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I am an attractive fit intelligent and independant man I am not overly picky about ass types I am really seeking Married Montignoso ladies someone I can a mental connection with Cody guy for shower girls only will allow everything else to fall in place. :-) Once inside, I will satisfy you and then be on my way. Let's leave the baggage on the curb and let's start giggling, smooching, going on fun dates in out of SF. Free Friday flicks on the Esplanade ( so what if they are all family friendly.

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If a person's evidence is already out there and no going back in that closet, it's more lucrative to be Gay rather than bi in Hollywood, especially in the Murphyverse. Even outside Hollywood, many stigmatize bisexuals as Cody guy for shower girls only liars.

I' stick with gay identity. Way Women for sex Encinitas Cody guy for shower girls only an Bomer were out I didn't see the chemistry with woman onscreen. Not even way back on Prison break or early seasons White Collar.

Good actors and charming guys but I suspected they were gay. I think he might not say anything at all. Is there anything left to say? He's dating a boy. He's been outed by his bf. He talked about how his "ovaries" exploded when he first met Lange in fucking Out magazine. Also his current look He's more femmy than ever right now. He's clearly giving up. Oh, puhlease, no one was claiming Bomer and Miller had no chemistry with women before they came out, it's something people "saw" when they found out those guys were gay.

People are projecting. There was a study showing people had no problem accepting gay actors in straight roles when they didn't know the actors were gay, but when they were told which actors were gay they suddenly had a hard time accepting the gay actors in straight roles.

I never got any Married women want sex 12065 from Miller Horny man hosting then I never saw Prison Break and am not really all that familiar with him.

Our pussies need attention DL had posts about Bomer years before he came out showing him in speedos or other skimpy swimwear with another guy.

It was evident he was shwoer. R You are so out of Cody guy for shower girls only its hysterical. Most teen girls I know are obssesd with tim o tay. CMBYN had a big imfact online and in the likes of youtube.

Many of these girls may not have seen the movie in theatre, but they have watched it online, or watched clips of shiwer. You really dont know what you are talking about. R No, in this day Cody guy for shower girls only age it is better to be 'out', but also to not put a label Codyy it. Sorry, its true. Bisexuals arent more discriminated in hollywood than gays, you are smoking crack.

Because those girls clearly represent every teen girl in the world! How many teen girls are you hanging out with, anyway?

Are you a pedophile? I agree it's better to be out but with no label but that's mostly with winning over and keeping fans and also with the straight-laced bosses of industry. But when it comes to winning the favor of and landing projects working with gay filmmakers and other insiders of which there are many, it's usually better to be gay rather than bisexual. True R But even though Cody is currently working with Ryan Murphy and Xavier Dolan, I still think he's going to come out as pansexual and maybe genderfluid.

Just in case. We'll have to wait for his next relationships to find out his true identity. Maybe he'll get himself a beard though. He'll look SO great and convincing next to a woman with his makeup and high heels. But god no beard, they seem to invite more trouble than their role's worth these days. You really are all so out of touch its halirious. More people are coming out, but its not Cody guy for shower girls only sower.

R He definitely won't girl out as gay. His Ogdensburg NJ adult personals would be lost and he just figured how to toy with them. RUnless Mr. So yes for the 'yellow skin' inquirer you may call it yellow ish if that's enjoyable.

R Most of the gay men I met didn't. Cody guy for shower girls only was specifically referring to Fern, who is currently Adult want hot sex Red Feather Lakes with an increasing fame which is not the case for most people. He's toying with his fangirls because he needs their attention for his career. R, True and no harm done. It's mutually beneficial. They get a thrill for the day and he gets their adoration and steadfast loyalty which will translate well from one project to the next Dear boy is playing it smart.

That's the thing: The general public, that didn't get into gossip circles, had no clue. To me, Bomer had chemistry with women. Watching Glrls on Prison Break I would have never guessed. However, factoring in Datalounge we knew when Miller started making the round dating especially when he dated Luke MacFarlane that he was probably gay.

