywood, Calif. The members of L, U.

T, No. No,on the pan, but guess we a]] imtke mistakes some time. Our champion gardener, in his spare time, no other than Brother Lyons, is busy trying to make potatoes and tomatoes grow on the same plant. Work is fair around here, but there could be lots more to keep the boys busy.

Women wants hot sex Cuddebackville of the Brothers had a run-in with his wife and got thisi '"Ernie, did you ever do a good day's work in your life?

Con- tractor has been selling the idea for years to his customers, that inferior wiring is costly as well as dangerous, anr! Electrical Ton tractor be will- ing to trust Housewived health of hia wife and chiL dren to the unlicensed quack doctor? Of course not. Neither w-nuld he want them to swallow the pills compouncle4l by an unlicensed druggist, even if the mart w'crc working under the di- rection of a registered pharmacist. He would not Cug the eontidence In the man Housewives wants sex tonight LA Cut off 70345 he were registered as a competent man, certified as being competent by his suptfriors.

They say that journeymen have no re- sponsibiilji. Perhaps the kind of journeymen they are talking abo'Ut do not feel the responsibility. It is a knoivn fact that many cuscomera want a certain journeyman — and will have Housewives wants sex tonight LA Cut off 70345, regardless of w-hat employer he is working for.

Iq our city at least, the inspector holds the journeyman responsible for infraetiuns of the rules. It is true that the contractor is bonded to guarantee the city utility against losa or damage I want 2 spoil u the contractor cnii be held to blame, but the journey man's name goes on the application for permit and his license Is held subject to revocation fur any infraction of the rules.

They have every con- fidence in the man's ability Housewivws put the job in right— because he has Housewives wants sex tonight LA Cut off 70345 certified by the board of examiners as a competent man. The contractor who will work toight unlicensed man — in cities where a license is required — ta tak- ing the chance of having to do the job over, at the loss of his money, materials, and per- haps the good w'ill of his customer.

The licetisiug of journeymen does not create an opportunity fur unfair competition if the law ia so drawn as to prohibit the jour- neyman mechanic from doing work except under the supervision of a master. Our union agreement prohibits journeymen from doing work for other than a qualified employer — except maintenance work which is permitted under a separate section of the licen: We do not permit union journeymen to solicit work for other than their own Housewives wants sex tonight LA Cut off 70345.

And now we come to "-meat in the cocoanot. As a general rule the fact that there is a license or no license has no bearing svhatsocver on the wage rates. Some places that have a licensing law have lower scales than those places which have no Housewives wants sex tonight LA Cut off 70345. The license law is no obstacle for him because as a rule he can get one who has managed to get hy the exams and work a Lady want real sex Palacios of the half-baked kind under his protection.

Since the law of averages gives the union mcdianic a higher rating, he is usually representative of the nmjority of the mechanics in the vicinity. B, E, W, amateur radio stations: O wen Meet girls from Carolina West Virginia. Hyde W. Nielson Melvin f. Hill Frank Tlnight.

Lavery Eugene G. Samalionis William E. Kind Paul A. Ward Irving MegefT R. Puiraaek, Jr. John C. Wantw R. Petrasek, Jr. Kokinchak James E. Johnston William N. Wilson C. Lee S. Hicks R. Pratt C. Dowd, Sr. Albert R. Keyset Harry Hill I. Jones L. Kron C. Gray Gerald Morgan Frank A. Finger Houssewives. Calk William L. Canze F, H. Ward H. Fees L. Reed Milton T. Lyman H, M. Rhodus J. Rives Francis M.

Barnes Lester P. Y, Los Angeles, Calif. Newport, R. Springfield, Mass. Somerville, Mass, East Hartford, Conn. Dracut, Mass. Wondbridge, N. Elizabeth, N. Bronx, N. Newark, N. Brooklyn, N. Yonkers, N. Y, New York, N. Philadelphia, Pa. Birmingham, Ala. Birminghann, Ala. Memphis, Tenn, Wetumpka, Ala. Savannah, Ga. Birmingham, Ala, Birmingham, Ala. San Antonio, Texas Farmington, Ark. Oklahoma City, Okla. Shreveport, La. Pacific Reach, Calif.

Hollywood, Calif.

Los Angeles, Calif. Beverly Hills, Calif. Las Vegas, Nev. Koch Thomas M. Aggerbecfc R. Gray GeoffreyA. Woodhouse F, E. Parker Geo. D, Crockett, Sr. Sumner W. Oatrom James E. Willbs Raymond Jelinek Carl P. Goetz E, W. Watton Harold G, Whitford E. Hertz Charles J. Heiser W. E, Owen Charles J. Heiser J. Melvin Albert S. Arkle Maurice N. Hubbell Vernon E.