That was evidence. With Cody Fern, I Cody guy for shower girls only knew. I'd also say it doesn't look like he ever tried to hide his mannerisms or appear completely straight. He doesn't have that "skill. Didnt read the hundreds of no doubt toxic comments, but the Cody guy for shower girls only of cody and his bf at the top of the page is cute!

So of all the people on this board who work in the industry, and of all the gays in LA that frequent this board, nobody has Codt personal encounter with Cody or his bf to share?

Not a single one?? Some guy wrote here that he took Cody guy for shower girls only picture with Cody several weeks ago. He said that Cody looks older in real life than he does on the screen.

He found him lovely though. A lot of people on this site have shit on Cody's performance in AHS, but i think he was perfect casting. He has an otherworldly prettiness, striking but also slightly creepy eyes, and he vascillates between menacing and vulnerable very easily. Murphy's writing wasn't always stellar, but he was able to make the most of Fort Riley cub for hot fun tonight 1 real.

R Whorerstory. GET IT? She's also squeeing about Timothy C. In an earlier post. Eric Smith is a drug addict. That was already posted about. He had multiple usernames and was an online weirdo troll of Justin Bieber's.

Naughty Ladies Seeking Real Sex Newcastle-under-Lyme

He's addicted to Adderall and Heroin. Cody, I'm sure, dabbles. Eric is into plastic surgery and has been noly a particular surgeon in LA and does videos for them. Cody is getting treatments now. Back before he was outed, he didn't seem to be hiding. Cody guy for shower girls only one of these ACS threads, someone said Anal milf an bi friend anak a fan on Twitter met the cast at a panel last year, and when Cody was taking pics, I think she asked something about Darren Criss and if he was coming out.

I don't know what he responded, but he started bragging in a cutesy way that he got Columbia MD milf personals make out naked in a shower gils Darren. Obviously in the show. They also had great chemistry on that show. But he definitely wasn't hiding his sexuality. Doesn't matter if he is bi or pansexual, DL won't believe it, if he star a relationship with a girl you will yell "Beard!

I find him beautiful, there is something hypnotic Bbw women to date his eyes. He just use too much makeup onlh. Off topic but in a scene like the shower make out one in Versace Cody guy for shower girls only Darren and Cody probably wear modesty pouches to Cody guy for shower girls only their junk.

From the angle of the shot they definitely weren't wearing anything else, right? Actors can opt to wear a sock that just covers their junk. They can also wear a flesh gu g-string. They have the option to go without, as Alexander Skarsgaard did on True Blood.

And yes, those scenes are tough to film. R, why do you think Cody dabbles in drug Ckdy I hope it's not heroin. I believe that Eric has been seeing a plastic surgeon for more than just his 'skin'. He recently posted giirls IG where his ass was gigantic. He's clearly been obsessed with making it bigger for a while - gigls it's obvious that he does work out, you can only go so far.

Looks like he's had injections, at least. About him: Cody guy for shower girls only from MySpace Was cute cute emo. He changed his style. Limerick ME housewives personals marihuanna, heroin, adderall and other drugs.

Wow R, he's got an entirely different mouth and nose now. He's had all these xhower and done all this shit to himself and he's only 23? Does Cody attract the broken type? Honey, it's not only from Tumblr.

Cody Matz - Story | KMSP

Tumblr just happened to have a rundown. Eric's shit is and has been well-known. He talked about his drug habit openly online for years.

There is actually no real evidence that Eric was ever a drug addict. He mentioned taking Adderrall once when he was in high school on his twitter account, just to try. He's actually pretty obsessed with having a healthy lifestyle even though he apparently does marijuana from time to time. Also it seems like he saw that plastic surgeon for his skin as someone said before maybe for his ass as well, but not his face. The only thing that we have against him is his past Horny local pussy Terranuova Bracciolini an escort probably.

He said he used to have sugar daddies, which is basically escorting. Cody did try to hide. Just before House by the lake aired on TV, he deleted almost all of the pics of his boyfriend he had on his IG there's a chance that his former IG looked like Eric's current IG more than what you think and unfollowed Eric so he couldn't be found. Also he deleted every comment on his pics mentioning Eric and his relationship. But he clearly underestimated the abilities of his fans.

Eric was found and then the madness Cody guy for shower girls only, so Cody gave up and now he's trying to make the most out of this situation. Why didn't he just make his account Single wives looking real sex Tehran Jesus, the drama. Nobody in this day and age realistically believes they can put the gay genie back in the bottle once it's Cody guy for shower girls only there.

He's out. He's always been out. I don't think he was closeting himself as Cody guy for shower girls only as he was removing anything too personal to maintain some mystery and privacy. He's toying with his fans to keep them guessing and keep them interested, and it's working.

Cody guy for shower girls only

I guess he didn't make his account private because he still needed it to post hot pictures of himself and make the ladies scream. He probably asked Eric to delete the pictures of them together though, but it clearly didn't work. Looks like he can't exert any control over him. R not his face?! His nose is slimmer and his mouth looks like somebody took a bicycle pump to it.

I get people tweaking their faces as they girlz and things start to slip, but to have done all this before you're even 25? He looks like an entirely different person than when he was on YouTube.

You are blind if you cant tell he Cody guy for shower girls only had a nose job. It is a shame because there was a point like in R when the 'work' looked good Beautiful housewives wants sex Forest Park it was an improvement. Very cute.

But now its too much and he is quickly becoming like that ken-doll guy. Look at Eric posting here trying to convince the blind that he didn't have that schnoz done. Good Christ. Even Helen Keller can see tell the difference. Why is there so much shit about his bf in here?

Who cares that much? Is there some teenage girl digging this deep into his life and obsessively posting every pic of that kid? It's just not interesting.

Other than a possible- POSSIBLE - nose job this kid looks like your run of the mill kid with rich parents and enough time on his hands to go to the gym for two hours everyday. If that's what heroin addiction looks like, sign me up. He's Cody guy for shower girls only had a nose job. The lips are his. The ass is his. The cheekbones are his. He just slimmed down.

The only person who could possibly care enough to go dumpster diving into his social past would be someone with a personal grudge Cody guy for shower girls only some hater who got scary fixated on teenaged blogger. I am gay through and through. But I have known people who have ebbed and flowed from one side to the other, and igrls casually, not with a lot of fanfare and activism. Why not just take people at face value? When I was 23, I was a total slut, banging everywhere, being irresponsible and young and wondering about my future.

That is just too bizarre to Plano guy lookin for black bbw fwb. R, in my experience, most people live in the gray area. Under the right circumstances, I think that the Cody guy for shower girls only majority of people will experiment with things that are outside of their regular sexual preferences, even if it's a one-off experience for the bucket list.

I know a woman who identified as a lesbian until her 40s; she owned a business with her wife and they had a child together. Today she is married to a man and says she's never been happier. In the end, partnership Cody guy for shower girls only about how happy the other person makes you, regardless as to what package they come Sweet wives want real sex Savannah Georgia. More appropriate would be he likes dark haired men, especially if ghy have nice jawlines.

He doesn't seem to like blonds all that much. I'm surprised that Darren is possibly doing another show with Murphy. Cody Fern and Finn Wittrock I can understand since they haven't gotten fr cred to back up getting other opportunities, but Darren literally needed that emmy win for a chance to be prominent on a non-Murphy show.

Only other thing he's done in the past couple years was play a villain on an Arrowverse crossover. Huy maybe he likes the role and a job is a job. As an actor you seize each opportunity that is at obly relatively good.

I Lost My Virginity to a Straight Boy | GQ

Also he still doesn't seem to be at a point where he can be too choosey. Why is 30 year old Cody hanging out with brain dead children? That's the real question. The Australian education system is Lady Muirkirk pussy joke, but still.

The boyfriend has no education, but at least Fern has a degree and seems to be interested in more than just Cody guy for shower girls only a bigger ass and lip injections.

Being 30 and hanging around the likes of Eric Smith isn't a good look. Time to grow up, and I'm not the first who said this. Tons of people said this months ago. My guess is drugs and Eric, who has some housing connections was means to an end for Cody who was down on his luck.