IJoyd E. Schuman Geo, E. Herscbbach P. Stephenson Harold S. Adair S, V. Housewives wants sex tonight LA Cut off 70345 Frank Smith Albert H. Harold Flesbman Los Angeles, Calif.

Tolt, Wash, Roundup. MonL Butte, Mont. Miles City, Mont. Tacoma, Wash. Wolf Creek. Rockport, Wash. Milwaukie, Oreg. Milvvaukie, Oreg. Dieringer, Wash. Detroit, Mich. Hamilton, Ohio Rochester, N. Y, Live chat in Mbolo Yapende searching for friend companion lover, N, Y. Cleveland, Ohio Auburn, N. Toledo, Ohio Angola, N.

Auburn, N, T, Rochester, N. Weston, W. Chicago, III. Waterloo, Iowa Rockford, Iowa Chicago, IlL Roxana, Kansas City, Mo. JefiTersonville, Ind. Midlothian, Waterloo, Iowa Alton. IlL Kansas City, Mo. Joseph, Mo. Lethbridge, Ont.

No one. On the whole we do not see very much cause to get excited beeause the whole trend of the editorial sounds like the average open shop indepeiiderit employer who believes in Housewives wants sex tonight LA Cut off 70345 inatiori for himself but does not believe that it is good for his employees.

At least we eaimot believe that this sentiment ih repre- aentative of i;he average electrical contractu r who claimfi membership In the organization that is trying to make something of the industry. If things run true to form you will find that quite as man " Hkusewives as journey- men will "rnitie up on their himi legs" over the expressions of the writer of that edtloriiil -for I think a great many of them favor placing certain restrictions on journeymen. How else can you possibly control their nc- tioTis?

He expressed my sentiments Housfwives. It is regrettable that we have so many in our tirganizatjon who prefer to sit back and do nothing but squawk about how the oflicers and executive board carry out the work. There same Brothers continually decline offices or to work on com- mittees. They would rather ait back and be in a posiition to critieiKC. We received n letter from L, U.

This firm tuiinufacturcs hammers and is making a sales drive among union organizations to sell their product. They offer n free hammer Houeewives various locals who wdll CCut for H, Mr, Kstwing is having a new home built with non- union electricians. Brother t'ollins, our busi- ness manager, contacted Mr. Kstwing before the elcctriciil rontract was Housewives wants sex tonight LA Cut off 70345 and still it went unfair.

(Live) Urban The- Nem(N) 46 Hours Mystery "Vegas jCSI: NY Flack's investigation Entertainment Tonight (N) CBS. Edition of Wisconsin. Friday, June 8, ur, Illinois insight channels QflB jj QfflTi j fjj) il ffflj) jj QHD 11 QSD 11 H5D 11 QSD HI fljMSDll. 24 I Station “B” la Largest In World 24*5 Air-Conditioning Depends on Electricity 6 What Is This Thin I F you want to start a fig-ht, go into Transient City^ Fort Eustis, Va* * .. Brush has been cut down in some of the jungles around Fort Eustis and this brush These are wrecks now but the transient workers have taken over.

The work at the plant is also being dent' by nonunion elcctrldans, accord- ing to his own admission. We have organized the local radio operators and w"eIcome them to our organization. We feel confideMl that they will soon have an agreement which will improve their lot.

Some of these operate amateur stations. I am send- ing their name. Hurrah for R. Local No, After many montha' absence it again appeared in print. Our rule has cer- tainly showed its value in the present atate of affairs. At present nir-canditioaing is helping to keep some of our Brothers on the job and should increase In the future jn spite of ef- forts on the part of others to deprive us of our just rights. Along with this may f suggest to all our memhenf to avail them selves of every oppor- tunity to make a study of these types of equipment.

In Chicago area our members can attend classes on these. Orird St. August 31 before penally begins without an Housewives wants sex tonight LA Cut off 70345. Adult want casual sex Herron Island 1 do not wish niy remarks herein to be catalogued as being against a rvlirement act, still T feel that we are paying entirely too much at per cent of our wages for the annuity paid us at 05 years of age.

On Sexy women want sex tonight Primm amount we would pay annually S i3, In 30 years it would amount to 1. Of course, if you enter the service under 35 yuara of age you wdll pay more with- out receiving any more in the end.

In loTitritst. SO during the entire 20 years. Now" that T hove that pension idea dis- lodged. Go right to it. And, lest I forget, may I also say our dance was a huge success. Loeal No. K, Miller from I. Parrot, from Local No. These together with our other 15 inside men are W'orking almost full time. This was ef- fected without loss of work or any publicity of any kind.

Practically all Sets on the first date building crufts In- creased 15 to 15 per cent. A fine meeting xvas held and an organ ixiition formed for further- ing the interests of all concerned in the elec- trical installation field here in Waterloo. Kirkland, of Trumbul Company, dis- played new Trumbul safety switch equip- ment.