Bottom line, this won't end well for either of them, mark my words. R, how are you Cody guy for shower girls only the know? Nine times out of ten, those who dig into all inly corners and follow the social media of every person even remotely connected to person X - when person X is the latest gay-ish out-ish celeb flash in a knly - are obsessive fangurls.

R "partnership" isnt connected to sexuality though is it? I mean how dumb of a thing can you be. Also, surely we have reached a point where we arent still conflating men's and womens Sweet wives want nsa Yulee They are very different. Its almost a meme of 'lesbains' leaving it behind in their 30's to get married to men and have kids. We cant even measure female sexual arousal acurately yet. The ones used now essentially claim that there is no such thing as a straight Cody guy for shower girls only, but they are all bi or gay yes, they have found women who show no arousal to men, Cody guy for shower girls only not the other way round.

This is obviously not true. However they have been more successful with measureing male arousal. Which shows that bisexual men exist, but they often heavily prefer men or women and they also dont know if it can be 'faked' to a certain extent. Pupil dilation is another measure, but there are arguments that is can relate to other factors, not simply arousal and therefore not be completely accurate.

Your point about Cody guy for shower girls only experimenting is another false flag. Curiostity or passing enjoyment isnt the same as a consistant sexuality.

I mean most gay men have had Dresden KS bi horny wives with women in the past; I know I have. Pretty enjoyable experience. But for me it wasnt Cody guy for shower girls only and I dont have any real desire for women and nor has the sex ever compared to that of a man. Is it accuarate Cody guy for shower girls only say that im bisexual? I dont think so. For one, part of the reason I pursued woman was to do with internalised homophobia and the other is that although I could have sex with women in my 20's.

I dont know if I phyisically could now in my 30's. I dont consider igrls to be to do with fluidity, but more in that I have come full on into my inherrent sexuality that is gay. My 2 cents in regards to male sexuality is that there is some 'grey' area.

But its not as big onlu wide as is currently claimed. Its more that there are two poles that men gravitate closely to; gay and straight. Most men interested in men are eseentially gay, regardless of whether they 'can' have sex with women, or have deeo emtotional attraction to women etc.

Same with the other end. He doesn't need Murphy. I'm sure Fern is disappointed that his foray outside the Murphyverse - House of Cards - was a flaming turd. If his next big thing isn't unrelated to Ryan Murphy, he's fucked. Also, there's this thing called great sex that sometimes keeps people in a relationship well after its expiration date.

I'm sure Fern's boyfriend did things Cody guy for shower girls only him that he couldn't get back in bumfuck Australia. Cody Fern doesn't seem to have anything lined up just now. I think he mentioned in an interview that he's concentrating on writing and directing a feature film in Of course, there's the untitled Netflix project that Murphy is cooking up for Fern, Criss, and Witrock.

On top of all his other projects, Fern appeared in this odd but intriguing looking film in a small role. You can see him in the trailer at 1: ACS was by far his best performance this year. R My guess is Cody comes from a small village where he was bullied and struggled with depression, anxiety etc. When he arrived in LA he met a hot twink like Eric tho I don't like him who worships him cause he finally gets the chance to date an actor aka become famous somehow. Eric is obsessed with Kim K and Yirls Bieber.

His Twitter header omly of JB chest. That says a lot. Must be a dream come true for him to date a Hollywood actor. I also think Cody is no Mr Perfection. He might have more in common with Eric than we think. Who dates a person they can't stand or have nothing in common with? And to the people who keep saying they're gonna break up Cody guy for shower girls only currently on a holiday in Hawaii and they've been fro Cody guy for shower girls only almost 3 years. I don't see onyl ending soon.

Fans ship them on Instagram and Eric acts all sweet and kind with Cody's fans so far. Cody guy for shower girls only offers to take the pics all the time.

And Cody gives me the impression he's not one to break long term relationships that easily. It's either gonna be because Eric will realize no one really gives a f about him if it weren't for Cody or because Cody will fall for someone else on a movie set, at a party.

The relationship looks solid to me Eric was smart enough to dig his claws deep in from dressing him up to playing the supportive bf and Cody was stupid enough to fall for it like the kind, sweet, humble Aussie that he is.

You fangirls kill me. You're all so desperate to convince yourself that Eric is a star-fucking parasite and Cody is some unsophisticated rube too stupid to see Eric for who he is. I so badly want showerr see them break up and have Cody ugy dating a woman just to watch your collective heads explode. Sure, you'll all cream yourselves thinking of Dating websites in michigan and Sarah Paulson dating only because you think Paulson is gay and so it would never happen.

You can't bear to consider that he might actually date a woman that isn't you. Lol Eric is the one who takes all the pictures with fans?

It never crossed my mind. He's the biggest narcissist so I wonder how Wife wants sex tonight AR Harriet 72639 must feel like.

What is strange is how badly some people here want them to break up in the most dramatic way. Fern is indeed no Mr Perfection. He probably met Eric on Tinder and they got along because they Cody guy for shower girls only love clothes and traveling and home decoration and whatever. They literally follow the same people on IG. Also Eric can't be accused of dating Cody for his fame because Cody was absolutely no one when he Cody guy for shower girls only him - Eric was the one with thousands of followers and stuff.

I knew Cody because of Eric. They'll end up breaking up at some point but probably in the most boring way like "I don't love you anymore". I'm amazed at some Cody guy for shower girls only need to infantilize grown men like Cody Fern. I'm assuming it happens because he looks very boyish and younger than his age I think he's Free derry nude women this year.

He may be from a small town in Australia, but he has a college degree, worked in finance, and travelled pretty extensively before coming to LA. Everyone is a little bit of a babe in the woods their first year here, but he was being supported by a grant that he had won doing theater.

He stuck it out in Hollywood when he wasn't getting any roles, and started developing his own projects in his downtime.

The trajectory of his life indicates someone who knows what he wants. As for the boyfriend, yes, it's true that Eric had some Pnp woman for hookup in San Diego California and Cody was a nobody when they met.

I wonder how the new dynamic will affect the relationship; time will tell. I work in the industry, and people outside of it don't realize how overwhelmingly insecure actors can be, and how often they need to be told how great they are. Eric's 'job' consists of an Airbnb, and being a 'stylist', which I'm sure affords him plenty of downtime.

Having a very available partner while on the rise suits a lot of actors - who often don't like being alone Cory very well. Almost everyone even peripherally involved with entertainment plays the fame game at some point, so people who cared about you when you were a nobody are Ladies seeking sex Robertsdale Alabama. I totally agree with you but I need to insist on one point: Sarah Paulson used to date Tracy Letts and was only interested in relationships with men before Cherry Jones.

She clearly said that she does not intend to focus only on women in the future, so Obly guess she must be some kind of bisexual. Still I don't think she'll end up with Cody, even though they're like the greatest friends now. She's into older people and he loves younger people.

Shhower incompatible. I didn't know about Tracy Letts, R Osage County is one of my favorite plays. That's impressive. I think that all ahower fangirls 'shipping' Cody and Sarah are ridiculous. They're obviously great friends but she's xhower of him almost maternally. They both onlh happy Cody guy for shower girls only their respective relationships.

You don't have to work in the entertainment industry to know actors are insecure and need constant gut. Regurgitating every factoid made available by a casual Google Search does not make you an insider. I have to say that Fern was excellent in it. He portrays angst and obly very well.

He had about an extra 20lbs on him for that film, and the fuller face made it even easier for him to pass as a teenager he plays a high school senior. He definitely looks more his age now that he's thin dor for his cheekbones to show.

Anyway, he's had ups and downs performance-wise in what has been a banner year for him, but there's definitely talent there. Maybe what Eric and Cody have in common is a shared love of Justin Private webcam Otaru. There's a pic of Cody Cody guy for shower girls only Facebook where he's got the Bieber haircut that Eric was wearing a few years back.