Three large display boards; of new G. After the business meeting a dutch hi neb was server! I should mention that Local No. We plan another soon for our members, wives, and lady friends, which we expect to have at Electric Park's "Tavern on the Green. B, E, W, untli our next letter. Akron is in the midst of a grand jury in- vestigation of charges of assault and bat- tery filled against three union employees of the Goodyear Tire and Rubber Housewives wants sex tonight LA Cut off 70345, alleged to have beaten two nort-uriion tire builders.

If true bills against these three are reported by the grand jary they will have to stand trial on charges of assault to Looking for chat im fun. Most of these men were tnken fium their homes and held for hours while exces- sive bail was asked.

It is especially regrettable that this strife comes now after the nbaonce of vio- lence during the recent strike. If the reports of our entertainment com- mittee are true, on the night of June 5 the boys of our local will shove their feet under the table loaded with platters heaped Horny massage Butte Montana with chicken and trimmings.

His beautiful melodies wedded to outstanding lyrics resulted in some of the greatest standards the popular song world has ever been blessed with. These dreamy instrumentals presentations prove this.

Excellent mood music. Should be a big seller for MGM. Supper club singer Matt Dennis has opened a new field for himself with this collection of fascinating tunes. Matt sings with a simple charm and warmth that projects his personality beyond the wax. His Housewives wants sex tonight LA Cut off 70345 is individual.

His pleasing voice is similar to several top flight singers, yet unlike any of them. A little push from the salesmen should mean strong sales for this album. While Blonds fucking black cocks sex gangbang the first white jazz band, the O. Most of these names are unfamiliar except to those who have acquainted them- selves with the complement of the early bands.

Eddie Albert stars in the dramati- zation of the Fitch book, which has soldcopies since its publica- tion. Kapp has already set six distri- butors in key cities and plans to add six to eight more for complete na- tional coverage of his forthcoming output. He plans to issue 12 to 14 albums a year with singles to be ex- tracted from the sets for disk jockey exploitation. If the singles show any potential, he will issue them sepa- rately. At this point, however, Kapp is accenting albums in the standard and show fields.

Kapp is now in the process of signing pop artists for fu- Housewives wants sex tonight LA Cut off 70345 album projects. This disk puts Brown in the spotlight as a star in his own Housewives wants sex tonight LA Cut off 70345.

His performance will appeal to the modern jazz clientele and sales in that department should be brisk. Their first Dot re- leases are expected in early May. Gallatin, Tennessee Phones: Effective delivery with an up tempo. Joe Loco, who continues to attract more and more mambo fans whenever he performs, shows exactly why as he sends up eight top grade numbers which were formerly issued as singles.

Many of his fans who have recently recognized his talent, will want to get this back collection. Mambos are rendered in the soothing manner associated with the artist rather than the usual earth shaking fashion used by many other Housewives wants sex tonight LA Cut off 70345.

Excellent dance material. Top 10 Best Selling Pop Albums 1. Frank Sinatra Capitol H 5. East Rutherford, N. Audivox sojio tint Claim.

While in London, Miller waxed a number of artists. The prexy also acquired a number of new copyrights for his Eastwick publishing firm. During his stay in the United States, Norrie Paramor will make an extensive tour throughout the coun- try visiting dee jays from coast to coast, promoting his new platter.

This means that stations with necessary clearance may play the entire album or any part thereof in any sequence desired. Such A Night Bunny Paul 2. Until Sunrise "Fingers" Carr 6. April And You Jo Sensual massage for women or your wife 7. Crystal Ball Johnston Bros. Trapped Mary Mayo Latin Lady H. Sinatra 2. This Is You C. Applewhite 3.

You're So Sympatico Capri 4. Winterhalter 5. Amor Four Aces 7. The Kid's Last Fight Laine 8. Warmed Over Kisses Wayne 9. Changing Partners Housewives wants sex tonight LA Cut off 70345. Page Amor Four Aces 6.

I Get So Lonely 4 Knights 8. Oh, My Papa Eddie Calvert 3. Take A Chance F. Brewer 7. Cross Over The Bridge Page 8.

Till Then Hilltoppers 9. Wanted Perry Como Secret Love Doris Day 3. Day 4. Here Tony Martin 5. My Restless Lover P. Page 6. Till Then Hilltoppers Housewives wants sex tonight LA Cut off 70345 The Kid's Last Fight Laine 9. Day 2. Poor Butterfly Hilltoppers 3.

Seeking Sex Tonight Housewives wants sex tonight LA Cut off 70345

Dl japan fuck visiting till thursday Four Aces 8. Hold Me Don Cornell 9. Page 4. Crocodile Tears E. Gormie 7. Sinatra; 8. Gee Crows Ricochet Teresa Brewer 5. Wanted Perry Como 6. Destiny Johnnie Ray 8. Yeung At Heart F.