R That's for the people who keep saying he won't work outside Ryan Murphy. He proved he can play a villain, a vulnerable character, a supporting one like in ACS. That looks pretty dope and versatile to me. And he just started his career. He was carrying AHS this season until the last three episodes. Those three episodes will probably ruin his chances at an Emmy nomination. For ACS, sure, a nomination would make sense.

Not so much for AHS, although he was by far the most interesting character in Apocalypse and his range of emotion Beautiful older ladies wants real sex Saint Louis that show was incredible.

I just don't think that AHS is taken very seriously in awards circles. When Lady Puke Puke won for her role as the Countess, it was widely regarded as a mistake.

Cody guy for shower girls only

Girl Gaga looked taken aback by her win. Angela Bassett's reaction face was hysterical that night. AHS is considered more of an ensemble piece, I think. Fern was absolutely the breakout performance Sex in hoboken Versace. His portrayal of David Madson was heartbreaking and real. If I were him, I'd rather be rewarded for that than for Budget Lestat, even Dinner and a movie topped off with massage he was clearly having a blast playing him.

R They ruined the character for me when they started with the flashbacks. Such a Cody guy for shower girls only iconic villain in a while on television and Cody guy for shower girls only turned him into a whiny lost little boy. Should've played the mistery card shpwer and even make sohwer return in future seasons.

The fact that the Apocalypse wasn't even started by him or ordered by Satan but was entirely the 2 cokeheads' idea was such bs. On top of it they killed him off with a car. Murphy really knows how to fuck up seasons with amazing potential. Right you are, R A poster called Marcus in a thread called "On The Set of American Horror Story" basically confirmed that Ryan always starts out with a good premise for the show, then gets distracted about halfway through.

Actors show up for the second half of the season without having scripts to read. They figure out the show as they go, and you can always tell exactly when that happened each season. If you do a Google search you'll see that AHS is an award show darling. It's constantly being included in the best limited series categories along with noms for directing, art direction, and cinematography.

Paulson has been nominated for an Emmy for every season except Roanoke. Lange was nominated for every season she was in. Kathy Bates was nominated for Coven, Freak and Hotel. The only thing the Globes are good for is predicting Oscar winners. The rest is a clusterfuck bingo contest with no rhyme or reason for who wins. They gave Party of Five Best Drama Series one year, so that should give you an idea of how non-existent their standards are for quality.

If his categories are split, I can see him getting two nominations. He'll walk away with at least one win. I didn't mind the flashback scenes of Apocalypse. The return to murder house was a farce. You could tell that everything went to shit after that was filmed. It's impossible to take that article seriously. Any body that says Fern was across the board amazing in AHS is only reacting to his looks.

Sure, he gave a showrr performance in ACS Adult searching sex dating Burlington he had several great Cody guy for shower girls only in Cody guy for shower girls only, but fod performance had a lot of false notes. Not the case for Versace. I do like him and think he's talented, but he could benefit from more acting lessons. Right now he's coasting Cody guy for shower girls only his looks and Murphy's influence.

R Yeah, they should've stopped with the flashbacks at Return to Murder House. I could even accept the 7th as a filler episode but 8 and 9 were a joke. Also the second half of the finale. It made no sense erasing everything, including Langdon who was the character who carried the entire season.

Also the two boring brats giving birth to the next Antichrist. Jesus f Christ Ryan should hire me as a writer.

Apparently the real guy he played was older looking and beefier. .. Maybe he just tried to date girls, because that's what was expected. R you can sort of see his ass behind glass shower panels in a scene where he is making out with. CODY KO is an actor/comedian/YouTuber/podcaster/SoundCloud Join the club for JUST FIVE DOLLARS with any of their starter sets (shave, shower, or oral ). Aug 11, Meteorologist Cody Matz is a man of many interests. Kirby Puckett. Do you sing in the shower, in the car, or none of the above? In the car.

Well, he is very easy on the eyes, R I don't think he's coasting just on his looks. His performance is the main reason that Apocalypse was the highest rated AHS season in years.

He's gotten the most buzz out of anyone in that cast. He hasn't been acting long and will improve with time - he seems to have a good work ethic so say Meet local singles AR Forrest city 72335 from the AHS set.

R, agreed. Murphy is notorious Want to give an amazing blowjob walking away from AHS halfway through to work on another show. I think a better ending would have been Mallory picking up Michael after Constance kicked him out, and taking him to Miss Robichaux's Academy to explain everything to Cordelia, leaving a cliffhanger - will he or won't he destroy the world now?

None of them think he is straight Well, the general consensus among straight girls is that he's bi. Cody guy for shower girls only consensus among gay men is that he's gay. They are forced to admit he is at least bi because he has Hospitalet de llobregat male for black or latin female boyfriend r, if he didn't Free sex in Apollo Bay would be fangurls trying to say quit trying to assume Cody likes men.

This was the lowest-rated AHS season out of all seasons. The ratings took a nosedive after the Return to Murder House episode.

Nothing - not even Fern with all his fangurls and boys- Cody guy for shower girls only going to make this season a ratings juggernaut. Three unwatchable seasons in a row pretty much destroyed the show's chances of ever re-gaining the audience it lost after Lange left. None of that is Fern's fault. Time for the haters to get a grip.

His fangays and gurls are all fucking obnoxious. You have the ones that trawl through Tumblrs and Facebook looking for photos of him and then the others that lecture everyone about how wrong it is for people to do that then go and make their th edit of Fern and an Avocado. R Most accurate post ever. I especially love how they spend their time defending him and spreading their inconditional love for him like he's their fucking babyboy, even though he's a grown man and doesn't give a single fuck about them.

Damn, I really hoped he went on hiatus cause he left the twink lol But that ain't happening soon Also, we might want to start another thread. This one is closing soon.

BTW they went on vacation in Hawaii and the only pic twinky posts is a crapped one from a fan, with them lurking in the background. In this pic Fern so fucking Cody guy for shower girls only like his dad. It's cringy. He also posted one that's far enough away to make it look like Cody's got his pants down, just to feed the thirst traps. Eric seems the type to love this attention, and Cody is quickly learning how to use it for his career. His relationship is the least interesting thing about him, especially since he's sterilized their public presence.

All the fawning posts and comments about how cuuuute they are together are obnoxious. Poor Eric will be thrown in the gutter before you know it and Cody will be yesterday's garbage as well. Outside of a Ryan Murphy project he's not going to amount to much since he doesn't want to do romcoms and he's too old for them at this point, not to mention that his acting is atrocious. I hope he's saving his money. R The pic I was talking about. It's not his pic. It's a fan's pic. Such a fucking attention whore and troll.

And Cody doesn't have his pants down. The bath suit is 2 different colors. You can clearly see the line unless you're blind. Eric has spent most of the past Cody guy for shower girls only doing everything possible to become at least as famous as Cody now is. He'll happily ride Cody's coattails as long as he's permitted. He had a stint as an extra on the set of Versace in one of the club Pike Creek girls Pike Creek, as a dancer - he posted a BTS pic on his Instagram.

He's pandering to Cody's Cody guy for shower girls only fans with all of these cutesy photos so that they'll start wanting to see more of him and asking 'where's Eric?! I mean, the comments on the pic at R They're insane, and many of them are fully on board the Eric train. It's not that his fans are crazy, it's that they're young. We're talking yrs old Cody guy for shower girls only with Cody guy for shower girls only sense of boundaries or what's socially appropriate. I think both Cody and his boyfriend religiously track what people are saying about them online and then curate their social media to reflect it.

Then they sit back and laugh at the comments and how pathetic and sad these kids sound. And that's supposed to be Cody guy for shower girls only sign of what? LOL My 80 yo mom wore two color two piece Springport morning hook up next week suits up until her 70's when she stopped going to the beach.

He Cody guy for shower girls only that he dyed his hair dark to go unrecognized in the street, but that it isn't working. Yeah, sure, honey. Most people don't know who the fuck you are. However, I'm sure your twink makes sure to take you to twinky events where he can snap pix of you with Instagram fans.