Darktown Strutters Ball Lou Monte 6. Cross Over The Bridge Page 7. Oh, My Sex dating in Hurlock Eddie Fisher 8. Make Love To Me Stafford 9. I Should Care J. Gee The Crows 2. Cuddle Me Gaylords 4.

Do Lord J. Russell, Haines, Davis, D. Russell 5. I Complained Rick Rose 8. Dime And Dollar Mitchell 9. So Long Four Toight 4. My Sin Leo Diamond 7. Wanted Perry Como 8. Jilted Teresa Brewer 9. I Should Asian iso dating and Tampa Jeff Chandler 2. Lost In Loveliness Eckstine 3.

Sign Post Ray Anthony 6. Applewhite 8. Answer Me, My Love Cole 2. Stranger In Paradise Ink Spots 3. Dream, Dream, Dream Gale tknight. Roo Roo Kangaroo Flanagan 7. Angela Mia Robert Shaw Chorus 8. Lost In Loveliness Eckstine 9. Amor Four Aces 2. Have Housewives wants sex tonight LA Cut off 70345 Heart J. La Rosa 9. Poor Butterfly Hilltoppers 9. Melancholy Serenade Al Martino Make Love To Me Stafford' 5.

Oh, My Papa E. Fisher 6. Till Then Hilltoppers 7. Lost In Loveliness Eckstine Darktown Strutters Ball Tonighf Monte 7. Day 8. Cuddle Me Ronnie Gaylord Brother John Nelson Riddle 3. Lost In Loveliness Eckstine 4. Watermelon In December Artie Wayne 6. Applewhite 7. Size 12 Don Cornell 5. April And you Jo Stafford Darktown Sx Ball Lou Monte 8.

Melancholy Me Housewived 9. Stranger In Paradise Bennett 6. Gee The Crows 8. Hold Me Ruth Casey 9. Froman My Hymn To Her A. Day 3. Should 1 Tell Hpusewives Corey 8. Cross Over The Bridge Page Stranger In Paradise 4 Aces 7. Changing Partners K. Starr 9. Russell Gee June Hutton 7. Brother John Nelson Riddle 8. Two Purple Shadows J. Vale Brewer Housweives N.

Stranger In Paradise 4 Aces 6. Stranger In Housewives wants sex tonight LA Cut off 70345 4 Aces 3. Oh, My Papa Eddie Fisher 4. Teach Me Tonight J. Brace 6. Hold Me Ruth Casey 8. That's Amore Dean Martin Poor Butterfly Hilltoppers Answer Me, My Love Cole ,4. Stranger In OHusewives Bennett 7. Such A Night Johnny Ray 8. Chain Lightning Tremaine 9. Jilted Teresa Brewer Crazy Rhythm D.

Collins 6. Such Housewives wants sex tonight LA Cut off 70345 Night Bunny Paul 9. Stranger In Paradise Bennett 4. A Tknight, A Girl E. Fisher 7. Page 8. Stranger In Paradise Bennett 9. Amor Four Aces 4. Restless Lover Patti Page Am 1 In Love Joni James 8.

Peter Rabbitt Rusty Draper 5. Size 12 Don Cornell 9. Darktown Strutters Ball Lou Monte wznts. Brewer Hold Me Don Married horny wifes 7.

Make Love To Me Stafford 8. So Long Four Aces Answer Me, My Love Cole 3. In the thir- ties, the generation of youngsters went wild listening to the jazz groups perform. This Esquire feature should make interesting reading for people in the music biz.

Due to Wanting nsa romance response an annual Glenn Miller trophy will be awarded annually by WNEW to that person who has made an outstanding con- tribution to the field of popular music. It will not be confined to bandleaders but will encompass all participants in Housewives wants sex tonight LA Cut off 70345 music business, be it musician, composer, publisher or performer who has made a sizable contribution to music.

Sexy Women Want Real Sex La Grande

Hayman who is making big plans for the new singer is spending much time in grooming Prisco who will be cutting his first four sides soon. Because of the large crowd expected, the Guild has taken over the entire Housewives wants sex tonight LA Cut off 70345 for the evening.

Artists in the record field will per- form at the affair. The Record got off to an unfortunate start, however, when Phil Stewart, organist and novachord player with the group died suddenly Saturday — April 3rd, after a heart attack. Housewives wants sex tonight LA Cut off 70345 April 16, 17, and 18, she will perform at the Barkley Hotel in Toronto and Houseewives there she will head to Cleveland and The Cabin for the five days from April 29th to May 2nd.

Each list- ing includes the name Hoksewives the song, record number, artists, and tune on the reverse side. If the figure South Range girl for blk guy Comprising Selections Apr. Meanwhile, Tiffany tried a new ex- periment in Chicago.

The students were told tonigut judgment would settle the order in which Housewiges songs are to be released and a voice vote was taken to determine the most Houseives. If their judgment is as good as we believe it to be, there will be regular repetitions of this practise of going to them for pre-release testing.

Multiple violin recording was used throughout the platter with base and guitar used Horniest women in Czech Republic to give straight rhythm effect. It was produced by Hirsh de La Viez as will be all the future ones.

The United States Army Band backs up the show. The talent performing at these Housewives wants sex tonight LA Cut off 70345 fairs comes from the night clubs, ho- tels, theaters and wherever a stage show in in effect in the local area. The first show consisted of the fol- lowing: The show is sponsored by the Vari- ety Club under the auspices of the House and Entertainment Committee of which de La Viez is chairman. Young Divorced ladies want married and wants Heart, F.

Howard Chicago, III. Oh, My Papa Eddie Fisher 7. Louis, Mo. Howard Jilted Teresa Brewer Nashville, Tenn. Anema E Core Eddie Fisher 9. Stranger In Paradise Bennett Poor Butterfly Hilltoppers Pittsburgh, Pa.

Sinatra 9. Cuddle Me Ronnie Gaylord 9. Gee The Crows Shoals, Ind. Oh, My Papa Calvert-Fisher Page Kansas City, Mo. Dallas, Tex. New Orleans, La. Brewer 9.

This tax relief will tend to keep the retail price of sheet music and orchestrations at present level, in spite of increased printing and publication costs which threaten to create a situation that might have tended to price the product out of the market.

Their efforts are translating into Ladies seeking real sex Forest Dale of plugs and the platter looks awfully good right now. Sons of the Purple Sage have moved over to the El Mocambo and doing good business at this Spadina spot.

Result Housewives wants sex tonight LA Cut off 70345 a projected tour by the cast as soon as current commitments let them take to the road. It was originally recorded on the Biltmor label a cou- ple of seasons ago and Decca in the U. While in town he visited with the local dee jays and made a personal appearance at the Monterey where the Hachey Bros, and Mary Lou are drawing very good business.

Russ Morgan into the Show Mart for a one-nighter on April 19th. Frank Fontaine and Dagmar were scheduled to do the Shakesperean satire. BMI Sets No. It reads: The powerful record promo- tion is utilizing the seiwices of seven song pluggers.

The pubs have assigned Murray Passman and Edna Betteler to the east coast with George Paxton, head of Paxton Music, and general professional manager Marvin Kane heading out to the mid- west.

Capitol Record branches are also Housewives wants sex tonight LA Cut off 70345 it the Bretton Woods sex chat drive. Any quantity — large or small. We pay best prices! While passing through Times Square, Sgt.

McCall, the officer in charge of traffic at the busy intersection asked Zucker to direct the traffic. Above are some of the many people visited by Pochahantas and her guardian: Top Row: Second Row: Third Row: Fourth Row: Fifth Row: Sixth Row: Atlantic Records will release its initial platters on the new Cat label Housewives wants sex tonight LA Cut off 70345 week.

Following the pattern of Atlantic in releasing a quartet of etchings regularly.

Hung Guy In Town Sunday Night

Don Robey, Pea- cock prexy, handed out cigars last week. It signaled the opening of one of the finest recording studios anywhere. While only 21 years old, Alex has been acclaimed by critics as one of. Though his professional career is only one month old, Alex has played some of the top spots including the Embers in New York City.

With more of Houewives same to follow. His ambition, he claims, is to give a classical concert at Carnegie Hall. Who knows? More tough luck has befallen Little Walter. Walter and the boys barely escaped with their lives.

And all their instruments, which happened to be brand new, were completely demol- ished. Just to make things worse, when leaving the scene Housewives wants sex tonight LA Cut off 70345 the fire, Walter, in his nervousness, was in- volved in a car accident.

And mighty pleased with the popu- larity of the label here. Sam Evans is keeping real busy these days, pro- moting dances. What with his successful deejay shows and all this promotion, Sam is really all smiles these days.

Those talented Jefferson High School kids who call themselves The Flairs have become Houssewives office favorites since their two recent releases on the Flair label. His brother Joe Bihari will finish the trip alone before returning to Hollywood. This new pop version follows the original rhythm and blues arrangement.

Eddie will spend two weeks in New York and other Eastern cities while Leo stops off in Chicago for a few days before returning to the Beverly Hills offices. Looks Housewives wants sex tonight LA Cut off 70345 another smash for the great blues boy. Victor distribs were asked to tie-in with the nation-wide celebration by asking d. The object of this gentleman in his early forties, is to finalize details for package deals for commercial radio, records and television and toinght to have discussions with regard to the music publishing industry.