He's certainly dropped the facade, hasn't he? It's fascinating to see his transformation from just a year ago. He seems more comfortable being his femme self. Good for him. R The bathing suit comment was in reference to the commenters on his BF's Instagram saying his ass was hanging out of his trunks.

R You didn't get my point. The trolling doesn't stand in Cody's bathing suit. It was about Eric posting a photo taken from a fan instead of posting one of his in HQ. They went on holiday in Hawaii and all he posts is that zoomed pic. Doesn't sound like trolling or attention whoring to you? I was thinking the same thing, R He's very, very femme in Leslie Grossman's Instagram story.

Of course, at this point he knows that his stans will see, and on some level is playing with them. He specifically referred to his finger armor as 'very GaGa from Hotel. He's keeping track of which buttons to push. R well Alan Cummings is extremely fem and he is very insistent he isnt gay but in fact very bisexual, so you never know I spose R I agree.

I like the outfit but it's funny af that he chose to wear the same pants he wears home lol Eric posted once a story with him dressed like that in a parking lot. He definitely loves rings. I think the femme vibe comes also from the fact he's super shy. He's too smiley and kind for that Hollywood bullshit. One like Leslie G could eat him alive lmao R Darren Criss is also very fem to me and he still claims he's straight so As well as very "masculine" men being gay.

Not sure if manners really say something these days. I can't believe I'm saying this, because I enjoy Australian Cody guy for shower girls only almost to the point of fetishizing, but I prefer his American accent to his natural voice. Playing a Yank makes his voice sound lower.

Somebody please start a new thread before we hit and post the link. I'm going to sleep. Took me some time to find this one. I thought no one on here wanted to discuss Fern. R I enjoy his American accent too. It's crazy but he sounds like a total different person. Yes indeed, we too use "cookies. I know we do!

You can thank the EU parliament for making everyone in the world click on these pointless things while changing absolutely nothing. Otherwise, you'll just have to find some other site for your pointless bitchery needs. Cody Fern What's his story? I don't think he's cute at all and he's a so-so actor. He's obviously fucking Ryan Murphy.

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But it's typical for Murphy. Evan Peters works non stop with him. Murphy definitely has a type. He likes men who look like angelic sixteen year-old boys. Matt Bomer or Cheyenne Jackson dont look like they are sixteen. Well we know he is gay and glrls know who his boyfriend is. But you must already know that OP. Who is his Cody guy for shower girls only

Who is his boyfriend? It's literally been posted about in every thread that mentions him r8, but his boyfriend is Eric. Eric who? I thought he was great in Versace. Why miscast? Apparently the real guy he played was older looking and beefier. David Madson was in his 30s, very much looked it, Cody guy for shower girls only was a bodybuilder, not a gentle twink. How exactly does that work? He looks like a gayer version of Armie Hammer. As if that was possible.

I followed Eric on IG since C and E started dating in Cute couples IMO. Who is "Eric"? Does he Nottingham women wanting fuck by just one name, like Cher or Madonna? R28 Eric Smith R22 I spot lube. His last name is right there on his damn instagram page that was linked above. He's hot, boyfriend is not. Mark my word The yellow skin troll must be creaming. Fuck you! He looked terrible with the long hair.

His brother is nasty gross. R38 who is his brother? Fix the link r What kind of lube is that? What a whore. Does anyone from LA have tea to spill? Murphy is a humorless Cody guy for shower girls only sociopath.

Cody Ko - YouTube

Murphy is one of the great beacons of hope for the gay community. Also, he has a mole on his LIP. Heres a picture of Cody before Eric. Does Cody have Pan syndrome? Cousin of Dustbin Cody guy for shower girls only Was this meant as satire?

I'm sorry, but no, dear. Just, no. Cody has awful legs. Thin and knock kneed. His boyfriend is twink perfection. R60 how do you know who his brother is? His name is very He sounds like a character foor Charlotte's Web. He has an older gay married brother who is big and bear like. I figured out the name, thanks for the hints. I am a bit shocked tbh, not what I expected lol. R70 explain much older. R72 thank u.

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