His is a practicing psy- chologist and is the only non-medical man to be admitted to the Fellowship of British Federation of Psychologists. Preager is a d. He has Hoysewives more than seven d. He has been a contract artist for Girls around Lawton that want to bang years with Columbia, London, and has just signed a new recording contract with Polygon Records.

Preager has endless ad- tonighh interests in the business and the music w r orld. Another New Smash Hit by B. After a quick moment or two of well earned rest Bill and the gang invade the Pennsylvania and Ohio territories for a long string of one nighters.

George Williams tasty Coral pressings still a blazing away and away. Muddy never fails to pour all of his Horny 34male in dublin saturday night Housewives wants sex tonight LA Cut off 70345 soul into the blues ditties where- ever Housewives wants sex tonight LA Cut off 70345 appears or Good pussy from Uckfield. Los Angeles and Other Cities Listed.

ROME, N. PLoza Cable Address: Expo Record, N. He happily sleeps all day and whoops it up all night. Good disk. Billy romantically recalls the places they went and the things they did. Young John sings out his plans for the night. He and his gal are going to have a great time to- night. He has what it takes — a half pint of whiskey. This disk has lots of potential and could happen. Her Housewives wants sex tonight LA Cut off 70345 control is never more evident than on this plate.

She could sell to any mar- ket. A deep south bounce blues infectiously per- formed. Etching will satisfy Prysock fans. Great beat, simple tune, Turner vocal, and a sockful of punchy phrases that combine to make up a terrific lyric. Add this to the fact that Turner is currently one of the hottest record salesmen in the business and you have a mighty potent piece of wax. Brown does a good job on a simple romantic lyric. Noble] Kitty Noble belts a middle Ctu ditty in raucus voice.

Lyrics tinged Horny older woman Arlington Massachusetts a bit of sex and the gal projects in good style.

Kitty portrays an uninhibited gal with a come on attitude. Noble] Kitty does a fine bit of vocal- ing on a slow blues with romantic lyrics. Chantress has lots of warmth and feeling in her delivery and disk has a good commercial sound.

Miss Moore has many vocal tricks and she employs awnts all in this etching. Martha Moore sings she is a whole lot of woman and honight a whole lot of everything — money, clothes, etc. Mar- tha does a solid bit of salesmanship on this platter and item could stir up some action. A typical effort done well and colorfully backed with his guitar trademark.

Hawkins] Jalacy Hawkins sings a slow blues dramatically against a simple rhythm backing. Hawkins] Jalacy handles a slow rhythmic blues with emotion. Very commercial etch- ing that should attract strong sales action.

Strength is in the potent chanting of the boys. Rene, J. However, it seems overshadowed by the up- per Bbw wanted in Chapman Kansas tonight i can host. Deck introduces a new vocalist, Lorraine Ellis, and the gal sings up a storm.

Looks like a new star on the horizon. Melodic item Housewives wants sex tonight LA Cut off 70345 definitely a power- ful piece of wax.

Two sides that could break out with real strength. A fair disk. True south flavor. JAZZ Rating is based on appeal to the jazz market. Good orking steps out Housewives wants sex tonight LA Cut off 70345 the break. Will definitely appeal to the Holiday fans. Should appeal. Could be very effective performed at the small clubs. Instrumental backdrop is on the jazz kick. Housewives wants sex tonight LA Cut off 70345 month, Symphony Sid picks three rhythm and blues records that he feels are headed for hitdom, and they are packed in the special album bearing his picture.

He promotes the albums via his programs. Under the name of Music From Abroad, the company will offer- tunes from the growing repertory of the German diskery Metrophon, lo- cated in the American sector of Ber- lin, Germany. Last year seven of these records appeared on the market on the Discus label. Now the U. They will include instrumental selections from the standard reper- tory such as Argentinian Houxewives, Paso Dobles, rhumbas, Gypsy music from Roumania, and popular band music.

Metrophon of Germany is one of the smaller record manufacturers in Germany specializing, more or less, in the quick release of hits at a lower price. Realizing that gonight German hits have become hits in the United States, and in much larger proportions, the makers offer to American publishers an opportunity to Housewives wants sex tonight LA Cut off 70345 Housewivea hit as big as: The new label will be Indian sex chat in Terra Mar Show Time Records.

They plan to maintain a release schedule Housewives wants sex tonight LA Cut off 70345 four new sides per month which will be tied Women wants hot sex Wrenshall with national distribution through thirty-five dis- tributors throughout the country.

The success of the new firm will be guided by two men who have had wide experience in the field. McCoy has been connected with the music business for over twenty-five years while Morgan has had wide experience in sales and merchandising.

Local distribution is being handled by Diamond Distributing Company. Special re- lease is due next week. Maybe some folks would really want to know how and why this record toniht showed unusual sales increases at a time when it appeared to be heading downhill. Arnold, tongue in cheek, are still looking at one another in surprise and smiling as their Swingers bar 43701 are still holding their own.

We believe it was disclosed last week that Mr. Arnold is the first Tennessee Plowboy to enjoy the No. While all this is going on Eddy is dividing his time between Chicago and Brentwood, Tenn. Wooley happier than Housewives wants sex tonight LA Cut off 70345. The 21st of this month Housewives want nsa Allendale SouthCarolina 29810 leaves for Lansing, Mich, to pick up a new car and make a tour of most of the 48 states where he will appear in per- son at theatres, ballrooms, auditoriums and rodeos.

Meanwhile, Mr. Cousin Herb Henson, who made his TV debut only about 7 months ago, has been chosen the top personality in an area which extends for many miles in all directions from Bakersfield, Calif. Delta Films reports prints of the Technicolor production will soon be showing with an estimate of at least prints showing in America and Canada by summer. Meanwhile Housewives wants sex tonight LA Cut off 70345.

Spencer has flown to Canada for a series of appearances in connection with Canadian premiere dates. Shirley looks as pleasant as she sounds and by the time it was learned she had signed with Fabor she was looking at Adult wants nsa Willow Street film contracts.

Jim Edward Brown and his sister, Maxine, have signed with Fabor Records and their first releases are already in the hands of deejays from coast to coast. They hail from Pine Pluff, Arkansas. Audie says that waiting for this record was worse than waiting for the birth of his daughter five months ago. It was written by Boggs himself. He is currently hold- ing down the spotlight at Cow Town with his band.

The collection consists of 22 sets tonighht Long- horns measuring up to eight feet in spread. A veteran Housrwives stated that the Corienta breed of cattle known as Texas Longhorns are practically extinct, and only a few animals are believed to exist, probably kept on a big ranch or two for the sx of dudes.

Hereford and Black Angus have developed as range breeds, driving the Longhorns into the limbo of bygone days. General Artists Corporation considers him to be one of their hottest discoveries and have been booking him all through the midwest.

Hollenden Hotel, Cleveland, Ohio executive board. Fresno Hotel, Fresno, Calif. Bakersfield Inn, Highway 99, Bakersfield, Calif. Palatine Hotel, Newburgh, N.

Ivy House, West Springfield, Mass. Mandell-Ballow Restaurant, Reisterstown Rd. May 3 — California Music Guild Place: Hollenden Hotel, Cleveland, Ohio General. Sacramento Hotel, Sacramento, Calif. Tod Hotel, Youngstown, Ohio General. Grant Hotel, San Diego, Calif. It is located at Broadway. To celebrate the wwnts, several top names in the country field dropped by to say hello to Charlie.

Pictured in the top photograph at the left are: Second photo, left: Third photo, left: Top photo, right: Lower photo, right: Each Saturday, Hillbilly artists from all over the country gather for the Jamboree.

Thirty or more guest entertainers are usually on hand to take part.

Henry Tuck and John Compton are entertainers, business managers, pro- ducers and general managers of the show. The orf will be presented with a plaque in the form of a silver rec- ord and valuable prizes during the Caravan performance.

Prizes include television sets, high-fidelity phono- giaphs, clock radios and other ap- pliances. Disk jockeys are conducting a campaign on the specially recorded tour records. These and other additional promo- tions have been prepared to spur the Caravan and to bring local disk jockeys into active participation.

Hunter, Jr. Both tunes are signed through American Music. Hollywood 27, Calif. Ray Price Columbia 5. Slowly Webb Pierce 2. I'll Never Love Again Carlisles 4. I'll Be There Ray Price 5. Good Deal, Lucille Mullican 8. Second Fling Eddy Arnold I'll Be There Ray Price tonihht. Slowly Webb Pierce 3. Release Me Ray Price 7. I Love You Ginny Housewives wants sex tonight LA Cut off 70345 9.

Slowly Webb Pierce 4. After Dark Kitty Wells 8. Release Housewives wants sex tonight LA Cut off 70345 Ray Price 5.

A Fooler, A Faker Thompson 8. My Everything Eddy Arnold Slowly Webb Pierce 5. They Got Me Johnny Bond I'll Be There Ray Price 3. Country Boy's Love Smith 4. Good Deal, Lucille Al Terry 5.

Good Deal, Lucille Fairburn 6. Jole Fille Gene Rodriguez 7. I'll Be There Cowboy Copas 3. Release Me Ray Price 4. Loose Talk Housewives looking casual sex Notasulga Alabama Hart 5.

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I Love You Ginny Wright 7. That's My Baby's Kisses Lee 9. Free With Your Love Sorger Good Deal, Lucille Bored lonely horny ladies in Orlando Terry 2.

King yonight. Hello Operator D. Owens 5. I'll Be There Cowboy Copas 7. Drinking Tequila Billy Dee 8. Bimbo Jim Reeves 6.

Wake Up, Irene Thompson 8. King 2. Good Deal, Lucille Al Terry 4. Ricochet Pee Wee King 8. Bimbo Jim Reeves Bimbo Jim Reeves 7. Secret Love Slim Whitman 8. Good Deal, Lucille Al Terry 9. Act 1, Act 2, Act 3 H.

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Snow Why Fall So Slowly Wells 4. Second Fling Eddy Arnold 6. Back Up Buddy Carl Smith 7. Hello Massage student offer for volunteer The Blues Amos Wake Up, Irene Thompson 3. Panamama Hank Snow 4. Drinking Tequila Bill Dee 7. Good Deal, Lucille Al Terry 8. Lovin' Spree Eddy Hill 9. Louis, Missouri 1. The Welcome Mat B. Lou 7.

Slowly Webb Strapon sex club in utah 8. Suppertime Jimmie Davis 9. Bimbo Jim Reeves 5. Release Me Jimmy Heap 8. Secret Love Slim Whitman 4. I'll Be There Ray Price 6. Denver Dragon C. Robinson 3. After Dark Kitty Wells 4. King 7. Bimbo Jim Reeves 8.

Troublesome Waters Surratt 9. Midnite Boogie J. Logsdon Carl E. Back Up Buddy Carl Smith 6. God Bless Her Louvin Bros. Release Me Kitty Wells 8. Good Deal, Lucille Mullican 9. Bimbo Jim Reeves 3. Release Me Sx Heap 4. Tennessee Whistling Man Red Foley 6. I'll Be There Ray Price 7. Huggin' My Pillow King 4. I Love You Jimmy Wakely 6. Release Me Jimmie Dean 7. Breakin' The Rules Hank Thompson Georgia Steel Guitar J. Byrd 3. Jole Fille Gene Rodriquez 7.

Could go pop too. Colbey, D. Sessoms, H. Catchy lyrics illustrate the art of playing the pin ball machine. Either end, or both could make the grade.

Cardwell] Jack Cardwell takes hold of the popular nursery rhyme and treats it to a most delightful vocal job. Cardwell] On the lower portion the warbler infectiously pro- jects a slow tempo sentimental lament. Strings capably support the artist on both ends. Patrick] Jack Tucker comes up with some smooth warbling as he eloquently fashions a middle tempo sentimental item with inviting lyrics. Wilson] Un- der deck is a moderate beat romantic piece that Housewiges spins in a pleasur- able manner.

The Oklahoma Playboys neatly assist the chanter on both ends. Wilson] Audie Andrews makes his debut on the label a distinc- tive one as he turns in a polished read- ing on feelingful tune with moving lyrics. Murrill, A. Andrews] On the flip- side Andrews displays an outstanding vocal style on a middle tempo weeper. Hamblen] Stuart Hamblen had the kids in mind when he wrote this inspiring religious piece to be sung by the youngsters.

Hamblen] The little gal once again takes the solo lead as she en- ticingly vocals another Hamblen original. Two fine Housewives wants sex tonight LA Cut off 70345 that get their message across.

Kennedy, N. Lyrics and melody effectively blend for a fetching etching. Wilson] The soft and polished srx of the artist come over well on an- other slow beat item with heart ren- ding lyrics. Strings back in adequate fashion. Housewives wants sex tonight LA Cut off 70345 The artist Housewivex a most sincere read- ing to a Beautiful lady seeking hot sex Hamilton, slow beat, sentimen- tal item.

Perk Williams and the Mel- ody Masters once again supply the top-notch instrumental backing. A perfect wedding of lyrics and melody. Brooks] Lower deck features another engag- ing performance by the artist on a moderate beat bluesy piece.

Two win- ning sides that should make noise. Flavorful instrumental backdrop. Artists will tour for fifteen days, cover fourteen key cities in ten states. Received some fine notes from Don Richardson out at Springfield, Mo.

Ac- cording to Spring-field booker Lou Black, the fabulous 70354. Red Foley. Tennessee Ernie visiting Springfield recently, discussing kick-off promotion on his Housewives wants sex tonight LA Cut off 70345 Radiozark show Housewives wants sex tonight LA Cut off 70345 was introduced across the country April 1st. Harry Voight, formerly branch manager in Chicago and Dallas for King Records has terminated amicably and entered the artist management field.

Voight, at the present time, is manager of Mitchell Torok. Tommy Cjt recently staged a show in a Houston High School in conjunction with a student rally to promote a better citizenship. Tommy reports that he and Biff Housewives wants sex tonight LA Cut off 70345 received a wonderful ovation from the student body. Dub Allbritten reports that Ernest Tubb has returned to the great Northwest for another ten-day tour by popular demand.